Social Security Benefits Handbook

Social Security Benefits Handbook

by Stanlely Tomkiel


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ISBN-13: 9781572483958
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 07/01/2004
Edition description: Subsequent
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 6.42(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.89(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Social Security Administration1
Section 101The Social Security Administration-In General
Section 102Internal Offices
Section 103Telephone Services
Section 104Internet Website
Section 105Field Offices
Section 106District Office Personnel
Section 107The Programs Operations Manual System
Chapter 2Eligibility Requirements19
Section 201Eligibility Requirements-In General
Section 202Retirement Benefits
Section 203Disability Benefits
Section 204Spouse's Benefits
Section 205Child's Benefits
Section 206Parent's Benefits
Section 207Medicare-In General
Section 208Lump Sum Death Payment
Section 209Being Age 62 "Throughout the Month"
Section 210Marriage Requirement
Section 211Exceptions to the One-Year Duration of Marriage Requirement for Spouse's Benefits
Section 212Exceptions to the Nine-Month Duration of Marriage Requirement for Widow(er)'s Benefits
Section 213Child in Care Requirement
Section 214Child Relationship Requirement
Section 215Dependency Requirements-Children and Grandchildren
Chapter 3Entitlement on More Than One Account55
Section 301Entitlement on More Than One Account-In General
Section 302On Your Own Earnings Record and as a Husband/Wife
Section 303On Your Own Account and Widow(er)'s Benefits
Section 304As a Spouse and as a Widow(er)
Section 305As a Spouse and as an Ex-Spouse
Section 306As the Widow(er) of Two or More Workers
Section 307Disability Benefits and Retirement Benefits
Section 308Child Entitled on More Than One Account
Section 309Other Combinations of Benefits
Chapter 4Applications67
Section 401Applications-In General
Section 402Protective Filing Statement
Section 403Who May File an Application
Section 404When to File an Application-In General
Section 405When You Do Not Have to File an Application
Section 406Retroactivity of Applications
Section 407Rules on Medicare Enrollment
Section 408When to Start Your Benefits-The Month of Election
Section 409Required Documents-In General
Section 410Proof of Age Rules
Section 411Proof of Marriage Rules
Section 412Special Problems for Business Owners
Section 413Processing Time Frames
Section 414Withdrawal of Application
Chapter 5Disability Benefits-Special Provisions111
Section 501Disability Benefits-In General
Section 502Definition of Disability
Section 503Earnings Record "Freeze"
Section 504Substantial Gainful Activity
Section 505Date of Onset
Section 506Unsuccessful Work Attempt
Section 507Waiting Period
Section 508Closed Period of Disability
Section 509Trial Work Period
Section 510Re-entitlement Period
Section 511Effect of Workers' Compensation Benefits
Section 512Effect of Other Kinds of Benefits or Payments
Section 513When Disability Benefits End
Section 514Continuing Disability Review
Section 515Ticket to Work
Chapter 6Insured Status-Work Requirement141
Section 601Work Requirement-In General
Section 602Fully Insured Status
Section 603Currently Insured Status
Section 604Disability Insured Status
Section 605Quarters of Coverage-In General
Chapter 7Benefit Amounts151
Section 701Benefit Amounts-In General
Section 702Computation of Benefits
Section 703Reductions for Age-In General
Section 704Recomputations-In General
Section 705Deductions-In General
Chapter 8Earnings Limitations189
Section 801Earnings Test-Introduction
Section 802Earnings Limits-In General
Section 803How Earnings Are Charged Against Monthly Benefits
Section 804Monthly Earnings Test
Section 805Income that Counts
Section 806Income that Does Not Count
Section 807When Earnings are Counted
Section 808Self-Employment Income and Losses
Section 809Special Problems for Business Owners
Section 810Special Rule for the Year of Death
Section 811Work Outside the United States
Chapter 9Reporting Requirements205
Section 901Reporting Requirements-In General
Section 902Reporting Earnings-In General
Section 903Late Filing-Penalties
Section 904Reporting Changes in Marital Status
Section 905Reporting Changes in Student Status
Section 906Reporting Child Not in Care
Section 907Reporting Death
Section 908Reporting Changes in Disability Cases
Section 909Reporting Work Outside the United States
Chapter 10Payment, Nonpayment, and Nonreceipt of Checks217
Section 1001Checks-In General
Section 1002First Check
Section 1003Regular Monthly Checks
Section 1004Combined Checks
Section 1005Special Checks
Section 1006Direct Deposit
Section 1007Nonpayment-In General
Section 1008Suspension of Benefits
Section 1009Termination of Benefits
Section 1010Lost or Stolen Checks
Section 1011What to Do if Your Check Does Not Come
Section 1012Replacement Checks
Section 1013Expedited Payments
Section 1014When to Go to Your Congressman
Chapter 11Overpayments233
Section 1101Overpayments-In General
Section 1102Common Causes of Overpayment
Section 1103Overpayment Procedures
Section 1104Waiver of Overpayment
Section 1105Without Fault
Section 1106Against Equity and Good Conscience
Section 1107Defeat the Purpose of Title II
Section 1108Guidelines on Assets
Section 1109Guidelines on Income and Expenses
Section 1110Compromise Settlements
Section 1111Guidelines for Accepting Compromise Offers
Section 1112Repayment
Section 1113Deductions
Section 1114Installments
Chapter 12Medicare263
Section 1201Medicare-In General
Section 1202Hospital Insurance
Section 1203Medical Insurance
Section 1204What is Not Covered
Section 1205Private Health Insurance
Section 1206Assignment of Benefits
Section 1207When to File Claims
Section 1208Processing of Claims
Section 1209Medicare Card
Chapter 13Appeals Process275
Section 1301Appeals-In General
Section 1302What You Can and Cannot Appeal
Section 1303Reconsideration
Section 1304Personal Conference-Overpayment Cases
Section 1305Hearing
Section 1306Appeals Council Review
Section 1307Court Review
Section 1308Time Limits
Section 1309Reopening Closed Cases
Section 1310Attorneys
Chapter 14Miscellaneous Provisions287
Section 1401Supplemental Security Income
Section 1402Black Lung Benefits
Section 1403Benefit Estimates
Section 1404Obtaining Your Earnings Record
Section 1405Correcting Your Earnings Record
Section 1406Reporting Change of Address
Section 1407Claims Numbers and Beneficiary Identification Codes
Section 1408Who Gets Benefits Due a Deceased Beneficiary
Section 1409Taxation of Social Security Benefits
Section 1410Immunity of Benefits from Creditors
Section 1411Criminal Penalties for Fraud
Section 1412Foreign Social Security Credits
Section 1413Railroad Employment
Section 1414Receiving Benefits for Someone Else-The Representative Payee
Appendix AList of Secondary Proof of Age307
Appendix BQuarters of Coverage Required for Insured Status309
Appendix CList of Fica Yearly Maximums315
Appendix DSample Benefit Amounts317
Appendix EReduction Factors319
Appendix FCost of Living Increases321
Appendix GEarnings Limits by Year323
Appendix HMost Common Beneficiary Identification Codes325
Appendix IChart Summarizing the Effect Between Beneficiaries327
Appendix JDelayed Retirement Credits329
Appendix KMedicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2004331
About the Author341

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