Social Policy First Hand: An International Introduction to Participatory Social Welfare

Social Policy First Hand: An International Introduction to Participatory Social Welfare


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ISBN-13: 9781447332367
Publisher: Policy Press, Bristol Univ. Press
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Edition description: 1
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Peter Beresford, OBE, is professor of citizen participation at the University of Essex and co-chair of Shaping Our Lives, a user-led organization and network. Sarah Carr is associate professor of mental health research at Middlesex University

Table of Contents

List of figures and tables vii

Foreword Baroness Ruth Lister viii

Introduction Peter Beresford Sarah Carr 1

Part I Service users and social policy: an introduction 12

1 Challenging injustice: the importance of collective ownership of social policy Danny Dorling 14

2 Participation and solidarity in a changing welfare state Peter Taylor-Gooby 22

3 Social Policy in developing countries: a post-colonial critique and participatory inquiry Sweta Rajan-Rankin 33

4 Advancing sustainability: developing participatory social policy in the context of environmental disasters Margaret Alston 43

5 Social policy and disability Colin Cameron 51

6 A case study of children's participation in health policy and practice Louca-Mai Brady Felicity Hathway Emily Roberts 62

7 Who owns co-production? Sarah Carr 74

Part II Critiquing and reconceiving Beveridge's 'five giant evils': key areas of British post-war social policy from a lived experience perspective 84

8 Rethinking disabled people's rights to work and contribute Jane Young 86

9 Talking policy as a patient Anya de longh 95

10 'We don't deal with people, we deal with bricks and mortar': a lived experience perspective on UK health and housing policy Alison Cameron 98

11 Education (ignorance) addressing inclusive education: the issues and its importance from a participatory perspective Tara Flood Navin Kikabhai 103

12 "For work, we came here to find work": migrant Roma employment and the labour of language Colin Clark 107

Part III The contribution of service user knowledges 118

13 Disability policy and lived experience: reflections from regional Australia Kathy Boxall Adam Johnson Lawrence Hitting Suzanne Simpson Stefan Zwickl Judith Zwicki Shae Kermit Luke Caroline 120

14 Renewing epistemologies: service user knowledge Diana Rose 132

15 Pornography, feminist epistemology and changing public policy Ruth Beresford 142

16 Making social policy internationally: a participatory research perspective Nicola Yeates Ana B. Amaya 147

Part IV An inclusive life course and developmental approach to social policy 161

17 Disabled children's lives: an inclusive life course and developmental approach to social policy Mary Wickenden 163

18 Troubled youth and troubling social policy: mental health from a Mad Studies perspective Lucy Costa 172

19 Disability: an inclusive life course and developmental approach to social policy Emmeline Burdett 181

20 Independent living from a Black Disabled Woman's perspective Michelle Daley 188

21 Food poverty and the policy context in Ireland Deirdre O'Connor 195

22 Implementing race equality policies in British health and social care: a perspective from experience Hári Sewell 205

23 Participatory approaches to social policy in relation to ageing Sarah Lonbay 211

24 Death, dying and digital stories Lisa Williams Merryn Gott Tess Moeke-Maxwell Stella Black Shuchi Kothari Sarina Pearson Peter James Simpson Tessa Morgan Marianne Grbin Matua Rawiri Wharemate Whaea Whio Hansen 223

Part V Transforming social policy 231

25 People acting collectively can be powerful Jennie Fleming 233

26 Their participation and ours: competing visions of empowerment Jain Ferguson 243

27 A participatory approach to professional practice Suzy Croft 251

28 Dreams of justice Tina Minkowitz 257

29 Sustainable-participatory social policy Marilyn Palmer 262

30 Participatory social policy in a large EU research project Joe Greener Michael Lavalette Rose Devereaux and members of SUGAH 277

Part VI Campaigning and change 289

Section 1 Approaches to activism

31 'What is strong, not what is wrong' An interview with Clenton Farquharson, MBE 292

32 Participatory social policy and social change: exploring the role of social entrepreneurship linked to forms of social and micro enterprises in the field of social care Barbara Fawcett 297

33 Public duty, whistleblowing and scandal: influences on public policy Kay Sheldon 306

34 'Informed gender practice in acute mental health': when policy makes sense Nicky Lambert 311

35 Making the case for single sex wards Jolie Goodman 314

36 #JusticeforLB: in search of truth, accountability and justice George Julian Sara Ryan 319

Section 2 The role of online platforms and social media

37 Guerilla policy: new platforms for making policy from below Michael Harris 323

38 A Magna Carta for learning disabled people Kaliya Franklin Gary Bourlet 327

39 Pat's Petition: The emerging role of social media and the internet Pat Onions and others 332

Part VII Breaking down barriers 336

Section 1 Inclusion and difference in the formulation and operation of social policy

40 "LGBT History Month is a thing!" The story of an equal rights campaign Sue Sanders 338

41 Progressing gender recognition and trans rights in the UK Christine Burns 343

Section 2 User-led approaches to social policy

42 Transforming professional training and education - a gap mending approach: the PowerUs European partnership Helen Casey 349

43 Grassroots tackling policy: the making of the 'Spartacus Report' Sam Barnett-Cormack 355

44 Involvement for influence: developing the 4Pi Involvement Standards Sarah Yiannoullou Alison Faulkner 362

Part VIII Participatory research and evaluation 367

45 From expert to service user: challenging how lived experience is demeaned Michele Moore 369

46 Participatory methodologies involving marginalised perspectives Charlotte Williams 376

47 Developing the evidence to challenge 'welfare reform': the road to 'Cash Not Care' Mo Stewart 389

48 Service user-controlled research for evidence-based policymaking Alison Faulkner 394

49 Participatory citizenship, gender and human trafficking in Nepal Diane Richardson Nina Laurie Meena Poudel Shakti Samuha Janet Townsend 406

50 Experiential knowledge in mental health policy and legislation: can we ever change the agenda? Jasna Russo 418

Conclusion Peter Beresford Sarah Carr 427

Notes on contributors 435

Index 447

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