Social Stratification: Trends and Processes

Social Stratification: Trends and Processes

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ISBN-13: 9781409495307
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 02/28/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

Paul Lambert, University of Stirling, UK, Roxanne Connelly, University of Stirling, UK, Robert M. Blackburn, University of Cambridge, UK and Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling, UK

Paul Lambert, Roxanne Connelly, Vernon Gayle, Robert M. Blackburn, Erik Bihagen, Deborah de Luca, Cinzia Meraviglia, Harry B.G. Ganzeboom, Alexey Bessudnov, Steffen Hillmert, Jani Erola, Gindo Tampubolon, Mike Savage, Roger Penn, Simonetta Longhi, Cheti Nicoletti, Lucinda Platt, Yaojun Li, Kevin Ralston, Pia S. Schober, Ellu Saar, Marge, Geoff Payne, Fabio Bolzonaro, Jennifer Jarman.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction, Paul Lambert, Roxanne Connelly, Vernon Gayle and Robert M. Blackburn; Part I Measuring Social Stratification: Stratification research and occupation-based social classifications, Paul Lambert and Erik Bihagen; Measures and dimensions of occupational stratification: the case of a relational scale for Italy, Deborah de Luca, Cinzia Meraviglia and Harry B.G. Ganzeboom; A relational occupational scale for Russia, Alexey Bessudnov. Part II Social Stratification Over the Life Course: Cumulative inequalities along the life course: long-term trends in the German labour market, Steffen Hillmert; Family background and the life cycle effects of father's class and income, Jani Erola; Social stratification and cognitive ability: an assessment of the influence of childhood ability test scores and family background on occupational position across the lifespan, Roxanne Connelly; Intergenerational and intragenerational social mobility in Britain, Gindo Tampubolon and Mike Savage. Part III Demographic, Institutional and Socio-Economic Changes: Ethnicity and skilled work in the United States, Roger Penn; Occupation and pay across the generations: the labour market experience of four ethno-religious groups in Britain, Simonetta Longhi, Cheti Nicoletti and Lucinda Platt; The labour market earnings of minority ethnic groups in Great Britain and the USA (1990–2000), Yaojun Li; The relationship between social stratification and first birth in Scotland, Kevin Ralston; Stratification, work and early parenthood, Pia S. Schober; Labour market returns to tertiary education in post-socialist countries, Ellu Saar and Marge Unt. Part IV Political and Policy Responses to Stratification: Labouring under a misapprehension: politicians' perceptions and the realities of structural social mobility in Britain, 1995–2010, Geoff Payne; Security or equality? The difficult reform of the Italian welfare state, Fabio Bolzonaro; Gender inequality, modernisation and development in South and Southeast Asia, Jennifer Jarman; Bibliography; Indexes.

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