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So, You Want to be a Landlord, eh?: A Memoir

So, You Want to be a Landlord, eh?: A Memoir

by Kevin Clarke


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Famous last words: "He seemed like a nice guy at the time."

After I emphatically, and with no small amount of animation, told "Quasimodo" to get the 10-gallon open bucket of gasoline off the side deck of the apartment building, I could see the gears slowly start to turn in his head, searching for a way to save his precious fuel. When his moment of eureka finally arrived, he grabbed the bucket, struggled to take it down the stairs and over to his broken-down car ... and proceeded to put it on the back seat.

Success, in this case, was supposed to come in the form of money; that is to say: extra income. Money that could be used for spending or savings, or maybe help pay down the mortgage on my own home. It started out okay with the first triplex building, even after the expenses and taxes. Not a lot extra, but it helped. The subsequent purchase, a duplex, was fairly good too, but then it descended into madness when I took on another triplex property.

I certainly learned a great deal about building maintenance, but very little about people management! Looking back on it now it all seems rather funny, but as you will see in the book, it would not have been the least bit funny to me at the time.

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Publication date: 10/19/2020
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