Some Ancestor Tidbits: Things You Might Not Have Known About The Campsey, Scarber, Burchel, and Dumas Families

Some Ancestor Tidbits: Things You Might Not Have Known About The Campsey, Scarber, Burchel, and Dumas Families

by Robert L Goehring


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This is a genealogy tracing four families from their homelands on their journey to Texas. Each family traveled different paths to finally meet in Jack County, Texas, in the late 1800's.

The Burchel family traveled from Virginia through the mid-West United States during the Civil War before finally arriving in Texas in 1870.

The Campsey family left Ireland in the 1790s to settle in Pennsylvania. From that starting point, the family spread across the nation to West Virginia, Ohio, and other states before finally arriving in Texas in the 1880s.

Leaving France to escape religious persecution, the Dumas family arrived in Texas traveling the southern route through Virginia and Alabama before landing in Texas in the 1880s.

Finally, the Scarber family whose name changes make for a challenging task in identifying familial relationships, arrived in Texas during the 1880s after their departure from England in the 1680s. Their journeys to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas before reaching Texas shows us how families in America move ever westward in the pursuit of their dreams.

A great reference for anyone interested in the Scarber (Scarborough), Burchel, Campsey, or Dumas genealogies and especially interesting for the descendants of these families. The author writes about "my uncle" and "my great grandmother" making this very personal to him, his siblings, and his maternal first cousins.

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About the Author

Robert Goehring was born in Gainesville, Texas, in December 1953. He and his family lived in several locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma in search of the "black gold" until he graduated high school in 1972.

After a brief stint of 25 years in the U.S. Navy during which he spent time in Florida, Illinois, Scotland, Portugal, Germany, California, Washington (DC), Virginia, and North Carolina, he decided enough was enough and decided to transfer to the Fleet Reserve.

Researching his family became a part-time hobby for Robert in 1998 when he finally invested in a computer database to store his family history. Today, five moves and four databases later, he traces his ancestral roots along with helping his wife trace hers.

Now, Robert resides with his soulmate, Sharon, in Midland, Texas with their two Bengal cats, Fury and Woola. As often as possible, they take "Rita" (their lime green camper) to various locations in Texas and New Mexico. When not camping, they are either cruising, researching genealogy, or planning their next trip.

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