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Social Work, Social Welfare, and American Society (with MyHelpingLab) / Edition 6

Social Work, Social Welfare, and American Society (with MyHelpingLab) / Edition 6


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ISBN-13: 9780205487622
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 12/01/2005
Edition description: With Student Access Code Card
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Most chapters conclude with “Conclusion,” “Web Sites,” and “Endnotes.”


1. Competing Perspectives on Social Welfare.

Political Perspectives and Social Welfare Issues.

The World View of Conservatives, Liberals, and Radicals.

The Author's Perspective.

2. Social Welfare: Basic Concepts.

Stigma and Social Welfare.

Descriptive Definitions of Social Welfare.

A Functional Definition of Social Welfare.

A Classification of Social Welfare Services.

Perspectives on Social Welfare.

3. Social Work as a Profession.

Social Work and Professionalism.

Social Work's Historical Development.

Social Work Values and Philosophical Base.

Social Work Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas.

Social Work Methods.

A Model of Social Work Practice.

Practice Settings.

Salaries and Job Opportunities.

Social Work Education and Knowledge for Practice.

Current Professional Issues.

Social Work in the Larger Field of Social Welfare.

Perspectives on Practice.

4. Generalist Social Work Practice.

History and Development of Social Work Practice.

Development of the Concept of Generalist Social Work.

Generalist Practice.

Case Management: A Major Skill for Generalist Practitioners.

Practice Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas.

5. Responses to Human Diversity.

Definition of the Problem.

Definition of Terms.

Dynamics of Intergroup Relations.


History of Intergroup Relations in the United States.

Current Issues Regarding Social Welfare and Human Diversity.

Social Work Roles Related to Diversity.

6. Religion and Social Work.

The Religious Roots of Social Welfare.

The Religious Roots of Organized Social Work.

The Reversal of Secularization?

Current Sectarian Services.

Social Work and Religion–Uneasy Bedfellows.

7. Poverty–The Central Concept.

Poverty: Major Issues and Common Terms.

Rich Country, Poor Country.

Poverty–The Dark Side of Inequality.

8. The Nature and Causes of Poverty.

Who Are the Poor?

Why Are the Poor Poor?

9. The Development of Antipoverty Programs.

Historical Perspective on Antipoverty Efforts.

10. Child Welfare.


Statistical Profile.


Historical Perspective.

Current Issues and Trends.


Social Work Roles.

11. Crime and Criminal Justice.

Perspectives on Criminal Justice.


Statistical Profile.


A Brief History of Criminal Justice.

Current Issues.

Social Work Roles.

12. Health Care.

Definitions of Health and Illness.

Statistical Picture of Health Care.

Dynamics of Health and Illness.

History of Health Care.

Current Issues and Trends.


Social Work Roles.

13. Mental Health and Developmental Disability.

Issues in Definition.

Definitions of Mental Illness.

Dynamics of Mental Illness.

Statistical Picture of Mental Illness.

Definitions of Developmental Disability.

Dynamics of Developmental Disability.

Statistical Picture of Developmental Disability.

Historical Perspectives on Mental Illness.

Historical Perspectives on Developmental Disability.

Current Issues and Trends.


Social Work Roles in Mental Health and Developmental Disability.

14. Housing, Homelessness, and Community Development (by Robert D. Leighninger, Jr).

Definitions of the Problem.

Actors in the U.S. Housing Situation.

Statistical Picture of Housing.

Dynamics of Housing.

History of Housing.

Current Issues and Trends.


Social Work Roles.

15. Aging.

Definitions of Aging.

Statistical Picture of Aging.

Dynamics: Causes and Effects of Aging.

History of Aging in America.

Current Issues and Trends.


Social Work Roles.

16. Developing Your Own Perspective on Social Welfare.

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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