Some Christmas Stories

Some Christmas Stories

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Some Christmas Stories 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful collection of Christmas stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The laughter could be heard anywhere. The sneer seen from miles away. He wanted to scream but couldnt. His feet were firmly planted, he wasnt going anywhere. Attacking would be nice. The shadow approached slowly. "Time to wake, its a new day!" Huh? Was the only thought. His fathers vioce was coming from the shadow. "Blur!" Blur snapped awake, Sonic in front if him. "Morning!" Blur yawned. "Hi dad." Sonic nidded and headed up to the main floor. Blur sat a moment then went to his sisters room. "Pssst! Streak!" Streak lifted her head. "Blur?" Blur rolls his eyes and shakes her. Streak sits up. "Im up! Im up!" Blur smiles. "Finally! Time for school!" Streak jumps up. "Why didnt you say so?!" She is nothing but a pink streak as she gets dressed speedily whioe Blur runs to his room. They stand outside. "Ready!" They announce to their dad. "Off you go!" He says they both take off to the school. They skid to a halt outside. "Streak! Streak!" Streak grins. "See ya Blur!" She says before walking off to join her friend Violet. Blur looks at her enviously and walks to his class on his own. His best friend Night had just moved away and hasnt contacted him yet. Streak always said to have more than one friends. Streak has Violet, Rose, and Gem. Some of the most popular girks and school. Thn at the bottom of the popularity chart was Blur. He walked sadly through the halls. "Hey! Blur right?" A girls runs up to him. "Uh.. yeah." He says. "Here! You were randomly selected to participate if you choose to!" She hands him a flyer. World races. The top competition for the fastest. He blinks. "I dont think this is for me." He says and reaches to give it back but she shakes her head. "Keep it." She runs off. Blur shrugs and tucks it into his bag. He entered his classroom. Streak was there wispering to her friends. They were casting friendly glances at him occasionally. After class Streak joined him. "What were you talking about?" Blur asks. "Nothing! What do you mean?" Blur rolls his eyes. "I saw you looking at me." Streak smiles. "Someone likes you!" She blurts out. Blur looks surprised. "Who? Do i know her?" Streak shajes her head. "Not really, but i do." Blur faces her. "Who? Who?" Streak shakes her head. "Sorry! Cant say! Oh look, theres home!" She races the rest of the way there. I think. If i was popular then whoever it was could openly like me. If they did that then i wouldnt be friendless or lonely! I pull out the flyer and stare at it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the whole thing. If you ever say that it is so lame that a two yr. Old can write it in their poop. Then i am guessing that you are a two year old and dont say you are not because then how would you know? Tell me how would you know? And dont make up some lame excuse. Cause i can tell the difference. :) hehehe... hahahahahahaha