So Simple

So Simple

by Paul D Henke



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So Simple by Paul D Henke

If you want your relationship with God to stay fresh and vibrant, and if you want your time in God's Word to be more fruitful, then So Simple is the book for you. Discover the simple process God uses with all His children to make our hearts new and alive. When we're made alive through the work of Christ, we will walk with God, see and hear God better and our spiritual gifts will come to life. So Simple focuses on inward practices of the heart. It also focuses on God's work in our hearts rather than multitudes of outward practices for us to do. If we learn to practice the simple things spelled out this book, a lot of outward practices will begin to flow out of us naturally.
When a person comes to saving faith in Jesus, God takes him through a few simple steps that transform him forever. That person is brought from death to life. He used to be blind to the things of God but now he sees in a new light. Everything is new and fresh. There's joy and wonder in the reality and presence of God.
As we move on in our Christian lives, it's easy to become distracted. We hear teachings, learn principles, read books, attend seminars and gather an overwhelming amount of information. Things can get complex. It's easy to lose sight of the simple things God did in our hearts when we first believed. We can become overly focused on all the works we're supposed to do and lose sight of the work of Christ in our hearts.
So Simple takes us back to the simple things God does in our hearts to bring us to life. We need to go deeper into the things we already know. So Simple focuses on inward practices of the heart rather than a multitude of outward behaviors. It focuses on God's work in us ratherthan our own works. It helps us to understand how faith blossoms in our hearts and how to make the most of our time in God's Word. It can give the believer a new appreciation for the promises and grace of God.
If we learn to practice the simple things daily we can have a fresh new relationship with Jesus as we did at first. God doesn't have to seem far away. We can be filled with the knowledge of God's love. We can be filled with the life of God that results in hearing and seeing God clearly. Our spiritual giftings can come to life. When we drift away, as we're prone to do, we can always know where to go--back to the simple things we learned at first.
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ISBN-13: 9780578029672
Publisher: So Simple Productions
Publication date: 11/05/2009
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 0.54(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

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