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by Emmanuel PahudEmmanuel Pahud


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The Swiss flutist Emmanuel Pahud has not shied away from going afield of conventional repertory over his career, playing a good deal of new music and even venturing into jazz. Yet perhaps nothing he has recorded thus far equals this album, his first on the Warner Classics label, which took over EMI's roster, for sheer daring. The album graphics do not really convey what's happening here. Yes, the "12 Fantasias for solo flute" of Georg Philipp Telemann are included in full, but they're not played sequentially (which historically is probably fine). Instead, they alternate with other works, from the 20th and 21st centuries. The most famous modern flute piece, Debussy's "Syrinx," is not included, but in a sense, all the other works are its descendant: the program begins just four years later, with the "Sonata Appassionata, Op. 140," of Sigfrid Karg-Elert, and as annotator Denis Verroust points out, it was "Syrinx" that touched off what has become a full-scale revival of solo flute music. Pahud attempts to pair the Telemann sonatas with modern works that seem to reflect them. He has varying degrees of success here, but the sheer variety of the repertory he touches on is impressive, and so is the way he defamiliarizes the Telemann fantasias and gets you to pay attention to something other than the tonality. Some of the works use extended technique, but most do not, and a work like "Estländler" (2006) of Arvo Pärt makes a gentle, oblique connection to the fantasias that surround it. Two-plus hours of solo flute music is a lot, and Pahud, instead of choosing to conclude with something like the Pärt, throws a new Baroque element, a big set of variations by Marin Marais, into the mix. You might feel this is a bit much and yet admire the demands Pahud is making on the listener. About Warner Classics' SWR studio sound there can be little debate: it's superb, and it draws the listener strongly into what Pahud is doing.

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Release Date: 06/01/2018
Label: Warner Classics
UPC: 0190295701758
catalogNumber: 570755
Rank: 100790


Disc 1

  1. Air for solo flute
  2. Fantasias (12), for flute, TWV 40:2-13

    1. Fantasia No. 1 in A, TWV 40:2
    2. Fantasia No. 7 in D, TWV 40:8
    3. Fantasia No. 2 in A minor, TWV 40:3
    4. Fantasia No. 8 in E minor, TWV 40:9
    5. Fantasia No. 3 in B minor, TWV 40:4
    6. Fantasia No. 9 in E, TWV 40:10
    7. Fantasia No. 4 in B flat, TWV 40:5
    8. Fantasia No. 10 in F sharp minor, TWV 40:11
    9. Fantasia No. 5 in C, TWV 40:6
    10. Fantasia No. 11 in G, TWV 40:12
    11. Fantasia No. 6 in D minor, TWV 40:7
    12. Fantasia No. 12 in G minor, TWV 40:13
  3. Sonata Appassionata for flute solo in F sharp Minor, Op. 140
  4. Petite Suite, for flute
  5. Voice, for solo flute
  6. Second Thoughts, for solo flute
  7. Danse de la chèvre, for solo flute, H. 39
  8. Beyond (a system of passing), for flute

Disc 2

  1. Oriental Pieces (3) for solo flute

    1. Bergère captive
    2. Jade
    3. Toan-Yan (La Fête du Double Cinq)
  2. Moderen, incidental music, FS 94 (Op. 41): The Children are Playing

    1. The Children are Playing
  3. Sequenza I, for flute
  4. Estländler, for flute
  5. Density 21.5, for flute solo
  6. Couplets de folies (Les folies d'Espagne), for flute & continuo (or various arrangements)

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