A Social History of the American Negro

A Social History of the American Negro

by Benjamin Griffith Brawley


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ISBN-13: 9781981625291
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/12/2017
Pages: 620
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter IThe Coming of Negroes to America1
1.African Origins1
2.The Negro in Spanish Exploration3
3.Development of the Slave-Trade6
4.Planting of Slavery in the Colonies9
5.The Wake of the Slave-Ship17
Chapter IIThe Negro in the Colonies21
1.Servitude and Slavery21
2.The Indian, the Mulatto, and the Free Negro26
3.First Effort toward Social Betterment32
4.Early Insurrections39
Chapter IIIThe Revolutionary Era48
1.Sentiment in England and America48
2.The Negro in the War52
3.The Northwest Territory and the Constitution56
4.Early Steps toward Abolition59
5.Beginning of Racial Consciousness66
Chapter IVThe New West, the South, and the West Indies76
1.The Cotton-Gin, the New Southwest, and the First Fugitive Slave Law77
2.Toussaint L'Ouverture, Louisiana, and the Formal Closing of the Slave-Trade80
3.Gabriel's Insurrection and the Rise of the Negro Problem86
Chapter VIndian and Negro91
1.Creek, Seminole, and Negro to 1817: The War of 181291
2.First Seminole War and the Treaties of Indian Spring and Fort Moultrie95
3.From the Treaty of Fort Moultrie to the Treaty of Payne's Landing99
4.Osceola and the Second Seminole War107
Chapter VIEarly Approach to the Negro Problem116
1.The Ultimate Problem and the Missouri Compromise116
Chapter VIIThe Negro Reply--I: Revolt132
1.Denmark Vesey's Insurrection132
2.Nat Turner's Insurrection140
3.The Amistad and Creole Cases148
Chapter VIIIThe Negro Reply--II: Organization and Agitation155
1.Walker's "Appeal"155
2.The Convention Movement159
3.Sojourner Truth and Woman Suffrage167
Chapter IXLiberia172
1.The Place and the People173
(a)Colonization and Settlement174
(b)The Commonwealth of Liberia188
(c)The Republic of Liberia191
3.International Relations202
4.Economic and Social Conditions207
Chapter XThe Negro a National Issue213
1.Current Tendencies213
2.The Challenge of the Abolitionists219
3.The Contest227
Chapter XISocial Progress, 1820-1860238
Chapter XIIThe Civil War and Emancipation252
Chapter XIIIThe Era of Enfranchisement262
1.The Problem262
2.Meeting the Problem264
3.Reaction: The Ku-Klux Klan272
4.Counter-Reaction: The Negro Exodus278
5.A Postscript on the War and Reconstruction281
Chapter XIVThe Negro in the New South287
1.Political Life: Disfranchisement287
2.Economic Life: Peonage291
3.Social Life: Proscription, Lynching294
Chapter XV"The Vale of Tears," 1890-1910297
1.Current Opinion and Tendencies297
2.Industrial Education: Booker T. Washington303
3.Individual Achievement: The Spanish-American War307
4.Mob Violence; Election Troubles; The Atlanta Massacre310
5.The Question of Labor320
6.Defamation; Brownsville325
7.The Dawn of a To-morrow335
Chapter XVIThe Negro in the New Age341
1.Character of the Period341
2.Migration; East St. Louis345
3.The Great War350
4.High Tension: Washington, Chicago, Elaine355
5.The Widening Problem365
Chapter XVIIThe Negro Problem372
1.World Aspect375
2.The Negro in American Life379
3.Face to Face386

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