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Taylor & Francis
Social Work Practice in the Military / Edition 1

Social Work Practice in the Military / Edition 1

by Carlton Munson, James G Daley
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Social Work Practice in the Military provides military social workers, military scholars, and civilian social workers with an overview of diverse practice settings as well as the history and future of military social work practice to give you an understanding of the military persona as an ethnic identity. This unique book provides in-depth coverage of issues such as family violence, substance abuse, medical social work, combat settings, ethical dilemmas, managed care's impact on the military, and much more. Social Work Practice in the Military is an essential guide for anyone working with military clients, families of military personnel, or near a military installation. This valuable book contains input from top current and past leaders within the ranks of military social workers to bring you a wide spectrum of firsthand ideas and input to help you better assist your military clients.

Social Work Practice in the Military will help you better understand the diversity of social work practice within the military and the many unique situations a military social worker must face. This informative book will provide you with specific ways of improving the lives of your military clients and their families, such as:

  • understanding how the most rapidly expanding arena of practice, family advocacy, which includes a broad array of family violence prevention and intervention services, can help military clients
  • learning how TRICARE, the military managed health care program, impacts military families and social workers in order to provide your clients with the best care while working within the limited budget of a managed care program
  • analyzing the historical discussions of the changing view of substance abuse treatment within the military and how you can best provide effective, multilevel services to your clients
  • examining the extensive involvement of military social workers in a myriad of medical social work programs serving patients and families to help you offer the best patient care in situations involving domestic violence and drug abuse
  • discovering essential skills for military social workers, such as, effective involvement in combat or deployed situations
Through Social Work Practice in the Military, you will better understand the importance of your many roles as clinician, advocate, policymaker, resource liaison, and organizational consultant and learn how to successfully accomplish every one of these roles. Containing insight into the future directions of practice, this valuable book will help you effectively assist military clients and their families with the various challenges they face.

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ISBN-13: 9780789006264
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1999
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editorxii
Senior Editor's Commentsxxiii
Part IHistorical Contexts of Practice
Chapter 1.History of Army Social Work3
The Civilian Connection with the Army3
The Enlisted Social Work Contributions4
The Social Work Officer6
The Role of the Psychiatric Social Worker7
Medical Social Workers10
The Army Community Service (ACS)14
Education and Training16
Chapter 2.History of Navy Social Work23
Chapter 3.History of Air Force Social Work27
Organizational Structure27
Evolution of Practice31
Catalysts for Practice37
Addendum--Social Work Task Force Initiative to Address Critical Issues for Social Work Practice45
Part IIPractice Arenas
Chapter 4.Development and Evolution of the Family Advocacy Program in the Department of Defense51
Background and History52
Service Program Development60
Role of Social Workers63
Chapter 5.Tricare and Its Impact on Military Social Work Practice67
Overview of TRICARE67
Military Social Work Practice in a TRICARE Environment80
Chapter 6.Military Social Work Practice in Substance Abuse Programs91
Conceptual Model for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services in the Military91
Development of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the Armed Forces92
Changes in Treatment Modality95
Social Worker Skills for Providing Substance Abuse Services in the Military97
Addressing Illegal Drug Use in the Armed Forces98
Chapter 7.Medical Social Work in the U.S. Armed Forces107
Historical Background107
Today's Medical Social Worker109
Unique Aspects of Military Social Work116
Chapter 8.Military Social Work Practice in Mental Health Programs123
Overview of Mental Health Services Within the Military123
Contrast of Mental Health and Other Social Welfare Programs Within the Military130
The Future of Military Social Workers Within the Mental Health Clinic133
Chapter 9.The Role of the Social Work Officer in Support of Combat and Noncombat Operations137
A Brief Historical Overview of Social Work Roles Within the Context of Military Mental Health Support in Combat Operations138
Combat and Other Operational Mental Health Principles and the Role of the Social Work Officer144
Some Examples of Social Work Officer Involvement in Combat and Noncombat Stress Interventions147
The Future154
A Guide for Social Work Officers Assigned to Division Mental Health Teams or Other Combat Stress Control Settings156
Some Important Considerations for Social Work Officers Assigned to a Deployable Status159
Core Readings for a Library on Combat and Operational Mental Health160
Chapter 10.The Role of Social Work in Policy Practice165
The Changing Military166
Practice in the Context of the Military Culture Policy168
Frameworks for Policy Practice in the Military169
U.S. Navy Social Work and Policy Practice171
U.S. Army Social Work and Policy Practice172
U.S. Air Force Social Work and Policy Practice173
Part IIIUnique Issues of Military Social Work
Chapter 11.Common and Unique Ethical Dilemmas Encountered by Military Social Workers179
Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work179
Development and Overview of the NASW Code of Ethics181
Distinguishing Military Factors Contributing to Ethical Dilemmas182
Discussion of Selected Ethical Dilemmas for Military Social Workers188
Suggested Guidelines for Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas200
Chapter 12.Career Progression and Grooming205
The Successful Career: An Overview205
Contrasting the Ideal Path with the Realities of Life's Demands209
Survival Tips for a Successful Career210
Some Insights for Our Civilian Colleagues214
Some Final Ideas215
Chapter 13.Understanding Life in the Army: Military Life from a Service Member and Family Member Perspective217
Living the Army Life217
Adapting to Army Life220
The Dual Military Family222
Common Adjustment Tasks and Problems Experienced by Military Families223
Chapter 14.Understanding Life in the Navy235
Surface Community237
Submarine Community239
Aviation Community240
Chapter 15.Understanding Life in the Air Force245
The Social Classes Within the Air Force245
A Tour of an Air Force Base251
Chapter 16.Soldier and Family Wellness Across the Life Course: A Developing Role for Social Workers255
The U.S. Army War College258
Army Physical Fitness Research Institute (APFRI)258
The Importance of Life Events259
The Life Course Perspective259
Summary: A Family Dimension of Wellness271
Chapter 17.Working with Military Families During Deployments275
The Impact of Military Deployments on Families275
Chapter 18.Understanding the Military As an Ethnic Identity291
What Is an Ethnic Identity?291
Military As Ethnicity292
The Emerging Military Ethnic Identity298
Areas for Exploration and Research299
Part IVFuture Directions of Practice
Chapter 19.The Future of Army Social Work307
Chapter 20.The Future of Navy Social Work317
Career Trends for Active Duty319
Overseas Issues321
Role in Managed Care/TRICARE322
Career Grooming/Mentoring323
Military-Civilian Interface325
Deployment Substitutability in Mental Health/Contingency327
Chapter 21.The Future of Air Force Social Work329
Medical Readiness331
Building Healthy Communities334
Deployment of TRICARE339
Other Thoughts340
Chapter 22.Military Social Work Practice: Putting It All Together343
Surviving Today's High-Risk Scenario343
Expanding the Communication Horizon346
Better Understanding of International Military Social Work348

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