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Someday I Will Write: An Uncommon Journey to Finding Time to Tell Your Stories, Finish Your Book, and Fulfill Your Dream

Someday I Will Write: An Uncommon Journey to Finding Time to Tell Your Stories, Finish Your Book, and Fulfill Your Dream

by Debra Irene
Someday I Will Write: An Uncommon Journey to Finding Time to Tell Your Stories, Finish Your Book, and Fulfill Your Dream

Someday I Will Write: An Uncommon Journey to Finding Time to Tell Your Stories, Finish Your Book, and Fulfill Your Dream

by Debra Irene


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Studies show that 82% of the population dreams of someday writing a book. Sadly, many people die with their story still inside them. The secret to getting started is simply beginning with what you have.

Ten years ago, author Debra Irene began telling stories about everyday life—the past and the present. In Someday I Will Write, Debra brings these stories together for readers to find hope along life’s journey and for writers to find strength in their writing quest. From a brief vignette or poem of 150 words to a dialogued short story of 2000 words, you will discover how different genres create powerful images in the mind of the reader.

Your stories and the topics will be different, but finding time to tell what is on your heart is the key. In this book, you will discover how to:

  • tell your stories with passion and authenticity,
  • finish your book amidst the distractions of life, and
  • fulfill your dream and impact lives.


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640857797
Publisher: Debra Irene
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Debra Irene ... writer, storyteller, professional blogger, and author tells real-life stories as though she is speaking to a friend over a cup of coffee. Her portfolio is plump with by-lined features as a contributor to Trusted Media Brands family of magazines as well as specialty pieces featured in The Missouri Golf Post.
Her third book published in 2019, Someday I Will Write, is a collection of stories written over time when there appeared to be no time for her to write. The stories illuminate both the blessings and the heart-wrenching elements of human relationships and everyday life. In this book, aspiring writers can follow her journey and be encouraged to find time to tell their own stories. Previous titles include Reflections (2011), a series of original vignettes about family, friends, and faith. Next, Helen's Heritage (2016) chronicles her mother's journey, a depression-era child born the youngest of sixteen children who was separated from her mother before her second birthday.
An Executive Assistant for an entrepreneur and philanthropist by day and a dedicated author by night, she writes evenings, weekends, and whenever slivers of time allow. She loves speaking to groups of various sizes, inspiring them to embrace the seasons of life, keep walking, and tell their stories. She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Connect at
The mother of three adult sons, Debra Irene lives in the metropolitan Kansas City area.

Table of Contents



Introduction: A Dream and a Miracle

Part One: A Time to Remember

Chapter 1: Apple Time

Chapter 2: A House, A Home

Chapter 3: Another House, Another Home

Chapter 4: The Tablet

Chapter 5: Aunt Elnora

Chapter 6: Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Chapter 7: Misunderstood Maggie

Chapter 8: The Two Who Remain

Chapter 9: Mother's Day

Chapter 10: The Babysitter's Babysitter's Reflection

Chapter 11: The Rooster Bowl

Chapter 12: The Wedding Day

Chapter 13: Throwback Birthday Thursday

Part Two: A Time to Hope and a Time for Faith

Chapter 14: Keep the Faith

Chapter 15: Barrels of Meaning

Chapter 16: To Be a Mother

Chapter 17: Resurrection Hope

Chapter 18: I Can Face Tomorrow

Chapter 19: Vignettes of Faith and Hope

Chapter 20: Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 21: Dream On

Part Three: A Time for Family

Chapter 22: Just an Ordinary Day in June

Chapter 23: Hanging Over the Fence

Chapter 24: Different Times

Chapter 25: Karin's Prize

Chapter 26: Never Alone

Chapter 27: And That's My Daddy!

Chapter 28: Let It Snow

Chapter 29: The Cord

Chapter 30: Christmas Traditions

Chapter 31: Once a Bridesmaid

Chapter 32: And It Came to Pass

Chapter 33: Humbled

Part Four: A Time to Let Go

Chapter 34: Of Flags and Regret

Chapter 35: In Loving Memory of Sean Bradley

Chapter 36: Family Ties

Chapter 37: Reflection on Life

Chapter 38: A Blog of Emotions

Chapter 39: The Journey Home

Chapter 40: How Many Days?

Chapter 41: Seasons Change

Chapter 42: Beautiful Roses

Chapter 43: Oh Well Again

Chapter 44: Jump for Change

Part Five: A Time to Work and a Time to Play

Chapter 45: Oh, That Sweater

Chapter 46: The Way We Were

Chapter 47: The Way We Are

Chapter 48: Post Time

Chapter 49: Counselor

Chapter 50: The Dance, the Dress, the Dream

Chapter 51: Once Upon a Time

Chapter 52: So, You've Always Wanted to Learn How to Play Golf ...

Chapter 53: So, You've Always Wanted to Learn How to Play Golf, Part II

Chapter 54: Blue, Bosses, Beginnings

Chapter 55: Vacation Diary

Chapter 56: Dream It!

Chapter 57: A Night Out

Chapter 58: Earthly Treasures

Chapter 59: Just Breathe

Chapter 60: Days of Labor

Conclusion: Write On



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