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The Sociology of Organizations: Classic, Contemporary, and Critical Readings / Edition 1

The Sociology of Organizations: Classic, Contemporary, and Critical Readings / Edition 1

by Michael J. Handel


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The Sociology of Organizations: Classic, Contemporary, and Critical Readings / Edition 1

For the first time, a single volume offers a comprehensive selection of primary readings and companion overview essays on the sociology of organizations. These readings and essays provide incisive and guided coverage of the subjects normally included in a one-semester sociology of organizations course.

The Sociology of Organizations covers the full range of theoretical perspectives and substantive topics through readings that are either classics in the field or widely discussed and debated "new classics."

Scholars and students in the fields of sociology, management, organizational behavior, and organizational psychology and those within political science and economics who are interested in how organizations function will find this work a welcome, invaluable resource.

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ISBN-13: 9780761987666
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 09/19/2002
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 552
Sales rank: 146,038
Product dimensions: 7.37(w) x 9.12(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Organizations as Rational Systems I: Classic Theories of Bureaucracy and Administration - Michael J. Handel
A. Early Definitions of Organization and Management
Bureaucracy and Legitimate Authority - Max Weber
B. Scientific Management and the Treatment of Labor
The Principles of Scientific Management - Frederick W. Taylor
The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century - Harry Braverman
Organizations as Rational Systems II: Contingency Theory and the Discover of Organizational Variation - Michael J. Handel
The Management of Innovation - Tom Burns / G.M. Stalker
Technology and Organization - Joan Woodward
The Measurement of Organization Structures - D.S. Pugh
Organizations as Human and Social Systems I: The Impulse to Reform Work - Michael J. Handel
A. The Early Human Relations Movement
The Hawthorne Experiments - George C. Homans
Hawthorne, the Myth of the Docile Worker, and Class Bias in Psychology - Dana Bramel / Ronald Friend
B. Humanistic Management and Contemporary Employee Involvement
The Human Side of Enterprise - Douglas Mc Gregor
From Control to Commitment in the Workplace - Richard E. Walton
A Differnt Kind of Company: From Control to Commitment in Practice - Saul Rubinstein
Inside a Japanese Transplant: A Critical Perspective - Laurie Graham
Organizations as Human and Social Systems II: Informal Organizations as Shadow Structure - Michael J. Handel
Conflicts Between Staff and Line Managerial Officers - Melville Dalton
The World of Corporate Managers - Robert Jackall
Manufacturing Consent: Changes in the Labor Process Under Market Capitalism - Michael Burawoy
Rationality and Non-Rationality in Organizational Decision Making - Michael J. Handel
Conceptual Models and the Cuban Missile Crisis - Graham Allison
Power Inside Organizations - Michael J. Handel
Organizations and Oligarchy - Robert Michaels
Organizations as Open Systems: Organizations and Their Environments - Michael J. Handel
A. Resource Dependency Theory
The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective - Jeffrey Pfeffer / Gerald R. Salancik
B. Institutional Theory
The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional Isomorphism and Collective Rationality in Organizational Fields - Paul Di Maggio / Wlater Powell
Organizational Ecology
Density-Dependent Processes - Glenn R. Carroll / Michael T. Hannan
Economic Theories of Organizations - Michael J. Handel
Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs, and Ownership Structure - Michael C. Jensen /William H. Meckling
The Economics of Organization: The Transaction Cost Approach - Oliver E. Williamson
Markets, Hierarchies and Hegemony - Charles Perrow
The Evolution of Modern Business Organization: From Big Business to Post-Fordism - Michael J. Handel
A. Alfred Chandler's Account of the Rise of Big Business
The Emergence of Managerial Capitalism - Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
B. Post-Bureaucratic Alternatives to Big Business
Neither Market Nor Hierarchy: Network Forms of Organization - Walter W. Powell
Lean and Mean: The Changing Landscape of Corporate Power in an Age of Flexibility - Bennett Harrison
Organizational Culture - Michael J. Handel
Engineering Culture: Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation - Gideon Kunda
Organizations and Society: Gender, Race, Class, and Politics - Michael J. Handel
Men and Women of the Corporation - Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Black Mobility in Corporations: Up the Corporate Ladder but Out on a Limb - Sharon Collins
Segmented Labor Markets - Richard Edwards
The Access Process: Loopholes as a System - Dan Clawson Alan Neustadtl, and Denise Scott
Organizational Deviance - Michael J. Handel
Normal Accidents: Living With High-Risk Technologies - Charles Perrow
Rational Choice, Situated Action, and the Social Control of Organizations:; The Challenger Launch Decision - Diane Vaughan
Democratic Alternatives to Capitalist Bureaucracy: Worker Ownerships and Self-Management - Michael J. Handel
The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational Bureaucratic Models - Joyce Rothschild-Whitt
Worker Ownership, Participation, and Control: Toward a Theoretical Model - William Foote/Joseph R. Blasi/Douglas Lynn Kruse
Government, Nonprofit Agencies, and Voluntary Associations - Michael J. Handel
Street-Level Bureaucracy - Michael Lipsky

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