Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement: A Quality Framework for Software Testing

Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement: A Quality Framework for Software Testing

by William E. Lewis

Hardcover(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780849398339
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/21/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 656
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.56(d)

Table of Contents


Section 1: Software Quality in Perspective
Part 1: Quality Assurance Framework:
What is Quality?
Prevention Versus Detection
Verification Versus Validation
Part 2: Overview of Testing Techniques
Test Case Design
Black Box Testing (functional)
White Box Testing (structural)
Part 3: Quality Through a Continuous Improvement Process
Contribution of Dr. Edward Deming
Role of Statistical Methods
Deming's 14 Quality Principles

Section 2: Life Cycle Testing Review
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Verifying the Requirements Phase
Part 3: Verifying the Logical Design Phase
Part 4: Verifying the Physical Design Phase
Part 5: Verifying the Program Unit Design Phase
Part 6: Verifying the Coding Phase Testing

Section 3: Client/Server and Internet Testing Methodology
Part 1: Development Methodology Overview
Part 2: Information Gathering (Plan)
Part 3: Test Planning (Plan)
Part 4: Test Case Design (Do)
Part 5: Test Development (Do)
Part 6: Test Execution/Evaluation (Do/Check)
Part 7: Prepare for the Next Spiral (Act)
Part 8: Conduct the System Test
Part 9: Conduct Acceptance Testing
Part 10: Summarize/Report Spiral Test Result

Section 4: Modern Testing Tools
Part 1: Introduction to Testing Tools
Part 2: Methodology to Evaluate Testing Tools

A: Spiral Testing Methodology Appendix
B: Software Quality Assurance Plan Appendix
C: Requirements Specification Appendix
D: Change Request Form
E: Test Templates
F: Checklists
G: Integrating Testing into Development Methodology
H. Software Testing Techniques

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