Social Welfare: A Response to Human Need

Social Welfare: A Response to Human Need

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Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/1996
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"Summary," "Key Terms," "References," "Suggested Readings" follow each chapter.



1. An Introduction to the Social Welfare System in the United States.
Human Needs.
Societal Responses.
Development of the U.S. Social Welfare System.
Motivators of Social Welfare Decisions.

2. Social Change.
Paradigms, Ideology, and Social Change.
Society as a Social System.
Change as It Affects the Societal System.
Social Change as It Affects Individuals and Families.
Empowerment, Social Work, and Social Change.

3. Poverty, Human Needs, and Social Welfare.
What Is Poverty?
Who Are the Poor?
Causes of Poverty.
Discovery and Rediscovery of Poverty: Societal Responses.
Professional Responses to Poverty.

4. Social Welfare Resources.
Need for Resources.
Range of Resources.
Life Span Needs.
Social Support.
Availability of Resources.

5. Discrimination and Racism.
Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism: Definitions.
Causes of Discrimination and Racism.
Individual Factors.
Discrimination Toward African Americans.
Discrimination Toward Native Americans.
Discrimination Toward Hispanic Americans.
Discrimination Toward Asian Americans.
Discrimination Toward Other Groups.
Social Welfare Responses to Racism and Discrimination.


6. The Emergence of the Social Work Profession Within Social Welfare.
Roots of Social Work.
A Profession: Social Work.
Further Professionalization: The Establishment of Professional Organizations.
The Emergence of Education for Social Work.
The Nature of Contemporary Social Work Practice.
Social Work's Knowledge Base.
Social Work, a Value-Based Profession.
The Skills of Social Work.
Methods and Approaches of Social Work Practice.
Fields of Practice: An Organizing Framework for Practice.

7. Income Maintenance as a Response to Human Needs.
What Is Income Maintenance?
Precursors of Income Maintenance Programs.
Current Income Maintenance Programs.
Alternatives to Income Maintenance—Welfare Reform.
Housing Problems, Programs, and Services.
The Role of Social Work in Income Maintenance Services.

8. Child Welfare Services.
The Scope of Child Welfare Services.
The Historical Development of Services to Children.
Current Concerns and Problems.
Current Child Welfare Services.
Intervention Approaches and Roles of Social Workers in Protective Services.
Other In-Home Services for Children.
Substitute Care Services for Children.

9. Health Care and Social Welfare.
Health Care and the Social Welfare System.
Social Services and Social Policy in Health Care.
Social Work in Health Care.
Issues in the Relationship of Health Care and Social Welfare.

10. Social Welfare and Mental Health.
Definition of Mental Health Services.
Development of Mental Health Services.
The Developmentally Disabled.
Substance Abuse.
History of Social Work in Mental Health.
The Social Worker in the Mental Health Setting.
Current Issues and Concerns in the Mental Health Field.

11. Social Work and Corrections.
Structure of the Criminal Justice System.
The Juvenile Justice System.
Causes of Delinquent Behavior.
Status Offenders.
The Role of Social Work in Juvenile Corrections.
The Adult Corrections System.
Causes of Crime and Criminal Behavior.
Responses to Criminal Behavior.
Social Work Roles in Adult Correctional Services.

12. Gerontological Social Work.
Who Are the Aged?
Arrangements Used to Meet Needs.
Current Problems and Issues.
Social Work Practice with Older People.

13. Organizing Fields of Practice by System Type: Groups, Communities, and Families.
Group Services.
Social Work and the Group Services Field.
Community Practice as a Field of Practice.
Social Workers and Community Practice.
Services to Families.
Social Work and the Family: A Historical Perspective.
Family Social Policy.
Family-Centered Problems.
Social Work Practice and the Family.

14. Old-New Fields of Practice: Industrial and Rural.
Industrial Social Work: A Historical Perspective.
Practice in the Industrial Setting.
Issues in Industrial Social Work.
Rural Social Work: A Historical Perspective.
Practice in Rural Settings.
Issues in Rural Social Work.

15. The Contemporary Social Welfare System.
A Framework for Analysis.
Contemporary Social Problems.
Structure of the System.
The Future of Social Work.
A Student's Next Step.

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