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Solitary Rider

Solitary Rider

by Diana Summers

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Solitary Rider is a directly inspired journey into a deep intimacy with Jesus Christ and ultimately union with God. It miraculously evolved out of several years of anointed prayer sessions with Jesus and communion with our heavenly Father. During these precious hours Diana would be given spiritual experiences with the Lord which she had the grace to record


Solitary Rider is a directly inspired journey into a deep intimacy with Jesus Christ and ultimately union with God. It miraculously evolved out of several years of anointed prayer sessions with Jesus and communion with our heavenly Father. During these precious hours Diana would be given spiritual experiences with the Lord which she had the grace to record in the form of prophetic words, poetry, and prose. These ultimately came together to tell a story. The author had no idea that she had been commissioned to write a book until one day while preparing to go out God said, "You will be writing a book called 'Solitary Rider.' " She felt that was impossible, and it was not even a Christian title! Several days hence, however, the title poem was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and she began to believe this writing could actually be established by Him in book form.

As the writings from her notebook were being typed, God whispered "Christian Classic" to the author which have been words used to describe this powerful work by numerous people including publishers. It is given a five star rating on Amazon.com., and one reader writes, "No seeker of Jesus Christ should be without this book. It is the most heart-touching I have ever read. A Christian classic."

It guides the reader through the entire Christian experience from salvation through childhood, adulthood or maturity, and unto completion. The style although profound is simple and very readable. Many claim that the touch of God upon the words makes them weep. It is a book that can be read once or twice and then kept near you to be used as a devotional.

Diana wanted the manuscript to be sent to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It arrived and was read by this beloved saint just before she went home to be with the Lord. Her personal letter to the author appears of the back cover of the book. We know of no other book that has ever been acknowledged by Mother Teresa.

Solitary Rider was approved by the American Association of Libraries for Bible Colleges and Seminaries as entirely scripturally accurate. The book is laced with passages from the Word of God as one journeys through.

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A Spiritual Journey into the Secret Place of the Most High
By Diana Summers


Copyright © 2011 Diana Summers
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-0051-5

Chapter One


This was my initial prayer, dear friend, and I delight in sharing with you His personal call to me, and the way He set the stage for my healing, infilling, and transformation. Listen intently for His call to you ... perhaps it will be on the wind ... in your very heartbeat ... or upon your breath. You cannot escape him, for He is everywhere.

I call thee to a higher place,
My Beloved Daughter,
where very few are chosen to abide
for participation
in vast rich dimensions of My Spirit.
Ye must lay down
thy earthly pursuits, however,
and old ideas concerning thy life...
forsaking all
to commune with Me, JEHOVAH,
of an uncluttered heart.
I wish to embrace thee
within these secret regions
and fill thee with Myself
that ye may learn to see all things
through My eyes,
putting on My Mind,
through a simple process of yielding to Me
and dying to thy SELF.
In response to thy OBEDIENCE,
yea, thy complete abandonment to My Will,
I shall equip thee to feed many
with the Wisdom and the LOVE
I impart to thee.

So make haste, My Beloved;
Thy Bridegroom awaits thee
with a hungry heart ...

COME ...

If any person wills
to come after Me,
let him deny himself
and take up his cross daily
and follow Me ...

Luke 9:23

COME ...


A rich red rising sun
burst forth over the sea
fully penetrating
the diamond sparkling morning mist

As if sensing the imminence of another mission
the horse begins to shuffle hooves
upon the sea-soaked glistening sands
and lifting high his head ... mane flowing
inhales the salty air in preparation

Accustomed now to dawn's call
and issue of Divine instructive
he always seems to rise in stature
right before my eyes
... preparing ...
becoming the most exquisite beast
(surely Paradise could not duplicate one such as he)
eyes ablaze
and muscles rippling quivering in the sun
with a desire and a response
only God could instill ...


My equine friend stands there
exquisitely poised within the rosy glow of dawn ...
one foot raised
eyes brilliant and focused with divine intent

A heavenly assignment ...
he knows ... he knows ...
he knows
he's been commissioned by the King of Kings
to carry His Daughter
to the secret cave
high and hidden above the pounding surf

He's ready ... waiting ...
strong and quivering with excitement
there in the morning sun

For all nature
waits expectantly
and longs earnestly
for God's sons
to be made known ...

Romans 8:19

I quietly eagerly approach my friend
and climbing astride we start out again
down the beach o'er sand through surf
to the Secret Place ...

The glow of rosy mist
enshrouds us both in a radiance ...
Purpose ... Peace ...
and Knowing
God is with us
controlling steps
to that Sacred Point
of Eternal Union

Hooves are pounding now
upon the sea-soaked sands ...
as horse and rider hurry
near flying
in the ecstasy of sweet anticipation ...

The rider is resplendent
in the salt filled mist
as they approach
the Secret Place

She will join her promised Groom
in prayer ...
song and dance ...
a toast
to transformation ...
the two now into One ...


Grains of sand ...
my soul complex and troubled
yield to the cleansing waves of JEHOVAH
Bridegroom and Healer of my heart ...

The waves of LOVE
that cleanse and free
from all that binds ...
death to LIFE through Blood
I am reborn

My Sacrificial LAMB
pours out His grace
in healing waves of LOVE ...
and mercy in the salt spray flows
o'er the yielded sands of my soul

'til the sands and Surf converge
become One before Creation
and waves of Passion
draw glistening grains into Himself ...
as Bride and Groom ...
sand and Surf


I find myself
in that cavernous space
where there is neither
death to self
nor soul fulfillment ...

confusion disempowers me
as here in the void
I am perplexed, knowing not
the Master's will

ten thousand tears shed I
in this deep
empty place

and I cry out for His great Light
to illumine drops free-flowing
from fathomless depths of pain ...
bring form and meaning
into a life
seemingly chaotic and barren

'til at last through prayer and seeking
His Hope and Plan are revealed
in the mist
now rising ...
taking form
above my sea of trouble ...


is the great LIGHT
guiding me
into safe harbors ...
and my special port
is on the sparkling crystal sea ...
happy and at rest
before Thy Throne ...
That is my Hiding Place,
and You Daddy,
are my
Great Harbor LIGHT!


O Holy One ...
as Thy Great Wings
hovered over the chaos
with intimate knowledge
of waters deep

Come now to me,
Thy child,
with an overcast heart

Embrace me,
Sweet Heart of God,
and bring order
out of the turbulence
of my self

Ye Omnipotent One ...
hovering o'er my earth
guiding every wondrous thing...
make me just like You
as I submit
to Thy fathomless
Wings of Change ...

And the earth was without form,
and void; and darkness was upon
the face of the deep. And the
Spirit of God
moved upon the
face of the waters ...

Genesis 1:2
(King James Version)


Allow Me to search thee ...
even as the Sun
caresses a little flower
in the fresh morning light.
I would have thee yield to
My loving conviction
and walk in a newness
PURITY and freshness ...
even an innocence
... for ...
any unclean part of thee
a contaminant or
small blemish
will be taken from thee
in less pleasant ways
if not freely yielded.

I will have thee clean
thy face shining like the sun
to receive the white wings
in a full release ...

Thy LOVE, Lord,
pierces my heart of stone ...
shatters this fortress
erected in self defense
and establishes
a Baptism of LOVE
(Ezekiel 11:19)


Spirit of the Living JESUS
I come to be present with You ...
as in my pain
and in my sorrow
and in my loneliness
I seek Your Comfort
and Your Peace ...

Flame of Light
illuminating my darkest hour
I know You're always there
waiting for me ...
Now help me find Your Truth
in my seeking
and in my surrender ...

Whisper the sweet words
into my listening ear
and fill my hungry heart ...
for I must know Your Truth
Your Design and Plan for me ...

I yield to the Light
'til I am lost
midst Flames of Passion
and my darkest night
becomes bright as the midday sun ...

One I am with My Guardian ...
One I am with the Light


Spirit of the Living Word ...
as I lift high my Cross
embrace the Way
leading to Thy Own Death ...
cover me completely with Thy Blood
redeeming and purifying ...
until I die
to my self-centered schemes,
and a new JOY
arises from the freedom found
in servitude ...

Make me small, Lord JESUS
and hidden away ...
a humble slave concealed
beneath Thy Splendorous Wing ...

Call me to obedience
submitted to Thy Word,
and out of my trials
pain and imperfection ...
make me finally loving ...

for in my dying and
and in my surrender
melted by Thy GLORY ..

there is only LOVE

Holy Spirit,
Sweet Heart of God,
come and lead me to my JESUS,
My Love ...
take me to my Lord
and Precious One ...
that I might gaze
into the eyes of God,
press my cheek to His,
stroke the hair
covering the Holy One,
softening in the Arms of LOVE.
Yes, Sweet Spirit,
carry me quickly
to My First Love,
for the emptiness within me
must be filled!

Place me now in the Arms of Christ
where I can merge
with the Divine ...
be transformed,
feel safe enough to love
and FREE to
like Him ...
My Love ...
where I can be consumed,
feel small, simple,
secure and hidden away
in His Great Wings

My Beloved,
You are the
Sweet Living Presence
within me
that holds me up
when I feel
I will surely stumble and fall;
You are the One whispering
"I love you"
when there is no one else
to affirm me;
You are the One shouting
"You can ... you can!"
when I'm sure I'll never make it;
You are the One
making sense
out of my confusion,
teaching me
when I'm unable to learn
on my own,
providing peace
midst the violent storms
of my life ...

You are My Own Beloved ...
the Silver Cord
sustaining me
beginning to end
and on into Eternal Heavens
... JESUS ...


I explore the Christ ...
much as a mother looks over her infant ...
I examine Him to know
each part ...
all mysteries in Him

Or as a child
begins to move about her world
all fresh and new ...
and it instills a wonder
and a joy in finding
the more she learns
the more doors she finds unopened

So I seek to know the Christ ...
deeply ... intimately
each thought and Word
the ways of Him Whom I love

The Word made flesh
to live and die for me ...
my JESUS ... the Christ
knows me as I long to know Him
every hair and thought and breath ...
each tear shed ...


As I allow my spirit to be released
into the Christ ...
exploring the various parts of Him ...
Heart Mind Senses
Hands and Feet ...
I see


And I discover
there are no boundaries ...
His Sacred Heart and Mind filling all
as Feet walk earth
and lovely Hands
serve the poor and needy ones ...
So I enter into Him fully,
as His Lordship
and Spirit direct me ...
commission after commission
in humble submission to the Call

O what joy
taking dominion over all until
the very mountains move
and great seas part in response
to our Anointed Word!

Yes ...
I embrace sweet FREEDOM
and glorious POWER abiding here
in the Christ ...

And He raised us up
together with Him
and made us sit down together
[giving us JOINT SEATING with Him]
in the heavenly sphere
[by virtue of our being] in Christ JESUS
(the Messiah, the Anointed One)...

Ephesians 2:6


Come ...
It is a season for LOVE,
for basking in My Presence.
Allow Me to permeate thy entire being
for then
ye shall see clearly.
I AM the Way ... the TRUTH
and the LIFE,
and ye must take up thy abode in Me.
When stumbling or doubtful
STOP ... surrender
into My waiting arms
where I can pull thee to My Heart
until thine beats with the Divine again.
Never be distracted
to the left or to the right
for I AM Who IAM
... thy JESUS ...
God's Full Revelation
Ye must position thyself in Me
... fall in LOVE with Me ...
as I extend
to thee ...

Heart of God
come to me
for Your Kiss is sweet
and in response to Your Touch
I die

Softly He comes ...
arms open
and heart beating ...
throbbing with
for me ...
approaching quietly
on tiptoe gently beckoning
... wooing ...
'til at last
I yield
to the embrace of My Friend ...
loving me as I am
and in Spirit offering
to make me whole
again ...

I find the King midst sandy dunes
and in a timeless sea
of salty scents
He instructs me in the Ways
of Heaven ...
As He shares His Heart with me
I participate in Divinity
here by the sea ...
laughing ... playing ... singing ...
whirling in the dance
embraced by brilliant-Sun-bliss
sharing all ... minute ...
magnificent-lasting ...

until His LOVE
penetrates ... fills ... permeates me
overflowing with JOY
my spirit takes wing ...

Ye are free
to explore Paradise with Me ...
flowing in the Winds of My Spirit
here and there as I will ...

Under My Lordship
Dominion and Control,
Ye are released
and filled with power
FREED by Blood!

In the dying and in the submission
is this beautiful ETERNAL FREEDOM

I wander out
onto the dunes
tears downstreaming
in my pain
and in my loneliness
cry out
then locate
sacred footprints

'cross the sand ...
the holy ones of God! ...
and placing little feet
in His Great Steps
I follow them
to our Secret Place ...
the rock cave
brightly shining
with His Passion
high above the sea ...

Follow Me, Little One ...
always trust and
follow Me


on faithful horse astride
with galloping heart-expectancy
we journey 'cross the sands ...
a salty mist enshrouding us in reverie
... oh yes ...
and I am filled with a hunger ...
a new softness and vulnerability
as we near the Secret Place

Sun and surf and sand
seem to celebrate in that spot
where my soul ... His Spirit merge
in the ecstasy of Divine Passion

My Bridegroom's surely waiting
as horse and I fly through glistening sands
in eager search of the secret cave
high and hidden within the rock cliffs
above the lively sea ...

Approaching now at last and dismounting
my happy feet greet the familiar sand dunes
and I make a promised
and long-awaited surrender
into the waiting Arms of My Beloved ...

At last ... at last ...
the gentle Breath of God upon my cheek ...

The gulls are shrieking-soaring
above the surf ...
as waves pound upon surrealistic sands
... and the horse whinnies ...

All of Nature is in tune with
the sweet betrothal ...
Daughter of the King of Kings
abides in the cave
with her Beloved ...

... preparing ...

for Eternal Union

the two
now into
One ...

Yes, LORD, I am willing to go on into this place with
You, for I feel I can trust You. Take my wounded
soul and heal it ... I believe You can! And reveal more
of Yourself to me ... I feel very much alone ... yes ...
so very much alone.


And so He showed me a Silver Cord (His Holy Spirit),
which had connected us from the beginning of time.
Yes, He knew me way back then before the earth was
made ... and He had a plan for me. Then He took my
pain and showed me He had been there all along and
had used everything to fulfill that plan in my life.
Finally he brought His entire Creation around me to
support me and celebrate this process with me.
Come, let me share it with you ...

(Weeping Wing)

My Master created me
powder detail perfect ...
each line and curve and color
... one of a kind ...
and He made my wings so delicate
gently placing powder in perfect place
before He spoke me forth ...
Be unique
Be exquisite
Be beautiful
in Me ...
for Me!"
But sinful man disregarded the Spirit ...
began to tamper with these wings Heaven crafted ...
was not gentle
to pick me up without destroying
the patterned powder
Divinity had inscribed.

He tried to quench the beautiful God-given Spirit
by roughly placing me within a colorless box

lacking lustre ... lacking life
and even began to tamper with my glorious wings
'til finally trapped there ... unable to breathe ...
I folded up ...
no longer free-flying
no longer beautiful
no longer able
to glorify You ...

Weeping wings ... O weeping wings ...
my wings wept in their destruction
... in their pain ...

'til one day
sinful man turned from the ash heap I had become ...
backed off discouraged
and I emerged all crumpled
near death ...
to begin anew.
I learned to fly again
as God gently buoyed me up upon His Hand
and placed me in a natural habitat
then replaced my colors in hues reflecting Paradise ...
a fresh powder sprinkling upon the wings restored
by His Breath of LIFE ...

Then finally
this FREE ONE was lifted up by Spirit
more glorious than anyone could imagine
or believe possible ...

by Silver Cord sustained,
Your Hand had never left me ...

Resurrection ...

My Life-Cycle completed in You ...
O King of LIFE!

Everyone was created powder detail perfect, and I
shall be careful how I handle those the Master crafted.

* * *

I have allowed these things
to occur, My Child ...
arranging for all doors to shut
except the one
leading to My Heart.
Once ye surrender,
I shall turn the key
and lock the door.
We shall never be disturbed
within these secret regions of My Heartspace.
In thy newly found ecstasy
ye shall find much of thy old life
undesirable and relatively unfulfilling.

I have need of thee, My Love ...
I have need of thee to usher in My Reign
with the great LOVE and POWER
I long to share with thee.

Ye must acquaint thyself
with a life of separateness
for thy ministry begins here ... in Me ...
in the very private chambers
of My Heart.

Seek ye Divine Wisdom, Love?
Seek ye secret glimpses of Eternity?
Seek ye experience of My Passion
and My Resurrection?
Seek ye this, My Love?

Them permit Me to lock the door
and throw away the key
as ye abandon thyself to Me
for a Heart-blending
... You and I ...


Excerpted from SOLITARY RIDER by Diana Summers Copyright © 2011 by Diana Summers. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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