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Sociological Footprints: Introductory Readings in Sociology / Edition 11

Sociological Footprints: Introductory Readings in Sociology / Edition 11

by Leonard Cargan


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Sociological Footprints: Introductory Readings in Sociology / Edition 11

Explore some of today's most important social issues, ranging from violence and terrorism to welfare reform and technology globalization, with the sociology readings in Sociological Footprints: Introductory Readings in Sociology, 11e. Complied with extensive student input, this collection includes classical, contemporary, popular, and multicultural articles in each chapter that represent a wide range of perspectives. Each article is preceded by a short introductory essay, a series of guiding questions, and a list of glossary terms.

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ISBN-13: 2900495601288
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 03/06/2009
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 493
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 3.10(d)

About the Author

Leonard Cargan received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University in 1968. Dr. Cargan is the author of several books and numerous papers. He is currently a professor (Emeritus) in the Department of Sociology at Wright State University in Ohio.

Jeanne Ballantine received her Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1971. She is coauthor of OUR SOCIAL WORLD (Sage/Pine Forge, 2nd ed., 2009), THE SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 6th ed., 2009), SCHOOLS AND SOCIETY (Sage/Pine Forge 3rd ed. 2008) and many other books, articles, and papers. She is currently a university professor (Emerita) in the Sociology Department at Wright State University in Ohio.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

To The Student xiv

Introduction: Why Study Sociology? xvii

How Will You Spend the 21st Century? Peter Dreier xxiii

Part I The Discipline of Sociology 1

1 The Sociological Perspective: Is It Just Common Sense? 3

1 An Idea Whose Time Has Come Earl Babbie 6

2 The Practice of Social Research Earl Babbie 11

3 What Should Students Understand After Taking Introduction to Sociology? Caroline H. Persell Kathryn M. Pfeiffer Ali Syed 18

4 The Promise C. Wright Mills 25

Part II Becoming a Member of Society 31

2 Socialization: A Lifelong Learning Process 33

5 Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation Kingsley Davis 36

6 Key Facts on TV Violence, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 43

7 Becoming "Boys," "Men," "Guys," and "Dudes" Clyde W. Franklin II 48

8 "Doing It": The Social Construction of S-E-X Tracey Steele 56

3 Gender: The Social Meaning of the Sexual Division 65

9 The Prism of Gender Joan Z. Spade Catherine G. Valentine 67

10 Influences of Gender Socialization and Athletic Involvement on the Occurrence of Eating Disorders Diane E. Taub Penelope A. McLorg 73

11 Unraveling the Gender Knot Allan Johnson 83

12 A Degendered Society? Michael Kimmel 91

4 Culture: Our Way of Life 96

13 Culture Matters: Diversity in the United States and Its Implications Michael Jindra 98

14 Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace Miner 106

15 India's Sacred Cow Marvin Harris 110

16 Development as Poison: Rethinking the Western Model of Modernity Stephen A. Marglin 117

5 Social Interaction, Groups, and Bureaucracy: Life is with People 123

17 The Sounds of Silence Edward T. Hall Mildred Reed Hall 126

18 Backboards &Blackboards: College Athletes and Role Engulfment Patricia A. Adler Peter Adler 133

19 You Can't Be a Sweet Cucumber in a Vinegar Barrel Philip Zimbardo 142

20 Characteristics of Bureaucracy Max Weber 146

Part III Major Institutions in Society 149

6 Marriage and Family: Change and Diversity 151

21 Family in Transition Arlene S. Skolnick Jerome H. Skolnick 154

22 Being Single on Noah's Ark Leonard Cargan 163

23 An Overview of the Nature, Causes, and Consequences of Abusive Family Relationships Robert E. Emery Lisa Laumann-Billings 168

24 Historical Trends in Divorce in the United States Paul R. Amato Shelley Irving 173

7 Education/Religion: Institutions in the Crossfire 184

25 Learning the Student Role: Kindergarten as Academic Boot Camp Harry L. Gracey 187

26 Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools Jonathan Kozol 197

27 Deepening Segregation in American Public Schools Gary Orfield Mark D. Bachmeier David R. James Tamela Eitle 202

28 The Elementary Forms of Religious Life Emile Durkheim 212

29 Popular Christianity and Political Extremism in the United States James Aho 217

30 Motivation and Ideology: What Drives the Anti-Abortion Movement Dallas A. Blanchard 228

8 Economics and Politics: Implications for Survival 235

31 The End of Work Jeremy Rifkin 239

32 Welfare Reform in America: A Clash of Politics and Research Diana M. Zuckerman 246

33 The Credit Card: Private Troubles and Public Issues George Ritzer 253

34 Inequalities of Political Voice, Kay Lehman Schlozman Benjamin I. Page Sidney Verba Morris P. Fiorina 262

35 If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You? Probably Phillip Meyer 269

36 The Social Requisities of Democracy Revisited Seymour Martin Lipset 277

Part IV Inequalities Between Groups 289

9 Stratification: Some Are More Equal Than Others 293

37 Money and the World We Want Andrew Hacker 295

38 Keeping Up with the Trumps Juliet B. Schor 302

39 A Note on the "Trickle Effect" Lloyd A. Fallers 306

40 No, Poverty Has Not Disappeared Herbert J. Gans 312

10 Race and Ethnicity: The Problem of Inequality 317

41 Racial Formations Michael Omi Howard Winant 320

42 Because She Looks like a Child Kevin Bales 326

43 In the Barrios: Lations and the Underclass Debate Joan Moore Raquel Pinderhughes 341

44 The Problem of Racial/Ethnic Inequality James Crone 351

Part V Some Processes of Social Life 359

11 Deviance: Violating the Norms of Society 361

45 The Normally of Crime Randall Collins 364

46 On Being Sane in Insance Places D.L. Rosenhan 374

47 The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Fear the Wrong Things Barry Glassner 387

48 How Can We Solve the Problem of Crime? James Crone 395

12 Health and Aging: The Problems of Growing Old 400

49 The Crisis in American Health Care James William Coleman Harold R. Kerbo 403

50 Some Sociological Aspects of HIV Disease Edward L. Kain 411

51 A World Growing Old Jeremy Seabrook 420

52 Fourteen Forecasts for an Aging Society Sam L. Ervin 426

13 The Human Environment: Population and Urbanization 433

53 Boom, Busts, and Echoes David E. Bloom David Canning 436

54 The Third Technological Revolution and Its Possible Socioeconomic Consequences Daniel Bell 444

55 Urbanism as a Way of Life Louis Wirth 454

56 A Planet Under Stress: Rising to the Challenge Lester R. Brown 459

14 Social Issues and Global Change: Society in Flux 466

57 The 17 Great Challenges of the Twenty-First Century James Martin 469

58 Dislocations and the Global Economy: Time for a Global Welfare System? Anil Hira 475

59 Educating Girls, Unlocking Development Ruth Levine 481

60 Scanning the Global situation and Prospects for the Future Jerome C. Glenn 488

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