Social Transformations: A General Theory of Historical Development

Social Transformations: A General Theory of Historical Development

by Stephen K. Sanderson



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ISBN-13: 9781557864048
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/1995
Pages: 432

Table of Contents

Preface to the Expanded Editionxiii
1Evolutionary Materialism: A General Theory of Historical Development1
The Theoretical Strategy of volutionary Materialism3
Evolutionary Materialism and World History17
2The Neolithic Revolution20
Hunter-Gatherer Societies Before 10,000 bp20
The Worldwide Transition to Agriculture23
Explaining the Worldwide Transition to Agriculture34
3The Origin of Civilization and the State53
A Typology of Sociopolitical Evolution53
The Origin of Civilization and the State as a Process of Parallel Evolution58
Explaining the Origin of Civilization and the State68
The Pace of State Evolution86
Coda: Reconstructing Social Evolution Using the Comparative Method88
4Agrarian States and their Evolutionary Dynamics96
Social Change in Agrarian States98
Agrarian States as Precapitalist World-Systems113
Social Devolution and the Collapse of Agrarian States125
Conclusion: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Agrarian States132
5The Capitalist Revolution and the Beginnings of the Modern World134
Feudalism in World History135
The Nature of Capitalism138
The Origins of European Capitalism141
The Japanese Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism147
Theories of the Transition to Capitalism155
A New Interpretation168
6The Evolution of the Modern World, I: The Expanding and Evolving Modern World-System181
The Structure and Dynamics of the Modern World-System181
The Evolution of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1500-1995186
Hegemony in the World-Economy196
Development and Underdevelopment in the World-System203
Some Test Cases218
The Interstate System: The Political Side of the Modern World-System235
7The Evolution of the Modern World, II: The Emergence of the Institutions of Modernity244
Industrialization in the West and Japan244
The Rise and Demise of State Socialism257
Stratification and Mobility in the Age of Modernity270
The Evolution of the Modern State285
The Emergence and Expansion of Mass Education304
The Scientific Revolution and the Development of Modern Science317
The Emergence of a Postindustrial Society?332
8The Question of Progress336
Before the Rise of Modern Capitalism337
After the Rise of Modern Capitalism346
9The Evolving Future358
A Futuristic Scenario: W. Warren Wagar359
The Challenges: Population Growth and Ecological Degradation361
The Challenges: Nuclear War367
The Challenges: A World State369
The Challenges: Capitalism, Socialism, or Barbarism?370
The Crisis and Collapse of Capitalist-Sensate Culture375
10Theoretical Reprise381
Afterword to the Expanded Edition: Biological Constraints on Social Evolution403
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