Sociology: Internet Edition / Edition 9

Sociology: Internet Edition / Edition 9

by Rodney Stark
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Sociology: Internet Edition / Edition 9

This text, considered to be a living classic among introductory sociology texts, is written by a major sociology researcher and scholarly author, Rodney Stark. The text introduces students to the methods and theories of sociology by introducing them to the techniques sociologists use to study society, as well as explaining the rationale behind what they chose to study. The text employs a unique perspective in a feature called A Closer View, which illustrates seminal research studies to introduce students to the sociological imagination and the world. The text has a global and multicultural perspective, which is closely related to American culture. This NEW Internet Edition incorporates the Internet throughout every chapter. It is the only text like it in the introductory sociology market.

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ISBN-13: 9780534609405
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 07/13/2003
Edition description: 9TH
Pages: 720

Table of Contents

PART I: PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY. 1. Groups and Relationships: A Sociological Sampler. 2. Concepts for Social and Cultural Theories. 3. Micro Sociology: Testing Interaction Theories. 4. Macro Sociology: Studying Larger Groups and Societies. PART II: INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. 5. Biology, Culture, and Society. 6. Socialization and Social Roles. 7. Crime and Deviance. 8. Social Control. PART III: INEQUALITY. 9. Concepts and Theories of Stratification. 10. Comparing Systems of Stratification. 11. Racial and Ethnic Inequality and Conflict. 12. Gender and Inequality. PART IV: INSTITUTIONS. 13. The Family. 14. Religion. 15. Politics and the State. 16. The Interplay Between Education and Occupation. PART V: CHANGE. 17. Social Change: Development and Global Inequality. 18. Population Changes. 19. Urbanization. 20. The Organizational Age. 21. Social Change and Social Movements. Epilogue. Becoming a Sociologist. References. Illustration Credits. Name Index. Subject Index/Glossary.

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