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The Smarter Science Of Slim
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The Smarter Science Of Slim

4.6 44
by Jonathan Bailor, John Paine (Editor), Hillel Black (Editor), Mary Rose Bailor (Editor)
Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss. The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and


Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss. The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and corporate sales hype that have fueled the current obesity epidemic. More than any other author in this new century, Bailor has separated scientific fact from weight loss fiction--to deliver a proven, permanent and easy-to-implement fat loss solution. Based on clinically proven research--not trendy opinions--Bailor uses biology and common sense to bring reason to the topic of diet, exercise and weight loss.


“Proven and practical.”

—Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis

Harvard & UCLA Medical Schools

“The latest and best scientific research.”

—Dr. John J. Ratey

Harvard Medical School

“An important piece of work.”

—Dr. Anthony Accurso

Johns Hopkins

“Smart and health promoting.”

—Dr. JoAnn E. Manson

Harvard Medical School

“The last diet book you will ever need to buy.”

—Dr. Larry Dossey

Medical City Dallas Hospital

“Revolutionary, surprising, and scientifically sound.”

—Dr. Jan Friden

University of Gothenburg

“Compelling, simple, and practical.”

—Dr. Steve Yeaman

Newcastle University

“Stimulating and provocative.”

—Dr. Soren Toubro

University of Copenhagen

“Amazing and important research.”

—Dr. Wayne Westcott

Quincy College

“Brilliant. Will end your confusion once and for all.”

—Dr. William Davis

Fellowship of the American College of Cardiology, author of Wheat Belly

“Bailor's work stands alone.”

—Maik Wiedenbach

World Cup and Olympic Athlete

“Bailor opens the black box of fat loss and makes it simple for you to explore the facts.”

—Joel Harper

Dr. Oz Show fitness expert

“A groundbreaking paradigm shift. It gets results and changes lives.”

—Jade Teta, ND, CSCS

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What People are Saying About This

Fred Pescatore
WOW! This book will blow your mind and is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to be healthy the 21st century way. In The Smarter Science Of Slim, Bailor exposes the dietary myths of why we as a nation are still overweight despite years of best-selling diet books. Calories, fat, exercise and hormones - it is all in this book and finally someone got it right. The diabesity epidemic stops here. (Dr. Fred Pescatore, Author of the Hamptons Diet)
William Dunn
Fat loss theories are everywhere; except here. The Smarter Science Of Slim is the source for the fat loss facts. Bailor has taken a lot of amazingly complex medical research and turned it into a simple, clinically proven fat loss program that will change the way we think about fat loss. (Dr. William Dunn, specializing in the obesity/cancer link)
Ben Greenfield
Through a combination of detailed research, shocking facts, and time spent in the fat-loss trenches, Bailor has passionately produced an essential guide to transforming the human body. We urgently need an unbiased solution to making our bodies look and feel better. The Smarter Science Of Slim is that solution. (Ben Greenfield, National Personal Trainer of the Year, National Strength and Conditioning Association- BenGreenfieldFitness.com, nutritionalmagnesium.org)
Bill Cashell
Bailor explodes common diet beliefs with The Smarter Science Of Slim. This is solid information, backed by scientific studies that can help you reach your goal weight without dieting or depriving yourself. (Bill Cashell, Author of The Emotional Diet)
Steve Yeaman
The Smarter Science Of Slim is both fun and informative. It challenges the central dogma of diet and weight control and provides a sensible alternative to the current less food, more exercise strategy. Bailor provides a compelling, simple, and practical solution to the challenge of obesity. Try it! (Dr. Steve Yeaman, Deputy Director, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University)
Larry Dossey
In The Smarter Science Of Slim, Bailor demolishes the dietary and nutritional nonsense that has contributed to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in our country. In its place he erects a simple program anyone can follow that is based on solid science and common sense. The Smarter Science Of Slim is likely to be the last diet book you will ever need to buy. Unless you enjoy failed diets, do the right thing—the healthy thing—and read this book. (Dr. Larry Dossey, Oprah medical expert, New York Times best-selling author, and Former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital)
Reinhard Engels
Strikingly beautiful and accessible. (Reinhard Engels, Author of the No S Diet, nosdiet.com)
William Davis
Brilliant. The Smarter Science Of Slim is a masterful compilation of nutritional and exercise science disproving the archaic fat loss theory of "eat less, exercise more." Bailor persuasively packages a wealth of research along with his personal and professional experience into an easily understood and applied framework that will change the way you live, look, and feel. For all those who feel left behind in the nutritional battles and exercise gimmicks of the last ten years, look no further, Bailor will end your confusion once and for all. (Dr. William Davis, Fellowship of the American College of Cardiology)
Anthony Accurso
The Smarter Science Of Slim sheds light on the surprising discrepancy between the way healthy nutrition has been presented to the public and the science that underlies it. The idea that fat in the diet translates into fat on the body has dominated nutritional discussions for decades. This work challenges this central idea, and offers clues about why diabetes has been on the rise, and why so many people who are intent on losing weight have found it so difficult to do so. It is an important piece of work. (Dr. Anthony Accurso, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center)
Theodoros Kelesidis
The Smarter Science Of Slim is a proven and practical guide to fighting the big problem of obesity. Simplifying a bunch of biology while making decades of academic obesity research accessible to everyone, Bailor gives a complete and captivating explanation of the science of losing weight permanently. (Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism, Harvard Medical School & Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine)
Joel Harper
When it comes to the most important part of your life, your health, Bailor has written a book that is a must-read for knowing the truth about evaporating body fat. I am a firm believer in achieving the body you have always dreamed of, and Bailor opens the black box of fat loss and makes it simple for you to explore the facts. Read this book today in order to live your best life. (Joel Harper, Oprah and Dr. Oz Show fitness expert, NYC celebrity personal trainer, joelharperfitness.com)
JoAnn E. Manson
The Smarter Science Of Slim challenges the diet dogma and offers a sensible path to good health. Bailor's insightful book is smart, health promoting, and deserves to be hot, hot, hot! (Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, Chief, Division of Preventive Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School)
Jan Friden
Revolutionary. Thoroughly researched, rigorously simplified, and downright fun, Bailor's work stands head-and-shoulders above the mass of fat loss myths lining bookstore shelves. In his surprising and scientifically sound exposé of the modern fat loss mythology, Bailor reveals the sources of our fat loss struggles and provides straight-forward, practical solutions. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will learn and laugh a lot while reading The Smarter Science Of Slim. (Dr. Jan Fridén, Distinguished professor and head of a muscle research program at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Maik Wiedenbach
As a World Cup and Olympic athlete I have read hundreds of health and fitness books; Bailor's work stands alone. I have never seen such a simple and entertaining presentation of so much fat loss science. Debunking the myths sabotaging the weight loss efforts of millions, Bailor will change the way you think of fat loss and the way you look in less time than you ever thought possible. (Maik Wiedenbach, World Cup and Olympic Athlete, CEO of Adlertraining, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer)
Gunnar Peterson
Jonathan Bailor has put a lot of time into his work in this arena. He provides compelling data regarding exercise and nutrition and our collective view on these subjects. After everything you've already tried to get in shape, isn't it worth giving it another shot? I think it is. (Gunnar Peterson, CSCS)
Michael Altshuler
If you want the "real skinny" on getting and staying skinny you must read The Smarter Science Of Slim. This book cuts through the fat and gives you the science of being fit from the world's top authorities. Bailor has masterfully woven together all the scientific facts from the top thought leaders in this space to provide us with a clear, lose the fat and keep it off blueprint for life. (Michael Altshuler, Motivational Speaker and CEO of Texting Pays)
John Little
Author Jonathan Bailor has that rare gift of being able to take highly technical scientific data and interpret it in a way that the average person can understand instantly. In addition, he is able to do so in a manner that makes entertaining and compelling reading while clearly indicating how (and why) the last 40 years of fitness and nutrition advice have made us fatter and more at risk for disease than at any other point in our species' history. But most importantly, he is able to take that mountain of scientific data and divine the practical and simple direction it is pointing to in terms of advancing human health and fitness. The book you are holding in your hands can be said to represent the thinking person's guide to exercise and diet in the 21st Century. No fads. No gimmicks. No celebrity-driven pitching of nonsense. Finally, a book that is worth reading; not only for the sheer pleasure of it, but also for its ability to dramatically and positively change your health, strength and life. (John Little, Author of Max Contraction Training, Co-Author of Body By Science)
David Barr
Poignant, applicable and easy to read, Bailor's relevant work couldn't have come at a better time. If you've struggled with weight loss, this could be the magic bullet you're looking for. (David Barr, Exercise Science Writer for Muscle & Fitness, Editor in Chief of Strength and Science, CSCS, CISSN)
John J. Ratey
The Smarter Science Of Slim reveals some of the latest and best scientific research on the real story of diet, exercise, and their effects on us. Bailor's concept of high-quality exercise is rapidly gaining support in the medical community, and has repeatedly delivered clinical results which seem almost too good to be true. I heartily recommend this book to people who want to take responsibility for their own health. (Dr. John J. Ratey, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain)
Marion G. Volk
This is not just another diet book. Bailor has assembled a wealth of scientific evidence showing how our "healthy" diet and exercise obsession are making us fat and sick. The Smarter Science Of Slim is a scientifically backed, paradigm shifting, and entertaining exposé that disproves our basic ideas of eating and exercise. If you buy one health book this decade, make it The Smarter Science Of Slim. (Marion G. Volk, MHSc, Obesity researcher)
Wayne Westcott
In The Smarter Science Of Slim, Bailor entertains as much as he educates. Simplifying and integrating an amazing amount of important scientific and clinical research, Bailor presents a well-conceived, well-researched and well-written book, in addition to a very sensible, practical, and successful approach to losing fat. This book will undoubtedly change the way you think and look, while keeping you smiling all along the way. (Dr. Wayne Westcott, Quincy College Fitness Research Director and author of Get Stronger, Feel Younger)
Jim Tunney
The Smarter Science Of Slim says it all! As a former athlete and NFL referee it was—and still is—my goal to be in the best physical condition possible. It takes discipline and effort, but with the plan that author Bailor presents, obtaining and maintaining your best physical being is achievable. (Dr. Jim Tunney, former NFL Referee, Author of It's the Will, Not the Skill)
Cynthia Pasquella
The Smarter Science Of Slim is the go-to source for all that is practical, realistic, and effective when it comes to weight loss. Bailor brilliantly brings together all the outdated myths (i.e. eat less, exercise more) and dispels them one at a time in a fun, easy to understand way. This book changes the future of permanent weight loss forever! (Cynthia Pasquella, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CHLC, CWC, cynthiapasquella.com)
Soren Toubro
Stimulating and provocative. (Dr. Søren Toubro, Professor at the Centre for Advanced Food Research at the University of Copenhagen
Lindsay Vastola
From preface-to-conclusion, Bailor cleverly articulates the misinformation that has inundated Americans' views on fat loss for the last 30 years. His book is not just an enjoyable read, but his ability to incorporate scientific-backed research with his no-nonsense, often humorous at times-approach makes this a book every intelligent American should read, especially those who are frustrated with yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful attempts at fat loss. The Smarter Science Of Slim is at the top of my recommended reading list for each of my clients and employees. (Lindsay Vastola, CEO Body Project Fitness and Health, Certified Fitness Trainer)

Meet the Author

Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss. The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and corporate sales hype that have fueled the current obesity epidemic. More than any other author in this new century, Bailor has separated scientific fact from weight loss fiction... to deliver a proven, permanent and easy-to-implement fat loss solution. Based on clinically proven research... not trendy opinions... Bailor uses biology and common sense to bring reason to the topic of diet, exercise and weight loss.

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Smarter Science of Slim 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
SharonShirk More than 1 year ago
Wow....I am not even sure where to start. I am sure no one has the time to go through my weight history so let me just get to what this book has done for me. Before SSoS: I was stuck at 138 pounds for 1 month. No matter what I did, what I ate, how I worked out, I couldn't break the 138 barrier. After SSoS: In 6 weeks, I have lost an average of 1 pound per week, 1 inch of fat off my belly, 1/2 inch off my lower stomach, 1 inch off my hips... in 1 month. Before SSoS: It was a struggle to jog at 5 mph at the gym for more than 3-5 minutes. I worked out 2-3 hours a day but just couldn't get my body to move. After SSoS: In 1 month I have gone from not being able to jog...to RUNNING. Yes, I run now. Every day. I can do a 5K in 34:29 now, my previous 5K time (Pre SSoS) was 50:23 (I couldn't run, only jog short times). Before SSoS: I had IBS. SEVERELY. I had colonoscopies, was on medication 3 times a day and was miserable. After SSoS: I am off all medications and am no longer suffering symptoms. (again...1 month of SSoS living) Before SSoS: I was tired, moody, and couldn't sleep at night. After SSoS: I have more energy than I had even as a teenager. I get up at 5:45, get my kids off to school, eat my pre workout snack, go to the gym, come home clean house, go back to the gym for my 15 year old's session, home to cook dinner and clean, and I go to bed at 9-10. I SLEEP...I have never slept so well in my life. I stay upbeat all day and I just simply love waking up in the mornings! Before SSoS: I was on a restrictive 1200 calorie diet a day... i was starving most of the time. After SSoS: Here is an average day for me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6:30 AM- 2 mandarins, 1 cup strawberries, 1 kiwi. 10:00 AM- 1 protein smoothie with protein powder, almond milk, 3 cups of spinach, 1 cup of frozen fruit, and 2 tbsp milled Flax. 3/4 cup egg beaters loaded with veggies (mushrooms, onions, bell pepper) and 4 slices of bacon. 1:00 PM- Seafood (usually Swai or shrimp) and vegetables with a large glass of iced green tea. 3:00 PM- 1 cup of fruit, 1 packet of Truvia, 6 ounces of Fat Free Greek Yogurt or some other fruit, Kale chips, or high protein snack. 5:00 PM- another spinach and veggie protein shake or 1 ounce of dark chocolate (yes, chocolate is allowed) and 1 ounce of nuts or seeds 7:00 PM- Lean Chicken, beef, or pork with half a plate of nonstarchy vegetables with another glass of iced green tea. (so...needless to say, I am not in any way hungry) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before SSoS: 2 summers ago I was 133 pounds. I keep my measurements but won't share them here. After SSoS: I am now 135.6 and I am a total of 3 inches and 2 pants sizes smaller than when I was 133 pounds. 1 inch of that is all lower stomach fat that I no longer have but did have at 133 pounds. There is most of what SSoS has done for me. I will be honest and say I do not follow the plan exactly and I do not use the exercises outlined at all because I simply love my gym time. I do follow the food recommendations 80%-90% of the time and I promise, I am never hungry or feel deprived! I recommend this book to everyone I meet at the gym, friends, and people at the grocery store. There is also a wonderful online community in which the author himself will interact and answer questions for his readers. I am thankful for the day that I had this book recommended to me. It honestly has changed my life and health! You can't just buy the book and expect results though...you have to follow what is in it and make some life long changes to yourself. I promise you won't regret it!
JPJohnster More than 1 year ago
"If Oprah hires someone to design her house and the house collapses, we would not blame Oprah. And if Oprah hires someone to design a piece of software and she cannot figure it out, the software designer is at fault. So, if Oprah hires someone to design a weight-loss program and she does not lose weight, the program failed--Oprah did not.... ...Results are all that matter. People do not fail fat-loss programs. Fat-loss programs fail people." --Jonathan Bailor, `The Smarter Science of Slim' For overweight people who have been frustrated by the "yo-yo" effects of dieting, Jonathan Bailor's `The Science of Slim' offers good news. Beyond documenting our recent health trends, he states his premise clearly: Fat burning is controlled by hormones, and our hormones are "clogged," preventing fat loss. Both simple and convincing, his 288 page treatise is backed with loads of scientific evidence that gives dieters the information and motivation they need to proactively change their figures and their health. Bailor's thorough book is chock-full of myth busting* evidence which can empower the frustrated and weary dieter who suffers from being overweight and the myriad of health problems it causes. (For example, Bailor skillfully debunks mere calorie counting as the best method for fat loss.) Using a plethora of quotations from physicians and other academics to back up his evidence, Bailor expertly diagnoses society's step into the abyss of obesity with all the problems it entails, while offering us a way out. Jonathan Bailor's antidote to decades of fallacious diet information is to demonstrate how high quality food and his unique exercise program will "unclog" our fat burning hormones and more efficiently burn body fat without starving ourselves. (The other piece of good news is that Bailor states that his regimen will enable his readers to eat more--Yes, MORE--but better, food!) `The Smarter Science of Slim' will undoubtedly comfort many readers who may have suspected all along what Bailor mostly implies: Genetically, people have a "set point" by which our bodies regulate our body weight--the reason why most people gain weight back easily after getting off of a diet. Using simple and natural methods to change that set point, Bailor frees the reader from several failed diets. If someone told me that our nation's ride to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease wasn't entirely our fault, but (mostly) the result of misinformation and genetics, I'd likely roll my eyes and dismiss the person as an enabler. Thankfully, `The Smarter Science of Slim' is accessible reading. Using charts and graphs to visualize his claims, Bailor doesn't deluge the reader with dry or complicated facts. His presentation is rewarding and stimulating, yet you don't need a Ph D. to understand or appreciate his delivery. Jonathan Bailor's `The Smarter Science of Slim' is a breakthrough. Although there is some concordance with The Atkin's Diet, his thrust and methods are decidedly different. The only real bad news is only implied: Making changes--even good, life-altering changes--require some focus and effort.
ladybugCW More than 1 year ago
This book is like reading a science text book. I got quite a bit of what I consider to be good information from it and bought a copy for a friend. Am glad I read it and think his advice helped me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Science focused approach to debunk many common myths. I am a scientist so I read many of these books with a critical eye since the supporting data and conclusions in many books are so weak that I lose interest. The Bailor work is well written, well researched, and an eye-opener as it defies conventional thinking. I am still working on implementing his concepts but am already seeing some early positive results. Highly recommend - read it, highlight it, re-read it and implement. My mother recently suffered a massive heart attack - despite years of following a strict low-fat diet and a fitness regime that was recommended by physicians and was consistent with modern thinking. While she was in the hospital - the staff continues to tell her that she was doing everything right. It is great to see some challenge to our currently accepted theories (which were somehow embraced with little data). I look forward to his future work and hope to see these concepts considered based on their merit.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Main thought of this progam was high protein diet. I was disappointed and I don't feel this is healthy advice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
deMuralist More than 1 year ago
I have spent the better part of my life on every diet known to man. All of them, eventually, unsuccessful. All one version or another of the typical advice &quot;eat less, move more&quot; . After 43 years of following this advice and getting fatter and fatter, finally someone does a thoughtful, easy to read review of the actual science and puts it into a book. Not only am I not starving, I feel better than I have in years, this is not a diet, it is not even a lifestyle change, it is a full paradigm shift. Best thing I have ever done for my health. Thanks so much for sifting through the headlines and reading the actual studies. I can only hope this starts a revolution in the industry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LeftyD More than 1 year ago
Bailor cites and explains the medical studies well. His food plans make sense. However, his fitness program cannot be used by everyone as printed in the book. I did find one alternative on his website.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been following this program for a month and feel better than I have in years! Well researched and well written, you will find yourself wondering why no one else has "gotten it" like Jonathan does. Here's to SANEity! Thanks, Jonathan!
slowboat More than 1 year ago
SSoS presents a scientific approach to weight loss and fitness. Well written, understandable and easy to read. Bailor supports his recommendations with good logic. In time, his plan will be compared to Atkins, Ornish, Taubes, and Agatson. I have tried them all and this one really works.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AlfonsoMangione More than 1 year ago
I have a problem with chorizo. A problem in the I-get-it-on-all-my-burritos-because-I-can&rsquo;t-get-enough sense. And food in general; like most Chicagoans, I love my deep dish pizza, and I&rsquo;m pretty enamored with our beef-and-sausage combos&mdash;the perfect meal for the indecisive food addict. So I tend to eat what I want, trying to ignore this annoying bit of belly fat that sticks around like a developmentally challenged baby kangaroo. And go to the gym like a madman to make myself think the six-pack is hiding just beneath the kangaroo pouch, once I can boost my calorie-burning to Michael-Phelpsian levels. Enter The Smarter Science of Slim. It demolishes the conventional simplistic weight-loss formulations, particularly the widely-held view that all calories are equal and that weight loss is a simple question of consuming fewer calories and burning more. Various government agencies have drilled that simple formula into our heads through rote repetition, like an angry teacher trying to explain addition to recalcitrant first-graders. The only problem? It doesn&rsquo;t work. Like simple addition, it&rsquo;s too limited to model all the complicated behaviors of the human body. Bailor convincingly shows that more calories do not automatically equal more weight; it depends on the type of calories, and how they affect the fat metabolism system. Similarly, fewer calories do not always lead to long-term weight loss; indeed, dieting this way eventually triggers the body to store more fat and deprive itself of muscle--the strategies evolution dictated for long-term survival when starvation was a real risk. In place of the flawed-but-simple arithmetic of calorie addition and subtraction, this book offers a more complicated analysis&mdash;a smarter formula to determine what makes us fat and what makes us thin. Depending on how much you&rsquo;ve studied ahead, it isn&rsquo;t entirely new material; his conclusions on diet are rather similar to proponents of the Cro-Magnon diet, who point out that our bodies aren&rsquo;t well adapted to the starches and sugars that are the frequent byproducts of civilization&rsquo;s farming methods. And his exercise theories are relatively similar to the relative renegades of Crossfit, who generally advocate unpredictable exercises of shorter duration to keep the muscles at a high rate of metabolism. Still, it&rsquo;s a worthwhile read, guaranteed to teach all but the most up-to-date nutritionist something new. On the minus side, Bailor can be as repetitive as the Agriculture-Department bureaucrats whose Food Plates he&rsquo;s smashed, and the food-industry pharohs whose pyramids he&rsquo;s toppled. (He particularly emphasizes the importance of plain Greek yogurt, presumably trying to get through the thick skulls of Neanderthals like myself who are buying sweetened Chobani flavors like it&rsquo;s going out of style, which it probably is.) It&rsquo;s hard to fault his tactics, though. We like to pretend otherwise, but human beings make most decisions based on emotion rather than reason. (Read "Descartes&rsquo; Error" if you don&rsquo;t believe me, or Stuart Sutherland&rsquo;s "Irrationality.") And few things produce stronger emotions than the hourly ebb and flow of our blood sugar levels, or the daily rise and fall of exercise-produced endorphin levels. It takes a while for logic to overcome so . Thanks to Bailor&rsquo;s book, I know on an intellectual level, perhaps better than ever, what I need to do if I ever really want to rid myself of this nagging bit of belly fat. Now if I can only
Rita_T More than 1 year ago
This is a must read for anyone who has struggled to lose weight. Jonathan explores the actual research and shares his findings on how to finally overcome the inability to lose. I think this is such an important book and will be referenced for years to come. Loved this book and the unique take on exercise as well. You won't be sorry you bought this book!
Mike_Hawkins More than 1 year ago
In "The Smarter Science of Slim" Jonathan Bailor has done what few others have been able to do. He has courageously revealed the truth about nutrition and weight loss while making it understandable and pleasurable to read. His in-depth study, analysis, and interpretation gets at the root causes of weight gain and clears up the many common misconceptions perpetuated by fad diets and approaches that merely treat symptoms. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled with weight loss and desires to learn the truth about nutrition and exercise.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JohnChappelear More than 1 year ago
Bailor's book shines the bright light of scientific observation into the murky world of diet and exercise. This is not a life-style book as much as it is a life-changing book. Jonathan's study is in-depth and detailed and at the same time clear, practical and immensely readable. Try It! It will make a believer out of you. It made one out of me.
cliffordkuhn More than 1 year ago
The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor is quite simply the best book on nutrition I have ever read. Exhaustively researched, well documented, clearly written in simple, practical, common-sense language, this book takes the reader beneath the superficiality of quick-fix fad diets into the realm of a more healthful and balanced life. It is an "owner's guide" to the engine and vehicle that is your body. If you want to increase your competence to take better care of yourself, this book will show you the way, with lots of personal examples from the author's vast experience. Thank you, Mr. Bailor for a book that is destined to be a classic. Clifford Kuhn, MD Laugh Doctor Enterprises, Inc.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RobinLandry More than 1 year ago
I'm so happy with this book I could cry. I wish it were coming out in time for Christmas so I can buy everyone I know a copy. I will pass on this book to anyone trying to lose weight, and in my circle of 50+ women friends, that's all of us. I personally have always been slim, but of course age and other things creep up on a person, making it hard, and in my case impossible to lose those extra 5-10lbs. I tried exercise, 5+ miles a day of running, eating barely anything, eating vitamins by the handful, and still I gained weight. Seriously, most people couldn't even live on how little I ate, but still I gained weight. It just wasn't fair. Then as fate would have it, I started seeing a naturopath, and I received the Smarter Science of Slim to review at the same time. It's enough to make you believe in a higher power. My new doctor put me on a cleanse that was basically veggies/fruits, chicken/fish, natural fats(butter-mmmm) and so I cleansed and read at the same time. I ate three times what I normally ate, until I would push away food because I was tired of chewing. Can you imagine losing weight and being full? I couldn't either. But in 6 weeks, I lost 6 pounds, without suffering at all, in fact, I felt better than I had in years. I wasn't hungry, I didn't get the shakes in-between meals, and my mood was fabulous. And let me tell you, just cutting back on calories did not make me pleasant to be around. I know this is a book about learning to eat correctly(like our ancestors did for thousands of years) but it reads like a suspense novel. I literally couldn't stop reading it. How could our government give us a food guide (the pyramid) that would guarantee us putting on weight, messing up our hormones, giving us type 2 diabetes, and making us unable to think clearly? It was about making money? Criminal. Every time I see an overweight kid I want to cry. This book should be required reading in schools. We should be teaching our kids that processed food turn off our body's ability to burn fat. Cutting calories causes your body to burn muscle. My naturopath told me that eating right makes you burn fat around the stomach. Cutting calories makes you have smaller wrists. Right, now there's where I want to be thinner. Everything is this book is backed up by science, and I've lived it. Read it and you can stop worrying about calories and enjoy eating, and looking fabulous. This truly is the last diet book(not that it is one) you'll ever have to buy.
JohnCoss More than 1 year ago
Jonathan Bailor has synthesized reams of scientific research into nutrition, weight-loss, and exercise and produced a coherent and consistent explanation of why traditional 'diets' just do not work for most people. He explains, using simple language and everyday examples, how our bodies actually work to maintain our weight around an ideal set-point, how the diet recommended by government and big business plays havoc with our natural processes, and how to correct the damage that we may already have done to ourselves. The following quote sums it up for me: "We are led to believe that our fat metabolism system sits back while we consciously regulate our weight. That is not how our body works." This is a game-changing approach to the serious and ever-growing problems of obesity and type-2 diabetes. A must-read for everyone, no matter their weight.
TogetherOnTop More than 1 year ago
If you want to reach your weight goals, this book is a great resource. The author, Jonathan Bailor, provides you with a solid plan that is backed by science. A few years ago, I competed in a national physique Figure contest and won my class in the masters. The advice that Jonathon shares in his book includes proven recommendations for diet and exercise that work. Susan Ershler, Mt. Everest climber and author of Together on Top of the World.
Philip-Spires More than 1 year ago
In The Smarter Science of Slim Jonathan Bailor presents more than advice on lifestyle and diet. This is a complete argument relating themes of nutrition, exercise, digestion and food to their consequence, weight. Unlike many works in the area, The Smarter Science of Slim presents informed consideration of the subject, offers no quick fix, no formulaic or unsubstantiated, quasi-religious claims. This book does argues a coherent, rationally-constructed and evidence-justified position to identify an approach to diet and lifestyle rather than a prescription. It is to the author's credit that the book achieves its aims in a fluent, readable style that engages and entertains as well as informs. It starts with a criticism of current approaches, a corpus of advice that represents an establishment position. It's a diet the author labels INSANE. It's not quite an acronym, but it gets the point across. The consequences of this diet are obesity. Yes, we are being officially advised into a state of obesity. In contrast, the SANE approach allows you to eat just about as much as you want. It's better nutritionally and your weight will stabilise at a lower level. Does this sound too good to be true? The author cites research findings and extensive data to identify a diet that is roughly equally shared between protein, carbohydrate and fat. This may not seem to be such a radical departure from the current received position, except in relation to fats. But this approach differs markedly in the foodstuffs identified in each category. Jonathan Bailor thus declares war on starch! Out go grains, flour, potatoes, rice and pasta. In comes as much water-rich vegetable as you want. Crucial to the argument is that these fill you up, while simultaneously providing all essential nutrients alongside low calorific values. Eating more proteins will restrict the appetite that currently craves more starch. The book then moves on to the concept of a natural body weight. The norm can change and can be changed, but the human body tries to maintain a perceived optimal weight. But this norm is influenced by the digestive load that the diet presents. When this is changed, then the perceived norm can be changed. INSANE diets raise the norm and hence promote obesity, while SANE approaches encourage stabilisation at lower weights. The Smarter Science of Slim suggests exercise routines that are efficient at burning energy and keep the body fit and trim. And all of this can be accomplished in just twenty minutes a couple of times a week. Cooks may be disappointed with Jonathan Bailor's approach. But the ingredient list is long and a few minutes in the kitchen would produce something tasty and also SANE. You can eat almost anything you want in the line of meat or fish. Since fats are allowed, you can even take a slab of cheese. But you will have to make your sandwich with cabbage leaves, rather than bread. Anyone who has feelings of guilt or even mere concerns about weight, diet or lifestyle could profit greatly from reading the book. It illustrates that there is nothing to be afraid of, that there are multitudes of wholesome and tasty foods that can be eaten with abandon without fear of obesity or ill health. As a consequence of the SANE approach, these things will look after themselves, leaving you to get on with living life rather than worrying about it. Then you can read The Smarter Science of Slim again to admire the book's style, scholarship and coherence.
Linda-Mae More than 1 year ago
I received Johnathan's book on Monday and read the whole book in one sitting. I am completely charged up and on track to listen to all the well researched advise he has to tell us. I am especially keen to heal my hormonal system and get my body running as it should naturally. Linda Edgecombe Author, Humorist and Menopausal Woman!