Snuff Jars and Jelly Glasses

Snuff Jars and Jelly Glasses

by Brenda Haynes Brown


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From her thought provoking, “All of Mississippi, ain’t Mississippi.” Brown appears “up to snuff” in coming out and saying what’s on her mind. Her adept knowledge of this area and its history lends her a crown of credibility for the literature of reality that says, “She just could not have made this stuff up!”

Snuff Jars and Jelly Glasses, a memoir, is a creative mix of Southern narrative, flowing with contemplative musings, reflective poetry and amusing anecdotes.

With twinkles of her Southern charm and unique exposes for the appreciation of her beloved Mississippi, Brown delivers a superb, inspirational read, cleverly interlaced with comedy, tragedy, drama and history—actual journeys and encounters with her family and the local pioneers of Mississippi’s historic Sunflower Plantation, a place she knows like no other.

Brown unfolds her anecdotes with crackerjack humor, yet, with outspoken affection, even admiration for those of a more simple mindset, who are forever spouting uncanny fonts of profound wisdom with childlike simplicity by simply stating the obvious.

Penned from an intuitive over the shoulder glance, she enchantingly lures us with hysterical, yet, poignant perceptions that apply to all humanity who is seeking Love, Community, Friendship and Freedom.

She incites us to think about the past as we are reminded, again and again, that the issues of our “Past” are indelibly inscribed on our “Present”.

In its own way, Snuff Jars and Jelly Glasses strives to anchor us—as elapsing time draws us backward, toward home—in simple collections that can be devoured in one sitting, or nibbled in bits and pieces to make it last awhile.

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ISBN-13: 9781948262309
Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/23/2017
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

By profession a medical scientist, Brenda Haynes Brown serves as an editorial advisor for medical journals. She is an award-winning Christian songwriter, previously publishing a book of her poetry in October 2015. She resides in Jonesboro, AR, with her husband, Larry T. Brown. They have a son, Jameson, of Houston, Texas.

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