Soaring Eagle's Embrace

Soaring Eagle's Embrace

by Karen Kay

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ISBN-13: 9780380820672
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/24/2003
Series: Legendary Warriors Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.28(w) x 6.78(h) x 1.07(d)

About the Author

Karen Kay is praised by reviewers and fans alike for bringing understanding and insight into the everyday facets of the American Indian way of life, she credits that the discovery of her great-great grandmother, who was Choctaw Indian, did much to enhance the richness of her stories.

This is Karen Kay's eight title for Avon Books and the second title in the "Legendary Warriors" series. Her earlier titles include Wolf Shadow's Promise in the Legendary Warriors" series; Gray Hawk's Lady, White Eagle's Touch and Night Thunder's Bride in the "Blackfoot Warrior" series; and Lakota Surrender, Lakota Princess, and Proud Wolf's Woman in the "Lakota" series.

Says Kay, "With the power and passion of romance, I strive to bring to the reader an awareness of the vital and noble forces that once helped shape the American Indian culture into the powerful agent that it once was, that it still can be today. I firmly believe that through understanding, anything is possible."

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Chapter One

"It started with a song."

"A song?" asked Kali, straightening her shoulders and flexing the tense muscles in her neck. It had been a grueling hike up to this remote yet beautiful spot atop Chief Mountain -- even for Kali who was accustomed to trekking through the untamed wilderness. "What do you mean?"

"You and your father ... here to learn legend of mountain, is ... not right?" Kali's guide, Gilda Shadow Runner, gave Kali a glance that could have been construed as calculating, if it weren't for the seriousness in Gilda's demeanor.

Kali, however, inured to the unusual nature of hired guides, ignored the look and said, "No, I'm afraid that my father and I are here for no other reason than to record and capture the beauty and romance of the West on film." Kali bestowed a smile on Gilda, though after a moment, she couldn't resist asking, "Mat legend?"

"Legend of Star Bride."

"Star Bride?"

Gilda nodded. "It is said that on nights like this, when ... sky is very clear, one can hear ... song; song of lovers calling to one another."

"Lovers?" Kali looked askance at Gilda.

"Aa, yes," said Gilda.

"How interesting," said Kali, looking toward the sleeping figure of her father. "You know, Gilda, I think my father and I have perhaps missed something by never having used a female guide before now. Tell me, is your legend romantic?"

"Aa, yes, it is," confirmed Gilda, "It ... said that she was ... star, and him, no more than ... mortal man who fell in love with her."

Kali smiled, the expression pure indulgence. In her experience, if there was one thing a body could count on amongst the aboriginal tribes, it was their legends and superstitions. However, that didn't mean that Kali wasn't interested. Neither she nor her father would be here today were it not for their curiosity of the native populations, their customs, their beliefs.

"What kind of song was it?" Kali asked after a slight pause. "Have you ever heard it yourself?"

"No, not this one, but I know of many in ... tribe who tell of it."

"Oh? Really?"

Gilda nodded. "It ... said that only place on earth where a person can hear song is on what my people call Nina Istukwi, Chief Mountain -- here. Maybe we ... be quiet and see if you can hear it. You should close eyes."

"Me? Oh, no, not me. I'm afraid I don't believe in -- "

"Try You might ... be surprised."

"No, I ... Do you really think so?"

Gilda nodded.

"All right. Maybe I will," Kali said, and after a moment, she shut her eyes.

Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Kali opened her eyes.

"You must listen with ... heart," Gilda encouraged, "for only a person pure in purpose can hear it. Try again."

"Well, maybe," said Kali. "But I must warn you that I have never believed in -- "

"No need ... you believe. Now try again."

Kali sighed. "All right. I will." As she closed her eyes, she was quick to observe that her heart beat quickened. Why?

Perhaps it was because of the wind, which was howling around the chasms and rocks, sounding to Kali's ears like a ghostly serenade. Perhaps it was this that others had heard, thinking it was a song, thought Kali skeptically.

Still, the entire affair was enchanting, wasn't it? To sit here on a summer's eve, high atop the plains, with nothing but the wide sky above you and the pureness of nature all around you. Even the air up here felt clean and fresh on the lungs.

After a time, a coyote bayed far below them, then came another yelp and another, as though each one were a successive call to the other. Ali, thought Kali. It was wonderful, breathtaking. But alas, Kali heard no song.

So much for legends.

Taking a deep breath, Kali opened her eyes, catching a rather expectant look on Gilda's face, which caused Kali to frown. How odd.

Stranger still was Gilda's reaction when Kali shook her head and said, "I'm sorry. Although I'd like to think that my purpose here is pure, I must admit that I hear nothing ... nothing but the wind."

Goodness, what had she said that should cause such a reaction with her guide? Gilda looked downright crestfallen, as though the woman might have more at stake in the telling of this legend than simply mentioning a song. It caused Kali to speculate.

Had the woman brought Kali and her father here for some other purpose than shooting a few good pictures? What, after all, did Kali really know about Gilda Shadow Runner? Though Gilda had come highly recommended, Kali couldn't help wondering if the woman might be putting her through some sort of test.

Lost in her own thoughts, Kali was startled when Gilda asked, "Would you like to hear story?"

"Hmmm?" Kali had been in the act of unbuttoning the first few buttons of her blouse -- letting the evening breeze cool the bare skin beneath it. But glancing up, she shot a glance at Gilda, and what she saw there caused Kali more concern. Why did Gilda appear anxious, as though she were waiting for something? Kali cleared her throat. "Excuse me. What was that you said?"

"The story of lovers -- the legend ... would you like to hear it?"

"Yes, Gilda," Kali admitted cautiously, "that would be lovely. I believe that my father has bedded down for the night -- perhaps I should awaken him that he might hear the story also."

"If you wish."

But again," said Kali, wondering aloud, "maybe not. I'm afraid the climb up here was rather difficult for him, something we should watch in the future. Although he insisted on making this trip, I'm not sure he's well enough for another hike like this. Perhaps we might try a more gradual path tomorrow?"

Gilda nodded. "I will let white woman decide where we go, and how fast."

Soaring Eagle's Embrace. Copyright © by Karen Kay. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Soaring Eagle's Embrace 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While i dont believe in supernatural or mystical things, outside of God Himself, i love karens stories. They are filled with history and mystical beliefs of the indians of long ago. The love stories are beautiful and always end happy. I figure that i live reality. I love stories that help me escape from it. And karens books never disappoint me. This is my 10th book by her. My only disapointment is that i cant wait for her to write another one.
tbsomeday on LibraryThing 3 months ago
I was given this book as it wasn't something I initially thought I'd be interested in...but I was wrong. Karen Kay does a great job at weaving together Indian Folklore, romance and a hint of magic. I felt an urgency to get to the end of the book and was rewarded with a very nice ending that allowed the story to come full circle. Well crafted story line while being informational about the Native American people.My one complaint is that the woman in the story, Kali, was a bit too reluctant to accept Soaring Eagle. She also does a bit too much stuttering and stammering for the confident young woman she is supposed to be. A small complaint, I will be reading more of Karen Kay's books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read many of her books and am sorry to say this onr was very poor. I give it a 3 out of 10. If you havent read her angel and the warrior book, do it, it was amazing! A 9 out of 10! Sadly, this story does not live up to the quality of her other works.
romancenovelsincolor1 More than 1 year ago
Review of Soaring Eagle&rsquo;s Embrace (Legendary Warriors) by Karen Kay Heart-warming, endearing and a love to endure throughout time! This was an incredible novel! Karen Kay fantastically wove the legends about the Blackfoot Indians with the story she had written. This was an incredible reading journey. I fell in love with all the characters, from the stubborn very independent (very unusual for the era yet very refreshing) Kali Wallace who travels all over with her father photographing people to Soaring Eagle, a high ranking member of the Blackfoot Indian tribe she needs to photograph. We all have heard and read stories of the horrors of how the &quot;entitled&quot; whites treated the Native Americans during the 1700's through the 20th Century. And while so many books about Native Americans and &quot;whites&quot; use the old clich&eacute;s of the Indian being rude and crude or kidnapping his future wife or her being some simpering wimp or having to fight to prove her worth, this story is different. It evokes a romance and creates a bond between the reader and the book from the moment you open it till the last page is read.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the times of the Western Frontier and was fascinated by the beauty that Karen Kay wrote with regarding the details of the peoples and the land. A stubborn man and a stubborn woman who never allow politics or perceived prejudices cement themselves in the way of the love for each other. Kali (short for Kalifornia) and Soaring Eagle have a destiny together that they never seem to question and for that I am happy. The little movie playing in my head while reading this book was a blockbuster with sweeping panorama views and emotional musically score. Karen Kay writes with her whole heart. She researches and dives in to her stories one hundred and ten percent. The only problem I had was that it had to eventually come to an end. But I will most definitely be ready for the next one, and the next, you see a pattern starting here? Maybe now I need to take a tiny trip to Montana! -Reviewed by: Khriste
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1895, Kali Wallace and her father come to Montana to photograph Indians. However, the local tribe seems uninterested in posing though one warrior Soaring Eagle goes so far as to scorn the two whites. However, as Soaring Eagle becomes better acquainted with the idealistic naïve Kali, he finds to his disbelief he is quite attracted to her.

As they sleep apart, Soaring Eagle and Kali share the same dream in which the spirit world marries them. She denies it, but he is elated because he realizes that he loves her. As Kali begins to accept the reality of the shared dream, she knows she loves Soaring Eagle, but realizes nothing can come of their relationship as she is a globetrotting photographer and his people need him here in Montana.

The latest Karen Kay Legendary Warrior tale (see WAR CLOUD¿S PASSION and LONE ARROW¿S PRIDE is a fascinating paranormal historical romance. Readers will find fascinating the depths that Ms. Kay plunges her audience into a close look at Indian spiritualism. Soaring Eagle is a delightful male lead as he quickly changes from antagonist to protagonist. On the other hand, it is frustrating is that the lead female spends much of the tale in denial until a photograph persuades her to reconsider. Still sub-genre fans will embrace this soaring novel.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
Soaring Eagle's Embrace by Karen Kay Avon ISBN: 0-380-82067-6 Release Date: July, 2003 Soaring Eagle's Embrace is the fourth book in Karen Kay's 'Legendary Warriors' series. Just as passionate and spellbinding as the previous three books, this one weaves a tale that will stick with readers long after the last page is turned and the book put up on the keeper shelf. Kali Wallace and her father are in Montana to photograph the beautiful landscape that runs right through the heart of Blackfeet country. When a young Indiana guide, Gilda, tells an ancient story about love, betrayal and new chances, Kali is captivated. She soon meets Soaring Eagle, who mistrusts all white men and women. He refuses to allow her to photograph his people. But a powerful force, more ancient than their own prejudices, will shape their future and they'll find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another. And even though Soaring Eagle realizes that she is the 'one' and he must ask her to become his wife, their cultural differences and beliefs still keep them apart. The characters are rich in detail and seem to practically dance off the paper right from the first few pages. The story about Evening Star and Strong Arrow and their passionate love affair that seemed doomed from the first--the thought that these two souls would search for one another through the ages crept into my mind and I felt a tug at my heartstrings after that first chapter that kept me reading to the ending so I could find out what their ultimate fate would be. Kay always writes a romance that keeps me interested throughout and leaves me with that warm glow that only a good romance can produce in your heart. Soaring Eagle's Embrace is one of her best books to date. ~Lori Soard, author of Housebreaking A Husband