Solving Dynamics Problems with Matlab

Solving Dynamics Problems with Matlab

by Brian Harper, J. L. Meriam


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Over the past 50 years, Meriam & Kraige's Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics has established a highly respected tradition of Excellence—A Tradition that emphasizes accuracy, rigor, clarity, and applications. Now completely revised, redesigned, and modernized, the new fifth edition of this classic text builds on these strengths, adding new problems and a more accessible, student-friendly presentation.

Solving Dynamics Problems with Matlab

If MATLAB is the operating system you need to use for your engineering calculations and problem solving, this reference will be a valuable tutorial for your studies. Written as a guidebook for students in the Engineering Mechanics class, it will help you with your engineering assignments throughout the course.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780471203117
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 11/28/2001
Edition description: REV
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.54(w) x 10.32(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1An Introduction to MATLAB7
Numerical Calculations7
Writing Scripts (m-files)10
Defining Functions12
Symbolic Calculations21
Differentiation and Integration24
Solving Equations26
Chapter 2Kinematics of Particles37
2.1Sample Problem 2/4 (Rectilinear Motion)38
2.2Problem 2/94 (Rectangular Coordinates)41
2.3Problem 2/120 (n-t Coordinates)44
2.4Sample Problem 2/10 (Polar Coordinates)45
2.5Problem 2/180 (Space Curvilinear Motion)49
2.6Sample Problem 2/15 (Constrained Motion of Connected Particles)51
Chapter 3Kinetics of Particles55
3.1Sample Problem 3/3 (Rectilinear Motion)56
3.2Problem 3/92 (Curvilinear Motion)59
3.3Sample Problem 3/16 (Potential Energy)61
3.4Problem 3/208 (Linear Impulse/Momentum)64
3.5Problem 3/243 (Angular Impulse/Momentum)66
3.6Problem 3/358 (Curvilinear Motion)67
Chapter 4Kinetics of Systems of Particles71
4.1Problem 4/25 (Conservation of Momentum)72
4.2Problem 4/58 (Steady Mass Flow)74
4.3Problem 4/82 (Variable Mass)77
Chapter 5Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies81
5.1Problem 5/12 (Rotation)82
5.2Problem 5/39 (Absolute Motion)85
5.3Sample Problem 5/9 (Relative Velocity)87
5.4Problem 5/110 (Instantaneous Center)91
5.5Sample Problem 5/15 (Absolute Motion)93
Chapter 6Plane Kinetics of Rigid Bodies99
6.1Problem 6/29 (Translation)100
6.2Sample Problem 6/4 (Fixed-Axis Rotation)103
6.3Problem 6/94 (General Plane Motion)105
6.4Problem 6/99 (General Plane Motion)108
6.5Sample Problem 6/10 (Work and Energy)110
6.6Problem 6/204 (Impulse/Momentum)115
Chapter 7Introduction to Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Rigid Bodies119
7.1Problem 7/27 (Rotation about a Fixed Point)120
7.2Sample Problem 7/3 (General Motion)122
7.3Sample Problem 7/6 (Kinetic Energy)124
Chapter 8Vibration and Time Response129
8.1Sample Problem 8/2 (Free Vibration of Particles)130
8.2Sample Problem 8/6 (Forced Vibration of Particles)132
8.3Problem 8/137 (Forced Vibration of Particles)135
8.4Problem 8/91 (Rigid Bodies)137

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