Social Anxiety: Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

Social Anxiety: Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

by T Mustafa


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A QUICK, NATURAL, DYNAMIC AND REAL WAY TO OVERCOME SOCIAL ANXIETY ONCE AND FOR ALL. One of the most widespread and completely unnecessary forms of suffering in the world today is anxiety and thanks to many doctors and drug companies in today's world, many unfortunate individuals are taking unnecessary and unnatural medication for something in reality so easily treated as anxiety. They are being drugged up for years and years with unnatural medications with resulting side effects, when in reality their anxiety is only and nothing more than a negative state of mind. A state of mind can change in a matter of minutes and stay changed. It's is like the mind is stuck in the wrong room with the wrong people. All it needs is to get out of that room and go into the right room with the right people and then everything will be OK. But what mainstream medicine is doing to the person who is stuck with anxiety and stuck in that room is to keep him or her there and drug them up in order to supposedly make that room more bearable for them. That is because generally speaking modern psychiatric medicine can excel at defining the symptoms of an illness but is completely useless when it comes to understanding the cause of the illness and knowing the cure. Thus Anxiety has become for many people a mysterious illness which holds them down, and holds them back from enjoying life. This book shows the way out of this mess and guides you through the natural and easy method of self hypnosis in order for you to be as confident and relaxed in all social situations as possible using nothing but the power of your own mind and the secrets shared within.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/24/2017
Pages: 40
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