Social Psychology, Second Edition: Handbook of Basic Principles / Edition 2

Social Psychology, Second Edition: Handbook of Basic Principles / Edition 2

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Guilford Publications, Inc.
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Social Psychology, Second Edition: Handbook of Basic Principles / Edition 2

Now in a completely revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative handbook reviews the breadth of current knowledge on the psychological processes that underlie social behavior. Leading investigators identify core principles that have emerged from the study of biological systems, social cognition, goals and strivings, interpersonal interactions, and group and cultural dynamics. State-of-the-science theories, methods, and findings are explained, and important directions for future research are highlighted. More than an update, this edition is virtually a new book. Many more chapters are included, and significant advances in social cognitive neuroscience, motivational psychology, and other areas are incorporated throughout. A new section addresses implications for applied domains, such as clinical psychology, health, and consumer behavior.

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ISBN-13: 9781572309180
Publisher: Guilford Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 04/24/2007
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 1010
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

I. Biological System
1. Evolutionary Theory for Social and Cultural Psychology, Linnda R. Caporael
2. Visceral and Somatic Indexes of Social Psychological Constructs: History, Principles, Propositions, and Case Studies, Jim Blascovich & Mark D. Seery
3. Social Cognitive Neuroscience: Historical Development, Core Principles, and Future Promise, Kevin N. Ochsner
II. Cognitive System
4. Prediction: The Inside View, David Dunning
5. Expectancy, Neal J. Roese & Jeffrey W. Sherman
6. The Principles of Social Judgment, Arie W. Kruglanski & David Sleeth-Keppler
7. Automatic Thought, Susan M. Andersen, Gordon B. Moskowitz, Irene V. Blair, & Brian A. Nosek
8. Information Ecology and the Explanation of Social Cognition and Behavior, Klaus Fiedler
9. Knowledge Activation, Jens Förster & Nira Liberman
10. Causal Explanation: From Social Perception to Knowledge-Based Causal Attribution, Denis Hilton
11. The Role of Metacognition in Social Judgment, Richard E. Petty, Pablo Briñol, Zakary L. Tormala, & Duane T. Wegener
12. Principles of Mental Representation, Robert S. Wyer, Jr.
13. Standards, Monica Biernat and Scott Eidelman
14. Decisions Constructed Locally: Some Fundamental Principles of the Psychology of Decision Making, Eldar Shafir
15. Psychological Distance, Nira Liberman, Yaacov Trope, & Elena Stephan
III. Personal Motivational System
16. Feelings and Phenomenal Experiences, Norbert Schwarz & Gerald L. Clore
17. The Role of Impulse in Social Behavior, Fritz Strack & Roland Deutsch
18. Social Identity and Self-Regulation, Daphna Oyserman
19. Value, E. Tory Higgins
20. Basic Human Needs, Thane S. Pittman & Kate R. Zeigler
21. The Goal Construct in Social Psychology, Ayelet Fishbach & Melissa J. Ferguson
22. Self-Regulation and the Executive Function: The Self as Controlling Agent, Roy F. Baumeister, Brandon J. Schmeichel, & Kathleen D. Vohs
23. Self-Interest and Beyond: Basic Principles of Social Interaction, Paul A. M. Van Lange, David De Cremer, Eric Van Dijk, & Mark Van Vugt
IV. Interpersonal System
24. Attitude Change, Gregory R. Maio & Geoffrey Haddock
25. Foundations of Interpersonal Trust, Jeffry A. Simpson
26. The Psychology of Negotiation: Principles and Basic Processes, Carsten K. W. De Dreu, Bianca Beersma, Wolfgang Steinel, & Gerben A. Van Kleef
27. Grounding Communication: Synchrony, Gün R. Semin
28. Attachment Theory and Research: Core Concepts, Basic Principles, Conceptual Bridges, Phillip R. Shaver & Mario Mikulincer
29. Social Power, Susan T. Fiske & Jennifer Berdahl
V. Group and Cultural System
30. The Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations: Social Categorization, Ingroup Bias, and Outgroup Prejudice, Marilynn B. Brewer
31. Social Psychology of Leadership, Michael A. Hogg
32. Dynamical Social Psychology: Finding Order in the Flow of Human Experience, Robin R. Vallacher & Andrzej Nowak
33. Inclusion and Exclusion: Implications for Group Processes, John M. Levine & Norbert L. Kerr
34. Cultural Processes: Basic Principles, Chi-yue Chiu & Ying-yi Hong
VI. Applications of Social Psychology
35. Psychology and the Law: Reconciling Normative and Descriptive Accounts of Social Justice and System Legitimacy, Tom R. Tyler & John T. Jost
36. The Reciprocal Relation between Principles and Practice: Social Psychology and Health Behavior, Alexander J. Rothman & Peter Salovey
37. Contributions of Social Psychology to Clinical Psychology: Three Views of a Research Frontier, Timothy J. Strauman, Philip R. Costanzo, Neil P. Jones, Amy Noll McLean, & Kari A. Merrill
38. Consumer Behavior and Marketing, Eric J. Johnson, Michel Tuan Pham, & Gita Venkataramani Johar
39. Psychology and Politics: The Challenges of Integrating Levels of Analysis in Social Science, Philip E. Tetlock
40. Organizational Behavior, Leigh Thompson & Jo-Ellen Pozner
41. Social Action, Mark Snyder & Allen M. Omoto

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