Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey: 10 EASY CONFIDENCE ?TRICKS? To Take YOU to the TOP of the MOUNTAIN! Work, home, relationships and love!!

Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey: 10 EASY CONFIDENCE ?TRICKS? To Take YOU to the TOP of the MOUNTAIN! Work, home, relationships and love!!

by Michael Guidner


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From the author of the Secret Recipe to feeling GREAT INSTANTLY and the author of the imposing and best selling Secret Recipe for Perfect Posture comes an informative, fascinating and entertaining read that will supercharge your attitudes and empower your mind and body imbuing you with the 'know-how' IMMEDIATELY... as soon as you choose to use it!For almost the last 14 years, personal growth, awareness mentor and human analyst Michael Guidner has studied and scrutinised this project scanning and utilising years of research, case studies and facts, to EXPOSE, at last, the most productive methods for making us all do better, improve beliefs in our self and STEP FORWARD confidently, assuredly and effectively to achieve. Guidner calls this the 'adaptable genome'. Here, in Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey,Guidner takes readers through a simple journey to install new programmes into their way of life; simple, easy to do and very efficient! This leads to more resilient yet smarter and more inquisitive even 'quick as a whip' reactions. In short a better more productive YOU!Take a minute to think about YOU; where you are NOW and where you want to be in the future. Now think about How you Plan to Do This? Perhaps you are a bit confused where to start, how to start and when?Well what IF you could be empowered with all the confidence you need? And the hardest things to do suddenly became second nature and easier in their essence?Imagine feeling so Confident regarding your knowledge and intellect. Banish those those thoughts of trepidation, fear or worry about decision making in love, work or family situations. How would you feel about that?Imagine eliminating temper or mood swings, fearful confrontation, and attempts from others to sabotage your day! How would you like to understand situations properly, their impact and more importantly HOW to respond to them effectively.In, Softly Softly Catchee Monkey, Michael Guidner reveals all, he exposes what is possible and how simple changes can take advantage of how we should work and then effectively USE all these benefits of a more powerful personality. And this is regardless of where our I.Q sits at the moment. The confidence will help you charge onwards and upwards in effect helping you to be the most powerful you can be!Here is the newest research in mainstream brain networks and personal awareness motivating us to 'release the emotional brakes' now on our personal growth and supercharge our life and confidence Now!This book will show you how to:1. Supercharge your confidence with all the intent and actions to help you perform at your best all day!2. Eliminate the 'thieves of confidence' i.e. those things that seek to BRING YOU DOWN.3. Reconstruct appreciation, self love and empower self esteem utilising the latest research, tips, tools and techniques to power beliefs.4. Reverse poor programmes and invite better ones to help you perform better immediately, utilising new learning which becomes stock standard in its application and best of all easy and simple to this easy to follow read, here are all the powerful TRICKS finally exposed by Guidner to supercharge performance including word choices incorporating physical and mental activities into your day; a detox protocol for better experiences and enhancing a stronger and better personality to thrive in all types of situations. It even talks about food choices!Moreover, what Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey does with its 10 TRICKS is to create a more productive life for us right now, if we choose.Quite simply you MUST READ it!

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ISBN-13: 9781979381857
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2017
Pages: 134
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