Social Machines: How to Develop Connected Products That Change Customers' Lives

Social Machines: How to Develop Connected Products That Change Customers' Lives

by Peter Semmelhack


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Social Machines: How to Develop Connected Products That Change Customers' Lives by Peter Semmelhack

Companies like Facebook and Twitter have redefined socialinteraction. But what if “machines” like automobiles,bicycles, health monitors, appliances, instruments, and anythingelse you can connect to the Internet, could all become members ofyour social network, collect data you care about, and feed it backto you at just the right time? Nike+ is already doing this for yourbody, but every major industry, from healthcare to cars to homeconstruction, is now building sensors and digital connectivity intotheir next generation of products. Companies like Ford, Pepsi,Verizon, and Procter and Gamble are also using “socialmachines” to reach new markets, improve brand/marketawareness, and increase revenues. SocialMachines is the first book for business people,marketers, product developers, and technologists,explaining how this trend will change our world, how your businesswill benefit, and how to create connected products that customerslove.

  • Explains how smart phones and tablets enable SocialMachines
  • Describes how digital technology is being “bakedin” to the most unlikely new products—evenwheelchairs.
  • Articulates how the “Internet of Things” isbecoming social—and why that’s the foundation forpowerful new business models

In the very near future, every great new product will be social.The next stage of interaction between people and our environment isupon us.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118471685
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

PETER SEMMELHACK is the founder and CEO of Bug Labs, developer of an award-winning open source consumer electronics and web services platform, recently featured in MoMA's "Talk to Me" exhibit. As a founding member of the rapidly growing open hardware movement, Peter is a frequent speaker at events around the world. He is also founder, board member, and former CEO of Antenna Software, one of the country's largest mobile enterprise software companies. His work has been covered and discussed by the international media including the New York Times, the Economist, the Hindu, Fortune, CNN, Nikkei Business, and Forbes. Peter holds a BA in economics from Brown University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Part I Social Machines: An Overview 1

Chapter 1 Introduction 3

Chapter 2 A Social Internet of Things 11

Chapter 3 Why Social Networks Must Evolve 21

Everything Will Get Connected 23

Everything Will Get Smarter 29

Everything Will Get Social 30

We’re Running Out of Humans! 33

Chapter 4 Social Machines and the Future of Humankind 35

Part II Every Product Is a Platform: Rethinking Product Design in the Age of Connectedness 47

Chapter 5 Overview 49

Chapter 6 A Brief History of Abstraction 53

Chapter 7 Social Product Design 65

Connected versus Social 68

Example 1—The Weather Station 73

Example 2—Wheelchairs and Hand Sanitizers 80

Example 3—The Social Bicycle 84

Chapter 8 Avatars and the Social Seven: Unique Characteristics of Social Machines 99

The Social Seven—Overview 102

The Social Seven—Details 105

Chapter 9 Spheres of Use, or Why Your New Product Should Do Things You Never Envisioned 117

Part III The Business of Social Machines 121

Chapter 10 Introduction 123

People Sharing Things 125

Things Sharing Data 130

Chapter 11 How to Build a Business Using Social Machines 137

Retrofit Model 139

Built-in Model 142

Chapter 12 My Customer’s Customer Is My Customer:The Beauty of a Social Value Chain 149

Chapter 13 The Art of Social Pricing 153

Part IV Getting Started 157

Chapter 14 Design Requirements: What Does It Take to Design and Build a Social Machine? 159

But First, a Quick Story 161

How Do I Make My Product Social? 167

Retrofit Model 183

Built-in Model 185

Chapter 15 Getting There from Here 189

Part V Scenarios 195

Chapter 16 Smart Home 197

Chapter 17 Retail 203

Chapter 18 Transportation 211

Chapter 19 Finance 217

Chapter 20 Health and Wellness 223

Part VI Resources 229

Index 235

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Social Machines: How to Develop Connected Products That Change Customers' Lives 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sachin_Panemangalore More than 1 year ago
An extremely light-weight book , but amazingly insightful. This book provides a lucid introduction to the business model of social devices. I was getting  tired of reading all those blogs beginning with "Imagine your toaster talks  to your refrigerator and refrigerator orders bread from CostCo" and stuff like that.   I am not against home automation (in fact this book does discuss some solutions in that domain too) Or products which connect to Facebook  but these stories make sense only if you have understood the motivation behind "why"  these devices need to be connected . What value-add do we get from connecting devices to each other .  I wanted to get an insight into the business of connected devices, and the issues to be considered keeping in perspective product design, IP related issues , pit-falls to avoid , and resources for further study. This book has the potential to fill all these gaps in your understanding. It is especially good for you if you are working on building a prototype for or planning to start your own start-up Or just plain simply want to understand the motivation behind this "movement"  . This book lays the foundation for product designers to add social components to their devices  and opening them up for connectivity by other "Services". It addresses critical aspects of enabling APIs on legacy systems versus issues to be considered when a "social product" is conceived ground-up. It then elucidates through examples the value added and revenue generated through this ecosystem  of internet services.   All in all a fantastic book. My recommendation buy it .  After reading this book , if you would like to formalize the ideas presented in this book , read  "APIs: A Strategy Guide" - Dan Woods this book provides an amazing continuity of ideas over this book.
iPeggyE More than 1 year ago
This book helps one begin the journey to imagine how socially connecting your product or machine could be a life changer (or a revenue changer).  Social machines go by many names IoT (Internet of Things) or M2M (machine to machine)... whatever the name, it takes what is "old" and breathes new life into it.  From a business perspective, it creates services your customers crave - and possibly a reoccurring revenue stream for your company!  WARNING: If you read this book you will be inspired!  IoT is the horizontal that is applicable to all verticals (currently thought of or still in your imagination)!