Somebody to Love (Cupid, Texas Series #3)

Somebody to Love (Cupid, Texas Series #3)

by Lori Wilde

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde invites you back to Cupid, Texas, where love is only a heartbeat away . . .

Sexy cowboy-scholar Jericho Chance always knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. And after sauntering back home to Cupid, he’s shocked to discover that he wants Zoe McCleary. After years from home, he takes one new look at his bubbly best friend, with her lightning smarts and luscious body, and it hits him like a bolt: she’s his somebody to love and he’s not leaving town again without her.

Settling down always seemed like a time waster to Zoe, a man magnet with a trail of broken hearts behind her. She’s not meant to settle down—but how can she resist someone as persuasive as Jericho? There’s no way they can ignore the explosive chemistry seething between them . . . even if it means risking their friendship . . .

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ISBN-13: 9780062218988
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/31/2013
Series: Cupid, Texas Series , #3
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 148,432
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Lori Wilde is the New York TimesUSA Today and Publishers’ Weekly bestselling author of 87 works of romantic fiction. She’s a three-time Romance Writers’ of America RITA finalist and has four times been nominated for Romantic Times Readers’ Choice Award. She has won numerous other awards as well. Her books have been translated into 26 languages, with more than four million copies of her books sold worldwide. Her breakout novel, The First Love Cookie Club, has been optioned for a TV movie.

Lori is a registered nurse with a BSN from Texas Christian University. She holds a certificate in forensics and is also a certified yoga instructor.

A fifth-generation Texan, Lori lives with her husband, Bill, in the Cutting Horse Capital of the World; where they run Epiphany Orchards, a writing/creativity retreat for the care and enrichment of the artistic soul.

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Somebody to Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
bookiewookie More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite Cupid novel. I think Jericho is the sexiest and most charming of all the Cupid hunks. And I liked Zoe the best of the girls. I also thought this was the best plot. There are villains, action, suspence, humor and lots of love and romance. I highly recommend this for a relaxing night - or day!
These-Pretty-Words More than 1 year ago
Adorable! Adorable and sweet, Somebody to Love will keep you smiling long after the last page. I totally enjoyed the surprising aspects of this book – from the archeology to the little mystery, everything about the story kept me turning pages long past my bedtime. Zoe is charming, a bit awkward, but overall a lovely and quirky character that I enjoyed reading about. She has to deal with the fear of admitting to her best friend that her feelings have deepened. The fact that he’s her teacher and leader on an archeological dig she is on for school make that just a bit more complicated as they try to fight the feelings between them. Jericho – holy cow, folks – cowboy, professor, all warm and snuggly and charming and adorable. I wanted to wrap him up in a blankie and keep him all to myself. He’s trying to redeem himself professionally and dealing with the passion he feels for his best friend. This leads to so much sexual tension between the two, it’s like a three-alarm blaze every time you turn the page! Overall I give this one four stars. I do so love a good friends-to-lovers story, and Somebody to Love delivers in spades. Lori wrote two characters with a ton of chemistry and a backstory that was unique and educational. I totally loved it!
ERHMSH More than 1 year ago
I received Somebody To Love as a free copy from the authors review crew in exchange for an honest review. This is a story about best friends becoming lovers.  Zoey is a flighty and impulsive girl who can't seem to settle down and grow up.  Jericho is the Yang to Zoeys Yin. Best friends from early childhood they seem to balance each other out.  Jericho, who has had the hots for Zoey since their teens, arrives back in Cupid to try and overcome a "situation" that happened at his last job.  Zoey is trying out archaeology as a lark only to discover it may be her calling.   Add some sparks flying between Zoey and Jericho, some dirt, a tribal legend, a dash of mystery, and a secret someone wants to keep hidden.  What do you get?  A fabulous read. Even though this book is part of the Cupid, TX series it can stand alone.  I highly recommend this book.
NOLAreaderMH More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book...lots of interesting characters and some mystery, too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jericho and Zoe have been friends since they were children. Both of them are afraid to take it to the next level. No one believes in Zoe's ability to commit except for Jericho. It's a fun story, good from start to finish.
lbooth001 More than 1 year ago
Lori Wilde knows how to write a story that will keep you engaged to the very end. The romance in this book was great! It was a little disappointing that the lead character was not really a cowboy but an archeologist instead.
judiOH More than 1 year ago
jericho returns to cupid texas only to discover he has missed one thing...zoey. one look at her and jericho is lost in love. zoey has left a string of broken hearts behind her and feels that marriage is not for her, she hasn't found anyone to love. enter jericho. a highly entertaining romance.
LiveLaughRomance More than 1 year ago
Somebody to Love is another great read by Lori Wilde. Zoey and Jericho have been best friends for years. One kiss from Zoey changes everything and starts an adventure (well it is three years in the making). They discover how to take their relationship to the next level while unearthing secrets. The witty banter between Zoey and Jericho blends well with their attraction and chemistry.  A perfect addition to the Cupid Texas series. I loved the glimpses of couples from the first two books.  I recommend this book to any reader looking for a hot friends to lovers story with a dash of mystery. 
hoosirchic More than 1 year ago
These reviews are the first things I read before I buy a book.  It's fun to see what others thought of it.  Well here's my opinion.  Buy it!  It does start a little slow but you have to "build" a friendship with the characters and start to care about what happens to them.  Zoey and Jericho will make you do a "Happy Dance" when they finally get together.  
romancejunkie64 More than 1 year ago
Lori Wilde has done it again! Somebody to Love is a heartwarming and sexy addition to the Cupid, Texas series. You can't help but fall in love with Jericho and Zoey who have been best friends forever! Can't wait to see where she will go next with this series! You don't have to have read the series to read this book...but why pass them up!!!! Five stars, five hearts, five thumbs up for this FANTASTIC read!
loverofromance More than 1 year ago
Jericho and Zoe have been best friends since they were children, but when Jericho comes back to town for a job, things start to escalate more than friendship. The last thing that Jericho wishes to do is ruin their friendship, but for quite some time he has been in love with Zoe. Zoe has decided that after having multiple career changes, she has finally decided on being a Archaeologist. However the guardian in charge of her trust fund has told her she can't just quit, she has to see it through. If she does quit, he will cut her off from her funds, believing her to be flighty, and unable to stick with anything. However Zoe is desperate to prove her family wrong, to show them that when she really wants something she can stick with it. When circumstances start to heat up between Zoe and Jericho, a complication comes up. Jericho's new job is the new professor for the job dig, and Zoe is his student. So if they are caught together, Jericho will be fired, and he can't afford it on his record. As they work on the site together, it becomes that much harder to stay apart, and Jericho doesn't know if he will be strong enough to stop from kissing her or making love to her. Somebody To Love is the third installment in the Cupid Texas Series that is fairly new by Lori Wilde. I recently discovered this author, when I received a review copy of her first two books. The first two books in the series I fell in love with instantly. Somebody To Love however was a bit different, I had a bit of a harder time reading it. It didn't take very long, however I couldn't get fully into the story as I like to when I am reading a romance. I felt a little detached, and I am not sure if its just become I have a harder time liking contemporaries or if it was the actual story. It started out pretty good, I didn't have a difficult time starting up the story, but as it got toward the midway of the story, I felt like it started to drag a bit. But then as I trudged through the story, it picked up again. There was a few aspects that I enjoyed about Somebody To Love. The first is the sweet love story that is prevalent through the story. I found that it starts off with Zoe and Jericho have no problem to connect, since they grew up together. In the beginning I felt these two were a bit frustrating, not wanting to admit to each other how much they love each other, and want more than friendship. A blind man could see what they are afraid of admitting to each other. Then when they do, their relationship gets put on hold because of Jericho's new job which he can't afford to lose. As the story progressed further, I enjoyed seeing the little twists and turns, and it definitely surprised me. There was a bit of a mystery/suspense aspect in the plot that made it more than just a simple love story. I always enjoy a love story when there is more to it than just that. I love a exciting conflict that gets you at the edge at times. I found the conflict in this story wasn't over done, although you don't really realize the conflict until toward the end and I will warn you it might shock you, but in a delightful way. The characters were fun and engaging, however Zoe I had a small issue with. I loved Jericho, very sensual but protective and I love the way he was toward Zoe, willing to sacrifice everything for her. However I felt Zoe was a bit blah, she didn't really dazzle me in any way, in fact I was a bit disappointed in this heroine. She was very independent, but I thought she was flaky at times, especially in the first half of the story. In the second half I started to enjoy her a bit more, but I didn't fall in love with her. Overall I found Somebody To Love a lovely addition to the Cupid series by Lori Wilde. I felt like there could have been a bit more in the beginning of the story to really draw in the reader, but other than that I enjoyed Jericho and Zoe's story. There was quite a bit of sensuality, sweet moments, and charming plot to engage you in the story. Not entirely remarkable, but a enjoyable read on a lazy afternoon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not read the earlier books in the Cupid Texas series, haven't read anything by Lori Wilde actually. This was also my first audiobook in the romance genre. I think the combination of all of these things did not work for me. The story started ok. I liked the idea of Jericho and Zoe. I liked that they were best friends, liked the archeology angle, liked the mystery/suspense baked into the plot of the story. But then the story got whiny. I got so tired of listening to the characters whine about how they can't be together, how Zoe is trying to overcome everyone's opinions of her flightiness. Whine whine whine. By the time the 2 finally got together, I was so over them that I didn't really care that they were getting together at all. There were entire paragraphs that repeated the same laments word for word that had been spelled out in an earlier paragraph. Honestly, the story dragged on so much that it was painful to listen too. I give the story 2 stars because I think the idea of the storyline held promise, it just didn't deliver. The audio narration was also painful to listen to. The narrator pronounced several words incorrectly. And her voice sounded older - not really into listening a romance novel narrated by someone that sounds old enough to be my mother. It kind of ruins the mood. Overall a fail. I definitely won't pick up any of the other books in this series. Not sure that I want to read anything at all by this author actually, if this book is any indicator of her writing style. This was definitely more of an old school romance novel, rather than contemporary romance novels that are more current
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great book, and I want the other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bluezircon68 More than 1 year ago
A great read. Kept my attention during the entire book. Ending was a nice surprise.
amyoneal More than 1 year ago
I loved how the cliff hanger was at the very beginning of the book. after I read it. it sucks you in to where you have to finish it. I love the way zoey was so enthuastic and impulsive. so happy that her and Jericho were best friends first. such a good book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another fine installment in the Cupid, Texas series! This book is dedicated to Zoey and Jericho, whom have been best friends for years… but now romance is blossoming between the two. I have been hoping that we would get to read Zoey’s story and that she would mature into the great young lady that she has become in this installment. This book has some action, mystery and suspense but not so much so that it becomes more of a romantic suspense novel. Personally, I’m not a fan of the romantic suspense genre but this book had just enough mystery to keep things interesting and pull you into the intrigue, all while keeping the overall tone of the book a bit more light and happy than the darker suspense novels. The romance between Zoey and Jericho will have you rooting for their happy ending and their journey will not disappoint. We also get to visit with some other Cupid, Texas characters that we have met in other books in the series. I can’t wait for the next installment of the Cupid, Texas series!
CrystalCB More than 1 year ago
I have had the pleasure of reading every book in the Cupid, Texas series so far. Lori Wilde has written yet another fabulous book that kept me completely captivated from the first page to the last. I am a fan of Ms. Wilde's work and it is always a pleasure to learn she has a new book out. When I opened Somebody to Love I expected to read a great story and I certainly was not disappointed! In this book I got the chance to read Zoey's story. After meeting Zoey in the past books it was a lot of fun to get to know her better. Zoey is a smart girl that likes to keep her brain entertained. She also has a super soft heart that a lot of people don't know about, even her family. Zoey has had a lot of relationships in the past but none of them stick. She always backs out before things get to serious. She just hasn't been able to find her "ONE".  Jericho Chance had been through a lot of emotional turmoil in his life. He was raised by his grandparents that lived next door to Zoey's family. Jericho and Zoey have been Best Friends since they were just children. Of all the relationships in their lives this one sticks. No matter what they are their for each other. When Jericho comes back to town to apply for a job things start to change. They both can no longer deny their feelings are deeper than either has ever admitted.  Jericho and Zoey end up working on a dig together. Oh my goodness there is a LOT that happens on that dig. There is the mystery of missing items, someone gets hurt, and well passions sparks. There is more drama but I don't want to tell you too many details.  Jericho and Zoey have a lot of new feelings to work though and a few obstacles to jump through before they can be together. They must work for their happily ever after.  I really enjoyed this story. It had just the right amount of romance, a nice mystery mixed in, and some serious drama as well. There are some emotional moments that had me reaching for the Kleenex box. You may want to grab one just in case. I'm a serious fan of small town romance series so this one ranks right at the top of my list of favorite book so far this year.  If you are looking for a great small town romance, with a great plot, intriguing characters, with a little mystery added in then I think you should give this one a chance. This is part of a series but I don't think you would have any trouble reading this as a stand alone. However the whole series is AWESOME so if you want to start at the beginning I'm including the buy links below for all of them.  I was give the wonderful opportunity to read this book to share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Somebody to Love.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I truly love this series and Lori does not disappoint whatsoever in telling a new chapter in the Cupid, Texas series.  Jericho Chance and Zoey McCleary have been best friends forever, so when he comes back to town to take a job as a professor in charge of an archaeology dig and Zoey is his student, it leads to some interesting chemistry. Add in a family story from long ago involving two star-crossed lovers and it is one fast-paced ride. Lori gives the reader a fabulous read and at the same time, learning new facts about subjects like archaeology.  Even if you are new to the series or the author herself, this is an entertaining and edge of your seat read.  This series just keeps getting better and better.
LainnieBug More than 1 year ago
Lori Wilde brings you back to Cupid, Texas in this heartwarming story about two friends finally finding love with one another! I enjoyed finally getting to know the spunky and carefree Zoey and her best friend Jericho. Zoey has been secretly in love with Jericho for some time but is too afraid to say anything because she may risk losing him as a friend, while Jericho has finally realized he is in love with Zoey but doesn't think she see's him that way. I loved the chemistry between these two as well as all the archeology information that was thrown in to the mix.
Munchkin7TX More than 1 year ago
am a huge Lori Wilde fan and I enjoy reading the Cupid series but I was not overly happy with Somebody to Love. The beginning of the book was interesting. I loved reading about Zoey and Jericho and their friendship from childhood. Their chemistry together really held my interest but the middle of the book was rather boring. The combination of Cupid history and the main topic of the story, archeology in my opinion was not an interesting combination. Lori did win me over with the exciting turn of events at the end of the book and of course a happy ending for the two love birds. The cover of the book in my opinion is a little misleading because I do not consider Jericho as a Texas cowboy. Overall I'm glad I was able to read this book but it definitely was not my favorite of Lori's.
SheriV More than 1 year ago
A friends to lover story is one of my favorite things. I enjoy watching friends open themselves up to the possibility of love. This is an interesting book because Zoey is forced to grow up and at the same time what is being used to force her to grow up is keeping apart from Jericho who’s she definitely had serious feelings for. Both Zoey and Jericho are believable characters who have a shared history which gets rid of a lot of that getting to know you steps, and replaces it with a lot of fighting of their feelings. This a heartwarming story with engaging characters and a well told story. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the series and I read the other two and enjoyed them... But this book started really slow for me and I thought it took too long (too many pages) to tell the story... While I loved the main characters I did not enjoy this book as much as I should...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lori Wilde Somebody to Love Just the right combination of intriguing backstories, character history, friendship, romance, love, conflict and sweet resolution. True, Somebody to Love is part of a series for the diehard serialphiles; it is also a stand-alone story for those that want a nice romantic read. Another success for Ms. Wilde from Cupid, Texas. Always entertaining, pleasantly surprising, and educational to boot. Thank you Lorie for sending me this book to review.
qyzus7 More than 1 year ago
Another great addition to this series.  Zoey McCleary is a character that I completely identify with, pulled in too many different directions and waiting for one to finally click.  Add in the sexy best friend for her to fall in love with and some adventure and intrigue and I'm set for a weekend of reading!