Snowbound with the Soldier

Snowbound with the Soldier

by Jennifer Faye

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ISBN-13: 9781460320006
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Series: Harlequin Romance Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 241,708
File size: 245 KB

About the Author

Award-winning author Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming, contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages, she is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award. She has also won the CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Award, been named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.

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Old Man Winter huffed and puffed, rattling the doors of the Greene Summit Resort. Kara Jameson turned her back on the dark, blustery night. She didn't relish heading out into the declining weather to navigate her way home after a very long day at work.

She took a moment to admire the massive evergreen standing in the lobby of what had once been one of Pennsylvania's premier ski destinations. The twinkling white lights combined with the sparkling green and red decorations would normally fill her with holiday cheer, but not tonight. Not even the rendition of "Jingle Bells" playing softly in the background could tempt her to hum along.

The resort had been sold. The somber thought weighed heavily on her shoulders. It didn't help that rumors were running rampant that all the management positions were being replaced.

Why did it have to happen with Christmas only a few weeks away?

Everything will work out. Everything will work out. She repeated the mantra over and over in her mind, anxious to believe the old adage. But something in her gut said nothing would ever be the same again.


The deep baritone voice came from behind her. She froze. Her gaze remained locked on a red bell-shaped ornament as her mind processed the sound. Even in the two syllables of her name, she knew that voice, knew the way her name rolled off his tongue as sweet as candy.

Jason Smith.

It couldn't be. He'd sworn he would never come back.

"Kara, won't you even look at me?"

Her gaze shifted to the glass doors that led to the parking lot. Her feet refused to cooperate, remaining cemented to the swirled golden pattern on the hotel carpet. Seven years ago, she'd bolted out those exact doors after Jason had broken their engagement. Back then she'd been unsure and confused by the depth of her emotions. Since then life had given her a crash course in growing up. Running was no longer her style.

She sucked in a deep breath, leveled her shoulders and turned.

Clear blue eyes stared back at her. A slow, easy grin lifted the tired lines around Jason's eyes. She blinked, but he was still there.

This couldn't be happening. The overtime and lack of sleep must be catching up with her.

"Are you okay?" He reached out to her.

She jumped back before he could touch her. Words rushed up her throat, but clogged in her mouth. She pressed her lips together and willed her heart to slow. Her pulse pounded in her ears as her fists clenched at her sides. A breath in. A breath out.

"You're so pale. Sit down." He gestured to one of the overstuffed couches surrounding the stone fireplace. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

She didn't move. This surreal moment struck her as a clip from a movie—a visit from the ghost of Christmas past. Only, this wasn't a Hollywood soundstage and he wasn't an actor.

She studied the man before her, trying to make sense of things. The dark scruff obscuring his boyish features was a new addition, as was the two-inch scar trailing up the right side of his jaw. His hardened appearance was a visual reminder of the military life he'd chosen over her. Her fingers longed to reach out and trace the uneven skin of his jaw, but instead she gripped the strap of her tote even tighter. A bit older and a little scuffed up, but it was most definitely Jason.

Just pretend he's a mere acquaintance from years ago, not the man who threw your love back in your face and walked away without any explanation.

"Jason Smith. I can't believe you're here," she said, trying her best to sound casual.

"Actually, I go by Jason Greene these days…."

The fact he now used his mother's maiden name came as a surprise, but Kara supposed she shouldn't find it too shocking, knowing the stormy relationship between him and his father. The name change had presumably contributed to her inability to track him down and notify him of his father's failing health. A question teetered on her tongue, but she clamped her lips shut. Playing catch-up with Jason was akin to striking a match near fireworks. One wrong move and it'd blow up in her face. Best to stick to safe topics.

His gaze implored her for an answer, but to what? She'd lost track of the strained conversation. "What did you say?"

"How are you?"

He wanted to exchange pleasantries as though they'd parted on good terms? She didn't have time to beat around the bush. She should already be home, getting dinner for her daughter before they went over her homework.

"When you left Pleasant Valley, you swore you'd never return. So what happened? What finally changed your mind?"

His expression hardened. If he'd been expecting a warm welcome, he'd been sadly mistaken.

He shrugged. "Things change."

Well, most things did, and generally not for the better, but not in Jason's case. He hadn't gained so much as a beer gut or a receding hairline. Even the jagged scar on his face added to his sexiness.

Kara's gaze rose to meet his. At first glance, she thought his intense blue eyes were the same as she remembered, but a closer inspection revealed a hard glint in them. He no longer resembled the warm, lighthearted guy she'd dated for nearly four years. Or had he been that way all along? Had those rose-colored glasses she'd been wearing back then obscured his real character? Had she ever truly known him at all?

Jason hitched his thumbs in his jeans pockets. "I'm sorry about what happened between us. I handled it poorly."

"You certainly did."

"If I could explain, I would, but I can't—"

"Don't." She held up a hand, stalling his too little, too late explanation. "Nothing you say will change what happened."

Her pride refused to let on that his presence affected her, that even after all this time she longed to know what had changed his mind about marrying her. She reconciled herself to the fact that she was better off not knowing—not prying open that door to her past.

Jason shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "I guess it was too much to hope that you'd be willing to put the past behind us."

She lifted her chin, drawing on the strength she'd used to manage this place in the recent absence of her boss, who also happened to be Jason's father. "I've moved on."

It'd taken time—lots of time—but she'd gotten over him and the way her life had unraveled after he'd dumped her. She refused to let him get under her skin again. Besides, she had enough on her plate already.

After working her way up through the ranks, to now be dismissed from her hard-earned position would be utterly demoralizing. She'd like to think she was needlessly worrying, but the rumors said the new owners wanted their own people running the show—people with more education and experience.

She went to step around Jason, but he snagged hold of her arm. "Wait. I need to apologize."

Even through her coat she could feel his warmth radiating into her body. She yanked at her arm, to no avail.

"Let go," she said with a hard edge. He couldn't just worm his way past her defenses with an empty apology. She refused to let him off the hook that easily. "If you were truly sorry, you'd have said something before now. You wouldn't have ignored me all these years or returned your father's letters unopened."

His hand slipped from her arm. "You know about that?"

She tightened her hold on the strap of the tote bag slung over her shoulder, which held the red scarf she was knitting for Jason's father for Christmas. "Yes. He told me. After you left, he was never quite the same. Not knowing if you were dead or alive seemed to age him overnight."

Jason's body visibly stiffened. "I think you've mixed my father up with someone who cares."

"He's sick, Jason. Real sick. I've done what I can to help him, but he needs you."

"I don't want to discuss him."

She should turn away and walk out the door before the snow grew any deeper, but her feet wouldn't cooperate. There was one thing she needed to know—one nagging question that demanded an answer.

She licked her dry lips. "If it isn't because of your father, then why have you suddenly returned home?"

"Do you really care?" His gaze never left hers.

"No. Never mind. I shouldn't have asked."

Her pulse quickened. Heat scorched her cheeks. Even though it was a lie, she refused to let him think that she cared anything about what he said or did. He was part of her past…nothing more.

"I have to go." She needed space to make sense of things.

"Kara, I know we can't go back to the way things used to be, but it doesn't have to be this awkward. We were friends for years before we dated."

They had been the best of friends. She'd told him everything about her life, but apparently that openness had been one-sided. She wouldn't make the mistake of trusting him again.

"Does this plea of friendship mean you're planning to stay in Pleasant Valley?"


The blunt response lacked any telling details of what had prompted his unexpected return. Her errant gaze strayed to his bare ring finger. Still single. Still available. Been there, done that. She glanced away.

"Welcome home." She buttoned her black peacoat. "I really do need to go."

"Be careful. The snow's picking up." His gaze moved to the glass doors. "It looks bad out. You should spend the night at the hotel."

She shook her head. "The resort's closed for renovations. You shouldn't even be here. Who's been showing you around?"

They weren't the only ones there late. With the new owner, GSR Inc., arriving on Monday, a number of people were working late even though it was a Friday evening. Everyone had gone above and beyond their duties, hoping to make a good impression on the new owner. Though Jason had been away for years, a number of employees knew him and would have volunteered to give him a last look around the place.

She glanced up at him, waiting for a response. His lips were pursed as though he was about to say something, but had refrained.

"I don't have all night," she stated.

"I don't need an escort."

Kara squared her shoulders. "Since I'm in charge around here, I'm telling you that either you have an escort or you must leave. Now."

This close to the new owner's arrival, she wasn't taking any chances. The last thing she needed was for anyone to get hurt on her watch.

Jason's brows arched. "You like being the boss, don't you?"

"I do whatever needs to be done to keep this place going."

"Good. I hope all my employees are so devoted."

"Your employees…?" Alarm tightened her throat, smothering her next words. Surely she hadn't heard him correctly. Or she'd misunderstood.

"Yes, my employees."

This nightmare couldn't be unfolding right before her eyes. "You…you're GSR?"

"I've gone in with a couple of investors. This place needs to be reorganized. A lot of cutting needs to be done, but I think it's possible to turn the business around with the right management."

A lot of cutting? Right management? The implication of his words shattered her dream of keeping her job. Fragments of her hopes scattered over the freshly laid carpet. Finding an equivalent job would not be easy without a college degree. She inwardly groaned.

She might even have to move. Her thoughts turned to her parents, who had been involved in their only grandchild's life since the day she was born. To tear her daughter away from them now would devastate not only them but her little girl, as well. But Kara wouldn't have a choice. She would have to move wherever she could find reasonable employment.

"Time to start job hunting," she muttered under her breath.


"Nothing. I have to go before the snow gets too deep to drive in." She yanked on her gloves.

"Good night."

Kara forced herself to take measured steps, training her gaze on the glass door. She hadn't run away when the locals had clucked their tongues and shaken their heads at her youthful mistake. Now she wouldn't give Jason the satisfaction of witnessing how he could still shake her to the core.

Jason Greene clenched his hands. He'd heard enough of her mumbled comment to know she had no intention of working for him. He couldn't leave things like this. Her assistance and knowledge over these next several weeks were essential to the resort's success. He'd risked everything he owned on restoring the Greene Summit. And he couldn't afford to lose it all now.

He started for the door. Large snowflakes fell, adding to the several inches of accumulation on the ground. He'd forgotten how fast the weather could deteriorate in the Laurel Highlands. An overwhelming urge settled in his chest to stop her and convince her to stay over in one of the hotel rooms, where she'd be safe and warm during this stormy night.

His steps grew quicker. Damn, he still cared about her. This was bigger than when they'd grown up together—back when Kara was 100 percent tomboy and he'd protected her from the school bully. The emotions brewing inside him now had an adult edge.

He lingered at the glass doors, staring out into the stormy night. He couldn't tear his gaze from Kara's petite figure as she braved fierce winds while crossing the snowy parking lot. Her appearance had changed, from jeans and snug T-shirts that nestled against her soft curves, to casual business attire. A short haircut replaced her ponytail. Everything combined to give her a mature, polished persona. He certainly wasn't the only one who'd changed.

Was she worried about her trip home? Or was she doing the same as him and reliving the past? He still had time to stop her. He pushed the door open. The bitter wind stung his face as he followed her footsteps. She would demand once more to know the sordid details behind his seven-year absence. His pace slowed. Could he bring himself to explain that dreadful night?

He stopped. No. No way. If he knew the words to make everything right between them, he'd have said them years ago. As the cold cut through his coat and over his exposed skin, he realized he'd played out all the scenarios in his mind thousands of times. Each ended with her looking at him with repulsion. No way could he put either of them through that experience.

Jason rubbed the back of his neck, trying to ease the stiff muscles. His return to the Summit was going to be just as rough and bumpy as he'd imagined, but he'd get through it. He turned and limped back to the lobby. Only one day on his feet, with the cold seeping into his bones, and already the wound in his thigh throbbed.

He exhaled a weary sigh. The last time he'd worked at the resort, Kara had been his priority. Now, with no significant other in his life, he could sink his dreams into restoring this place without all the emotional entanglements of a relationship and raging teenage hormones. His experience in the military had forced him to grow up. He now realized what was important and why.

He shoved his fingers through his hair, hating the selfish boy he'd once been. This time he'd prove himself worthy of the trust others placed in him. He wouldn't repeat the mistakes of his past.

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Snowbound with the Soldier 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Julie Book provided by the author for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book I have read Jennifer Faye’s novels from time to time and I always find them to be really great romance stories. This one is no exception. There were a few tiny rough spots here and there with one of the characters, but overall this book will have you in the holiday spirit in no time. I love second change at love romances and when they are written around the holidays it makes it even better. Kara is person I liked right away. After seven long years of dashed hopes and dreams she has managed to find a comfortable place in her life with her job and family. But, when the lodge comes under knew ownership , and it’s revealed that her former fiance is her new boss, Kara’s career may have to change. I admired Kara’s big heart and her integrity. She is open and able to forgive and understand even the most unbelievable and cruel things about what Jason has been though. Jason was another story. A man that dumps his fiance without explanation, stays away for seven years, neglects his dying father, and then waltzes back into Kara’s life as though nothing ever happened, actually asking her if they can be friends…. well he didn’t endear himself to me all that much. The theme here is a tiny bit dark in some places for a holiday novel. However, there is a cute kid whose character gives the book a dose sweetness and spunk that offsets some of the drama. Long held secrets will come to light, which once out in the open will have to be dealt with. Some are very hard to accept and Jason’s reaction and accusations were a little curious. Kara’s nature and good heart will be the key to how things turn out. She just doesn’t have it in her to cause Jason more suffering by holding on to hurt feelings. After all, Christmas is a time for forgiveness and new beginnings, and what is more romantic than second chances at love with a backdrop of snow and cozy fireplaces? I am so happy Jason and Kara will have their long overdue Happy Ever After. This book was well written, evenly paced , emotional, and heartwarming. I would recommend adding this one to your holiday romance reading list.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A friend once told me “everything happens for a reason.” That thought kept running through my mind as I read Jennifer Faye’s latest release “Snowbound with the Soldier.” Beginning with the sale of the resort where our heroine works, to her initial run-in with our hero, this romance has all the makings of a great story. These are two enchanting characters, Kara and Jason, a heroine and hero who find themselves face to face after years apart. Then, add to the mix that the couple has secrets, Kara’s adorable little girl, Christmas, and it all makes for an interesting read. The premise of former loves being tossed together has been done before, but Jennifer Faye creates characters and writes situations that tug the reader right into the story. In “Snowbound…” not only are Kara and Jason fighting their attraction to each other, but dealing with the situations that drove them apart. It is in resolving these circumstances and accepting the past that allows our characters to find their way back to each other.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
Snowbound with the Soldier is my first winter holiday read for this year, and now I find myself longing for snow and Christmas decorations! This was a bittersweet story about a returned soldier, reconnecting with his former love, forgiveness and forgiving. I honestly thought Snowbound would be a bit different. I assumed that the story was about a former couple, snowbound, and rediscovering their love for one another. Yes, Kara and Jason are snowbound, but that is only for a short amount of the story. The story spans a few months, and deals with more than Kara and Jason. It also focuses on Jason's relationship with his estranged father, and what happened with Kara after Jason left. These aspects provided for some difficult emotions for the characters, and gave the story more depth. I liked Snowbound with the Soldier. A lot of that comes from my being a fan of reconnected love stories, and those in which characters are stranded together. I think I might have found this to have more impact if Jason and Kara had been snowbound longer, and truly forced to face their heavy issues in an powerful way. I would also like to point out that this is a romance that is heavier on the sweet instead of the spice. Perfect if you're looking for a story that is light on the physical. If you're looking for a holiday read story that also has a lot of emotion, you might enjoy Snowbound with the Soldier. Favorite Quote; Her weight shifted fully against him. Warmth filled his chest. After all those long, lonely nights in different towns and countries, Jason felt as if he'd finally found his way home. He never wanted to let her go. ~eARC, 11%
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
 After reading Jennifer Faye's Rancher to the Rescue, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I was really excited when I found out she had written another novel and was looking forward to the opportunity to read it.  In Snowbound with the Soldier, Jennifer Faye has delivered another delightful romance.  It's been 7 years since Jason Greene walked out of Kara Jameson's life.  She thought she was over him, but when he shows up in town right at Christmastime, and at the hotel Kara works at that has just been purchased and is now under new ownership, she suddenly finds all those feelings that she thought were buried, dead and gone, pushing their way right back to the surface as she stares in the face of this dark and mysterious soldier, who comes across as if he were Ebenezer Scrooge himself.  What she isn't aware of is that Jason is battling the same demons, or so he thinks that's what they are, especially with the secret from his past that has almost destroyed him and any hope for a future, at least a future that involves a family.  Kara has a bit of a suprise herself that Jason is unaware of also.  As fate would have it, a snowstorm forces these star-crossed lovers into closer proximity than either of them would like to be in.  Now Kara and Jason have to figure out if they are willing to try to put the past behind them, or if their secrets and hurts are too big to overcome. Snowbound with the Solider is one of those novels that gets you smiling and keeps you smiling.  I like to call them feel-good stories.  Despite the seriousness of some of the things that have happened to Kara and Jason, Jennifer Faye has delivered a story that will warm your heart and leave you feeling happy with a smile on your face.  I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, as well as the secondary characters, and I enjoyed watching Kara and Jason as they began to rekindle their friendship towards something more. Snowbound with the Soldier is one of those novels that is serious enough to make the story interesting, yet light enough where you aren't bombarded by the circumstances and can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the book.  The romantic aspect was wonderful with just the right amount of sizzle.  The story line itself was entertaining, as were the characters that  Jennifer Faye created.  If you are a contemporary romance fan, then Snowbound with the Soldier, is the perfect story to curl up with and enjoy. 
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
Christmas is the time of year where miracles and forgiveness. In Jennifer Faye's new book Snowbound with the Soldier, we find a Christmas miracle and forgiveness.  Wounded war hero Jason Greene never planned on returning to his hometown after he left. However, circumstances forces him home to face the past. Bitter about things that happen seven years early, Jason has a hard time forgiving his father and refuses to see the man that sent his life into a tailspin.  Kara Jameson could have held onto her grudge and not forgive Jason for jilting her seven years early. However, she has manage to forgive him and has been trying to move forward since that time. She was picture Jason and herself travel the world. Yet, events changed everything for Kara. Yes, Snowbound with the Soldier is a story about forgiving the past and moving forward. Kara is a sweet young woman who made a mistake after Jason left and she has a fear that he won't forgive her when he learns the truth. Jason tends to be a tad bit unforgiving and can hold a grudge. Jason has the opportunity to repeat the past if he's willing to take a chance. Overall, Snowbound with the Soldier is a sweet story that brings two ex-lovers back together during a time where hope abounds. Yes, heart-warming as these two slowly learn to trust one another again. So, if you are looking for a christmas story with miracles and forgiveness, you might want to give Snowbound with the Soldier a try.  Copy provided by author
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
I am one of those people that can be classified as a mood reader and toward the end of the year I get in the mood for those adorable and sweet like sugar cookie holiday romance reads. Oh don't get me wrong, I like my Christmas spices too, but the sweet tastes exceptionally well too. This book totally fit my expectations well with its hopeful heroine looking for her Christmas miracle and its embittered, lonely hero needing the very things he ran away from in the first place. The story is about Kara a single mom who just worked her way into management at a ski resort near the small town where she grew up only to discover old Joe sold out to a corporation when his health grew bad. There are rumblings that the new ownership plan to overhaul everything including management. Joe is the father of the man who loved her and left her with no explanation all those years ago. Imagine her shock when that man, like a ghost from her past, shows up to announce that he is the new owner. Jason ran away from his past including Kara to join the army. Things got bad, he was medically discharged and here he is back in the place to which he swore never to return. Kara is the manager of the resort and her experience and knowledge make her key to him standing a chance at making a go of his granddad's resort. His drunken father might have had no use for him, but he intended to prove himself and he needs to do it while keeping things strictly business with Kara because of the secret that he carries with him that would send her running even if she did forgive him for deserting her. A big snowstorm blows through the area and forces Kara to hole up at Jason's cabin until the next day. She is scared to spend time alone with this new, aloof man who is a stranger, but not because she is so angry she can't stand him. No, that would be easier. She is scared because she is more susceptible than ever of falling for him especially when she realizes that Jason needs a good Christmas too and she really would like to be the one to help him find it. Jason is shocked to discover Kara is a mother, but when he meets Samantha, it is love at first sight. For the first time in his life he has dreams of a family. Could this be his daughter? Kara says no, but those blue eyes. He realizes that inspite of his resolve to the contrary he wants this more than anything. But first, they have to deal with the heavy secrets of their past and hope for the strength to forgive and be forgiven. It might be too much. The backdrop on this one is a country resort area in the winter just before Christmas. Description is smudgy and leaves it to the reader's imagination to carry it. The pacing is gentle even if it spans only a few weeks' time frame. This is a second chance romance or -as I think of it an arrested romance- that was frozen for a time and now continues where it left off so the characters already know each other and have a history meaning the pace of the romance isn't that jarring when it comes on strong. The plot development is simply that of dealing with the past so they have a chance for the present. The story is told third person and switches back and forth between Kara and Jason's perspectives. I enjoyed both of them. There were some really good heartwarming scenes particularly those that included the little girl, Samantha. There is a bit of internal angst too as both characters try to fight their ongoing attraction and stew about what the other will think of their secrets. I did have that moment where I was mad at Jason though I was keeping an open mind to find out just why he upped and ran out on Kara. It didn't help that like Jason I was fooled about Samantha. But in the end, I realized that sometimes the timing is just off on something and stuff needs to happen for people to be where they are at for their second chance. All in all, this was a great sweet holiday romance that I can recommend to those who are looking for a nice feel-good, cozy contemporary holiday romance.