Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas

Something Is Coming To Our World: How A Backyard Bird Sees Christmas

by Catherine Lawton


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An Advent/Christmas story in verse for children and for adults who want to be more child-at-heart and wonder-filled.

As days shorten, leaves fall, nights become chilly, and lights are strung on houses and trees, the backyard birds at the feeder observe the changes and the sense of anticipation. What do the activities and preparations of people during this season mean? What is coming?

The story is told through the eyes of a little Finch who can sense something significant approaching. A climax in the story is reached when snow falls and the children come bounding outside to play in the snow. They bring the Finch a suet feeder and greet him with 'Merry Christmas, little bird.' Then he knows what is happening! He understands what is coming--Who has come--and why all the Christmas lights make him feel like the stars--and Heaven--are coming down to earth!

This story will encourage a sense of wonder and bring teachable moments to consider how even the wild creatures are cared for; to observe the changes in nature with the seasons; and to talk together about what it means for all people and all of creation that Christ came to earth and was born as a human being, which is what we celebrate on Christmas.

The author's water-color and mixed-media illustrations are intentionally childlike and make this a visually-engaging story for young and old.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945099113
Publisher: CLADACH Publishing
Publication date: 11/18/2018
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Catherine (Cathy) Lawton's published books include fiction, memoirs, and poetry. 'Something Is Coming to Our World: How a Backyard Bird Sees Christmas' is her first children's book. She painted the pictures and wrote the story for her young grandchildren after they visited her one Christmas. The grandchildren played in the backyard, threw snowballs, went sledding down the hill behind the house, decorated cookies, watched twinkling lights, sang Christmas carols, and fed the backyard birds. It all felt magical experiencing these things together, yet it all pointed to something bigger than all of these things put together: the wondrous time when the stars shone brighter and Heaven came to earth.
Catherine first had a poem published at the age of twelve, in the children's publication, 'Junior Joys.' During adolescence she wrote verses on themes of friendship, romance, nature, and humor. Later, as a freelance writer, her faith poems appeared in numerous national periodicals. In 2016, the first book of her collected poetry, Remembering Softly, was released by Cladach Publishing. Her forthcoming collection, Glimpsing Glory, features poetry, verse, and meditations composed from 2016 through 2019, perhaps written in a more mature voice but with a freer, expanding vision.
Catherine's other published books include Face to Face : A Novel. Cathy has lived all her life in Colorado and Northern California, loves road trips with her husband through the western states of America, holidays with their two grown children and their spouses, and outings to mountains and seashores with their six grandchildren.
She seeks to live a contemplative life while participating in family, community, and church life, cultivating beauty through gardens, friendships, and artful books.

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