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So I Married A Demon Slayer


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So I Married a Demon Slayer 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
MoRWAReviewsSTL More than 1 year ago
A half-human, half-succubus, all Shiloh really wanted was a new assignment in Lust. Even though she was half-succubus, it was the only way she could eat, by feeding off men's desires, and she was starving. Bribing her superior with a case of Fitz's, Shiloh practically runs to her newest assignment. Damien has lived his life by the slayer rules. On a mission to stop the most powerful demon in Vegas before he opens a portal and unleashes hell on earth, Damien plans to use a succubus to achieve his gains. After all, demons were all the same, right? And then Shiloh saunters into his life. After a night of combustible passion, Shiloh and Damien awaken to find themselves hitched, but neither of them can remember the wedding. For a succubus, marrying a human was a death sentence and caused the total loss of her powers. Damien is supposed to slay demons, not fall in love with them. Yet as they work together to stop her boss they discover there's more to love than the battle between good and evil, and that sometimes what happens in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas. Angie Fox has done it again! What Slays In Vegas is a fantastic addition to her Demon Slayer Series. Ms. Fox dishes up the laughs with her delightful premise and shows us that even a demon can fall in love. Readers will love the interplay between Shiloh and Damien. From the moment I began reading I was hooked and didn't stop until the last page. I heartily enjoyed this quick read from start to finish!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
enjoyed the stories-fun to read
NoraAdrienne More than 1 year ago
So I Married a Demon Slayer By: Kathy Love, Angie Fox, Lexi George Copyright: September 2011 Publisher: Brava (Paranormal Romance) Hot! By Kathy Love At Hot! Magazine, the devil really does wear Prada. When the CEO is an actual demon and the mail room guys are undercover demon slayers, it's not beyond the realm of possibility for an up-and-coming photographer and a model possessed by much more than a sweet tooth to fall in love. What Slays In Vegas by Angie Fox When a sexy succubus comes up against a fearless demon slayer intent on killing her boss, a truly wild Vegas night turns into a quickie wedding. But in a city where anything goes, a demon slayer wedding a succubus is strictly forbidden. Which doesn't mean either is rushing to jump out of the marriage bed. The Bride Wore Demon Dust by Lexi George He's perfection in a tuxedo-more so out of it-and on a mission to protect his Alabama gal from the mysterious mayhem intent on her destruction. But the bride is a spunky steel magnolia with special powers of her own, determined to drop-kick evil forces across the state line and give her slayer a run for his money. So I Married a Demon Slayer is a trio of novellas based on a common theme. Hot! By Kathy Love Finola White the CEO of Hot! Magazine is a real demon. She is also a Micro Manager of everyone who works for her. She also insists that everyone who works for her is physically handsome or beautiful. Finola fires or disappears people who displease her and is now faced with having to replace a worker in the mail room. What that poor person did is never quite explained. Now enter Charlie, a young man who feels his future is in fashion photography (he is actually quite good). He applies for the mail room position to get a foot in the door, and hopes that he will have the opportunity to show his portfolio to someone who can help him with his dream. Charlie finds the people in the mailroom rather strange, but figures it won't matter if he just does his job and moves up the ladder to his dream. Along the way he will meet the beautiful Ava Wells, a Super Model who he dreams of doing a photo shoot with one day. Ava and Charlie will meet under strange circumstances one evening and their lives will take new directions. This story is hot and steamy, and full of surprises. What Slays in Vegas What do you get when you cross a half human succubus with a demon slayer? You get a formula guaranteeing a great story. Shiloh is on the bottom of the pile (succubus wise), she is only given enough work to keep her barely fed. She begs a job with more teeth and ends up in the bed of Damien. One drunken evening later, the two wake up and find themselves married. Oh the shame of it. HE, married to a succubus. SHE, married to a demon slayer. Damien and Shiloh both want the same thing. She wants free from her boss, and he just wants to get rid of the demons. It's gonna be a bumpy, sexy ride. You just have to read this. The Bride Wore Demon Dust The bride (Bunny Nicole Reines) is gorgeous in her white gown. The Groom (Rafe Dahlvani) is the reason tuxedos were invented. Bunny is (or was) human, Rafe if a time and dimension hopping demon hunter. He saved Bunny's life, and shared his own life force with her to keep her alive. Dahlvani don't have feelings. Dahlvani don't fall in love. Somehow Bunny's charms and his very new feelings are going to lead them into a very long and interesting marriage. That's all I'm goi
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the writing. It gave me a chance to add a couple of new authors to my TBR pile.
harstan More than 1 year ago
"Hot!" by Kathy Love. Wannabe photographer Charlie Brown joins the mailroom of At Hot! Magazine with hope to show his work to the professional staff. However, he is unprepared for the dynamics of a demon CEO, a mailroom of undercover demon slaying Feds, and supermodel Ava Wells whose soul belongs to the devil and whose heart belongs to Charlie.----------------------- spellbimding antho "What Slays In Vegas" by Angie Fox. In Vegas Damien the demon slayer targets the employer of hybrid succubus Shiloh. Instead the slayer and the succubus break a prime taboo when they end up married. --------------- "The Bride Wore Demon Dust" by Lexi George. Sweet Home Alabama native Bunny the librarian is irate when demons controlling guests wreck havoc on her wedding. Her new husband is a slayer, but she is not one to sit idly by while he throws out the unwanted gatecrashers.----------- These three lighthearted paranormal romances star male demon slayers and the females who possess their hearts. The storylines are emaciated even considering these are novellas, but the lead characters in each entry brings marital bliss to the tales.---------- Harriet Klausner