Social Insurance and Economic Security / Edition 4

Social Insurance and Economic Security / Edition 4

by George E. Rejda
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Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
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Social Insurance and Economic Security / Edition 4

This clear, accessible book provides a complete analysis of major social insurance and welfare programs in the United States, including Social Security, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and public assistance. Major public policy problems and issues associated with each program are analyzed in depth. The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly updated to accurately reflect the most recent issues and trends surrounding Social Security, unemployment insurance, and welfare reform.

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ISBN-13: 9780138161583
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 12/01/1990
Series: Prentice-Hall Series in Security and Insurance
Edition description: 4th ed
Pages: 464

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 Economic Security and Insecurity 3

Nature of Economic Security 3

Nature of Economic Insecurity 5

Causes of Economic Insecurity 6

Concept of Social Security 14

Meaning of Social Insurance 15

Reducing Economic Insecurity 17

2 Basic Principles of Social Insurance 24

Basic Principles and Characteristics of the OASDI Program 24

Is the OASDI Program Insurance? 30

Welfare Component 33

Social Insurance Compared with Private Insurance 33

Social Insurance Compared With Public Assistance 36

Economic Objectives of Social Insurance Programs 37

3 Problem of Premature Death 43

Definition of Premature Death 43

Economic Impact of Premature Death on the Family 46

Reducing Economic Insecurity from Premature Death 52

4 Problem of Old Age 64

Nature of the Old-Age Problem 65

Employment Problems of Older Workers 76

Reducing Economic Insecurity During Retirement 77

5 Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance 97

Development of the Social Security Act 97

Covered Occupations 100

Determination of Insured Status 102

Benefit Amounts 104

Types of Benefits 107

Loss or Reduction of Benefits 115

Taxation of Social Security Benefits 118

Financing the Social Security Program 118

Administration 119

6 Problems and Issues in the Social Security Program 124

Higher Full Retirement Age 124

Adequacy of Benefits 126

Disability Income Problems and Issues 132

Public Confidence in the Social Security Program 136

Getting Your Money's Worth 137

Reducing Social Security Payroll Taxes to Stimulate the Economy 142

7 Financing the Social Security Program 151

Methods of Financing 151

No Full Funding 152

Actuarially Sound Program 152

Social Security Trust Funds 153

Financial Condition of Social Security and Medicare 155

Solutions to the Long-Range Deficit 158

8 Problem of Poor Health and Health-Care Reform 167

Health-Care Problems in the United States 168

Rising Health-Care Expenditures 168

Large Number of Uninsured in the Population 172

Uneven Quality of Medical Care 174

Waste and Inefficiency 174

Defects in Financing Health Care 175

Abusive Insurer Practices 175

Earlier Health-Care Reform Efforts 179

Basic Provisions of the Affordable Care Act 179

9 Health-Care Reform and Private Health Insurance 195

Impact of Health-Care Reform on Individual and Group Coverage 196

Individual Health Insurance Coverages 197

Disability Insurance 202

Long-Term Care Insurance 204

Group Health Insurance Coverage 206

Traditional Indemnity Plans 207

Managed Care Plans 208

Consumer-Directed Health Plans 212

Continuation of Health Insurance for Terminated Employees 212

Recent Developments in Group Medical Expense Plans 213

Group Disability Income Insurance 214

10 Health-Care Reform and the Medicare Program 222

Overview of Medicare 223

The Original Medicare Plan 223

Medicare Advantage Plans 228

Other Medicare Health Plans 230

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage 230

Extra Help Program 232

Medigap Insurance 232

Care Outside the United States 232

Medicare Savings Programs 233

Medicare Problems and Issues 234

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare 239

11 Problem of Occupational Injury and Disease 245

Occupational Injury 246

Occupational Disease 247

Areas of Concern 249

Costs of Occupational Injuries and Disease 251

Reducing Occupational Injuries and Disease 253

Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 256

12 Workers' Compensation 264

Development of Workers' Compensation 264

Objectives of Workers' Compensation 266

Theories of Workers' Compensation 269

State Workers' Compensation Laws 270

Coordination with Other Programs 275

Second-Injury Funds 276

Financing of Workers' Compensation 276

Administration of Workers' Compensation 277

Problems and Issues in Workers' Compensation 277

Improving Workers' Compensation Laws 280

13 Problem of Unemployment 288

Types of Unemployment 289

Measurement of Unemployment 292

Unemployment in the United States 294

Underemployment of Human Resources 297

Who Are the Unemployed? 298

Current Approaches for Reducing Unemployment 301

14 Unemployment Compensation 313

Development of Unemployment Compensation 314

Objectives of Unemployment Compensation 316

State Unemployment Compensation Provisions 318

Extended Unemployment Benefits 325

Temporary Emergency Unemployment Compensation 326

Unemployment Compensation for Special Groups 327

Financing Unemployment Compensation 328

Unemployment Trust Fund 331

Administration 332

Taxation of Benefits 332

Temporary Disability Insurance 332

15 Problems and Issues in Unemployment Compensation 340

Decline in the Proportion of Unemployed Workers Receiving Benefits 341

Adequacy of Weekly Benefit Amount 343

High Disqualification Rates for Certain Claims 345

Exhaustion of Benefits 346

Inadequate Financing 347

Size of the Taxable Wage Base 348

Misclassification of Employees 349

Disincentive Effects of Unemployment Compensation 349

Modernizing State Unemployment Compensation Programs 352

16 Public Assistance Programs 361

Basic Characteristics of Public Assistance 362

Reasons for Public Assistance 362

Public Assistance Compared with Social Insurance 363

Types of Public Assistance Programs 364

Supplement Security Income (SSI) 364

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 366

Medicaid 370

Medicaid Problems and Issues 374

Impact of Health-Care Reform on Medicaid 374

General Assistance 376

17 Economic Security Programs for Special Groups 382

Veterans 382

Railroad Workers 388

Financial Status of the Railroad Retirement System 392

Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act 392

Federal Civilian Employees 395

Federal Employees Retirement System 397

State and Local Government Retirement Plans 400

Financing Problems and Issues 401

Index 409

About the Author 425

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