So You Want to Be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks

So You Want to Be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks


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ISBN-13: 9781581150629
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2000
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

Table of Contents

Part IThe Screenwriter's Journey
Memoir of a Screenwriter--The Hook1
1Why Have I Chosen to Be a Screenwriter?5
2Delle Chatman: An Architect of Communal Dreams19
3Am I Prepared for the Screenwriter's Journey?29
4Ed Bernero: Writing for the Love of It35
5What Lies Ahead If I Continue the Screenwriter's Journey?41
6Tony Bui: From Inner Vision to Outer Dream49
The Screenwriter's Journey: Questionnaire for Self-Evaluation55
Part IICreating Meaningful Stories and Believable Characters
Memoir of a Screenwriter--Act I57
7How Believable Characters Give a Story Its Meaning59
8Harold Ramis: Nothing Human Offends Me75
9What Makes Characters Do What They Do?83
10Anne Rapp: Preserving the Heritage of Storytelling103
11Will My Story, Characters, and Audience Connect?109
12David Marconi: Digging for the Truth115
Creating Meaningful Stories and Believable Characters: Questionnaire for Self-Evaluation123
Part IIIWriter's Block and the Myths That Bind
Memoir of a Screenwriter--Act II125
13Writer's Block and Its Role in the Creative Process127
14Adam Rifkin: Laughing in the Face of the Odds139
15Redefining Creative Success147
16Josefina Lopez: Embracing Humanity159
Writer's Block and the Myths that Bind: Questionnaire for Self-Evaluation170
Part IVThe Power of Collaboration
Memoir of a Screenwriter--Act III173
17The Power of Collaboration177
18Sharon Y. Cobb: Celebrating the Victories194
19Noah Baumbach: Honoring the Muse Within199
The Power of Collaboration: Questionnaire for Self-Evaluation204
About the Authors205
About the Contributors206

What People are Saying About This

Jerry Vasilatos

Sara and Marie-Eve's book takes screenwriters on an inflective journey that helps them sharpen their skills and hone their craft while evaluating and overcoming the many perceived obstacles that all writers face. As a producer who has worked with both women, I can attest that their experience and guidance will prepare all screenwriters with the foundations they need to achieve success. (Jerry Vasilatos, writer, producer, director, Nitestar Productions)

Michele Rifkin

I wish I had this book when I first plunged into the screenwriting jungle. It's like having your own private shrink encouraging you to never give up--and it costs a lot less. (Michele Rifkin, writer, Bone Chillers, ABC TV)

Lee Roloff

Sara Caldwell and Marie-Eve Kielson's So You Want to Be a Screenwriter is nothing less than a profound text on the creative process itself. Though directed to the art of screenwriting, the book challenges all the fragilities, second thoughts, and doubts that any creative person encounters in his or her art. The authors have written a brilliant excursion into the psychology of creativity. Written with uncommon clarity, So You Want to Be a Screenwriter ought to be in the library of any person aspiring to any art. It is that good. (Lee Roloff, Professor Emeritus, Department of Performance Studies, Northwestern University)

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