Solutions on Embedded Systems / Edition 1

Solutions on Embedded Systems / Edition 1

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Solutions on Embedded Systems / Edition 1

Embedded systems have an increasing importance in our everyday lives. The growing complexity of embedded systems and the emerging trend to interconnections between them lead to new challenges. Intelligent solutions are necessary to overcome these challenges and to provide reliable and secure systems to the customer under a strict time and financial budget.

Solutions on Embedded Systems documents results of several innovative approaches that provide intelligent solutions in embedded systems. The objective is to present mature approaches, to provide detailed information on the implementation and to discuss the results obtained.

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ISBN-13: 9789400706378
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 04/13/2011
Series: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Series , #81
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Part I. Sensor Networks

Chapter 1 Performance of Gossip Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks; Marco Baldi, Franco Chiaraluce and Elma Zanaj.

Chapter 2 Using a Prioritized Medium Access Control Prool for Incrementally Obtaining an Interpolation of Sensor Readings; Björn Andersson, Nuno Pereira, Eduardo Tovar and Ricardo Gomes.

Chapter 3 Embedded systems in the POSEIDON MK6 Rebreather; Arne Sieber, Nigel A Jones, Bill Stone, Richard Pyle, Bernhard Koss and Kurt Sjöblom.

Chapter 4 Embedded Data Logging Platform for Research in Diving Physiology; Benjamin Kuch, Remo Bedini, Antonio L’Abbate, Matthias Wagner, Giorgio Buttazzo and Arne Sieber.

Chapter 5 IEEE 1451 Sensor Interfacing and Data Fusion in Embedded Systems; Sergio Saponara, Luca Fanucci and Bruno Neri.

Part II. Network on Chip and Multicore Systems

Chapter 6 Cost-based Deflection Routing for Intelligent NoC Switches; Martin Radetzki and Adán Kohler.

Chapter 7 NOCEXplore; Stefano Gigli and Massimo Conti.

Chapter 8 Coverage-driven Verification of HDL IP cores; Sergio Saponara, Francesco Vitullo, Esa Petri, Luca Fanucci, Marcello Coppola and Riccardo Locatelli.

Chapter 9 A Multiprocessor Platform for Efficient Data Processing in Electronic Musical Instruments; Marco Caldari, Franco Ripa and Massimo Conti.

Chapter 10 A Distributed Hardware Algorithm for Scheduling Dependent Tasks on Multicore Architectures; Lorenzo Di Gregorio.

Part III. Automotive

Chapter 11 Automotive Embedded Systems; Eric Armengaud, Allan Tengg, Mario Driussi, Michael Karner, Christian Steger and Reinhold Weiss.

Chapter 12 An Embedded Datalogger with a Fast Acquisition Rate for in-Vehicle Testing and Monitoring; Gioacchino Fertitta, Antonio Di Stefano, Giuseppe Fiscelli and Costantino G. Giaconia.

Chapter 13 Secure Gateway Interoperability; Álvaro Reina, Jesús Sáez, Natividad Martínez Madrid and Ralf Seepold.

Part IV. Software and System Architecture

Chapter 14 Applying Bayesian Networks for Intelligent Adaptable Printing Systems; Arjen Hommersom, Peter J.F. Lucas, René Waarsing, and Pieter Koopman.

Chapter 15 Applicability of Virtualization to Embedded Systems; Robert Kaiser.

Chapter 16 Distributed Trading Architecture with Sensors Support for a Secure Decision Making;Javier Martínez Fernández, Ralf Seepold and Natividad Martínez Madrid.

Chapter 17 Migrating from a Proprietarfy RTOS to the OSEK Standard Using a Wrapper; Joachim Denil, Serge Demeyer, Paul De Meulenaere, Kurt Maudens, Kris Van Stechelman.

Part V. Power Aware Design

Chapter 18 A Sigma-Delta Controlled Power Converter for Energy Harvesting Applications; Rocco d'Aparo, Simone Orcioni, Massimo Conti.

Chapter 19 Energy Efficient Data Transmission of on-Chip Serial Links; George Kornaros.

Chapter 20 Powersim: power estimation with SystemC; Marco Giammarini, Simone Orcioni, Massimo Conti.

Chapter 21 Power Analysis of Embedded Systems; Giovanni Vece, Massimo Conti.

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