Society in the New Reign

Society in the New Reign

by George Washburn Smalley


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CHAPTER II FROM THE DINNER-TABLE TO THE FRONT BENCHES Lord James of Hereford concluded—Courtiership as a career— New men and old acres, a single class and interest—Royalty's hosts, headed by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire—False alarms caused by his Grace's liver troubles—Lady Wimborne, her dinner-table and salon—The ninth Duke of Marlborough— His looks resemble those of his mother's rather than of his father's family—His amends for his cousin's ingratitude to Mr. Chamberlain—Mr. Arthur Balfour's private secretary, Mr. J. S. Sandars—His commanding position but faintly foreshadowed by Disraeli's Montagu Corry, the late Lord Rowton, but more like the second Pitt's Dundas—Private secretary and dry nurse—The secret of Mr. Sandars' ascendancy over his chief— Mr. Balfour's adroitness—Rising or risen politicians—Mr. Austen Chamberlain—His father's fac-simile—Chamberlainism's personal triumphs—From the first gentleman of Birmingham to the first citizen of the Empire—Political drawing-rooms and dinner-tables gone out of date since 1886—Lady Dorothy Nevill, the Henry Oppenheims and the Rothschilds not the same socio-political powers to-day as in the last reign—No party organisation in the new reign's society—Rising statesmen play their own game—General character of the new political talent—The Eton and Balliol school, all its members conforming to the same type—Survivors of apast generation, Sir Robert Herbert, Sir C. Rivers Wilson—Lord Milner—Sir Clinton E. Dawkins—More politicians—Lord Ribblesdale, Mr. Henry Asquith—Sportsmanship and " Souls "—Mrs. Gum- midge as a peer in porcelain—Other politicians, reproduced in real life from Dickens' novels—Mr. Ritchie—Sir H. Camp- bell-Bannerman — Mr. John Morley — Sir Edward Grey — Lord Percy — The Earl of Rosebery — Lord Tweedmouth — S...

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