Something Like Normal

Something Like Normal

by Monica James




Mia Lee has a secret...

A secret she's kept hidden since she was eight years old, however, Mia will no longer allow that secret to define her.

An irrevocable decision has left Mia Lee a fugitive and on the run-a circumstance that should leave her weak and scared, yet Mia has never felt so alive.

Under the pseudonym of Paige Cassidy, Mia is ready to live the life she's never had, and she's determined not to allow her tainted past dictate her promising future.

Paige is on a Greyhound bus heading from L.A. to South Boston, Virginia, to start a new life.

A life that includes finding her mother, who abandoned her at age three. But what she finds, is four people, who will change her life forever.

Yet no one can outrun their past...

Especially one filled with bitter memories, which refuse to remain hidden.

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ISBN-13: 9781499105643
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/10/2014
Pages: 440
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.98(d)

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Something Like Normal 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
keleex More than 1 year ago
6 stars! Absolutely amazing! Everyone wishes for something like normal. This is not your happily ever after. This is suspenseful, intriguing, and twisted (in a great way). Mia’s life sucks. Her mother left her when she was young and her father is a crazed drug addict. Mia is forced to do and see things nobody should be subjected to. She is put in a bad situation and is on the run. She stumbles across a small town and is then is shown unconditional kindness and love. She struggles with her new found friends as she has dark secrets to protect. The author really pulls you into this story with amazing writing. You really feel enveloped by the story as if you are right in the middle of it. You feel every emotion Mia goes through…the good, bad, and ugly. She has her own demons to deal with but then is thrown into boy problems too. The story is really Mia’s but you also have an intriguing back story going on that keeps you glued. Parts of the story are being revealed that keep you wanting more. A few of my favorite quotes: “But growing up in my world, it was best not to have any “best features”, and just fade into the background.” “I know it’s a long shot, but as they say, ‘The hardest part of the journey, is taking the first step.’ And in my case, it’s better than not moving at all.” “But make believe is for dreamers, and I’m a realist. I will enjoy the here and now because I don’t know what tomorrow holds.” There are twists and turns around every corner. All of the characters have some sort of demon they are battling. Beware, there is a cliff hanger and it will leaving you wanting more. Something Like Normal is anything but. This is one of my favorites! “But I know normal is something I will never be, so I’ll settle for something like normal.” A must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blamjam More than 1 year ago
"I'd rather die fighting, than die for nothing at all." This book reeled me in from the very first sentence. There was just something about Mia Lee that grabbed me. She jumped out of the pages at me and I just wanted to hug her...that is if she would let me of course! I was just instantly drawn to her and her search for a new future as Paige Cassidy. She is rough around the edges, running from her past, and she doesn't mince words. As her new identity Paige, she stumbles upon a quiet town called South Boston. Paige is just passing through until she meets the one thing she never thought she would find. She found a loving family. The people that start off as distractions from her searching for her Mother end up being something she cannot figure out how to leave. Her biggest distraction is Quinn. Paige is drawn to him in an all consuming power that she cannot control. Quinn can see through her tough exterior and in to her soul. He knows she has secrets and is running from something. He tries to stay away thinking they are too similar and no good for each other since he fears he has his fair share of secrets as well. This is not your ordinary love story. It is not hearts and flowers. It is tough, it is passionate, it is a secret. With so many secrets, how will any of them ever be "Something Like Normal"? Beyond the blossoming love story, there is the underlying suspense of the outcome of why Mia is on the run. The last chapter was crazy tense and I have literary blue balls from where the story paused...I say paused because this story is far from over, it is an adventure that is just getting started and I cannot wait to dive back in.
MySecretBookSpot More than 1 year ago
Something Like Normal by Monica James  4 1/2 of 5 stars  Mia Lee is on the run.  She jumps on a Greyhound in L.A. and ends up in small town USA - South Boston, Va.  Mia doesn't exist in South Boston; in South Boston she has reinvented herself as Paige, where she doesn't have the history that Mia does, just the secrets.   There she finds a home in South Boston and a family consisting of a group of friends she has put together and for the first time she belongs.  Paige has a job(s), a place to live, money in her pocket, and two men interested in her.  One she loves like a brother and one she can't resist, the dilemma is - they are brothers.  What happens when what you left behind catches up with what you have become?   My only problem with the book is it ended in a cliffhanger.  I really liked this book and would highly recommend it.  I will definitely read the next book in the series to find out what happens.  *A complimentary copy was received in exchange for an honest review* Susan, My Secret Book Spot
Onebuzybeee More than 1 year ago
WOW! Monica James I can't express how much I loved Something Like Normal...It blew me away! Mia Lee is so beautifully complicated and the mother in me wanted to hold her and slay all her demons.  “And in my world where it’s survival of the fittest, I had no choice. It was either him or me. And for once, I chose me.' Mia's life has never been normal and when she decides enough is enough. She finds herself on the run where she becomes Paige Cassidy. Paige lands in this small town in the south of Boston. Where she intends to make some money and move on to her next journey. But instead she finds friendship, love, and something like normal.  I'm chomping at the bits to read the next installment!!!! 
rachel559 More than 1 year ago
This is my first story by Monica James and I am hooked. She has such depth to each character and you really get to know them in this story. If you want just a sweaty sex story then this is not for you. This is such a great story about overcoming the past. Mia is running from her childhood nightmares and under a new identity, Paige, ends up with a group of people that care for her and have nightmares of their own. She is finally able to feel like a normal person with this group of friends. Even though she doesn't plan to stay long, leaving is looking harder and harder to do. Love can hit you when you're not even looking for it and even though she doesn't really start out knowing what love is, this group has brought out feelings that Paige (Mia) had never felt before. Hank is like the father she never had, or grandfather in her case. His help and gentle nature has let Paige open up her heart to what could be and find this group of emotional misfits, but he is not without his own pain and past. Tabitha is a cheerful, bouncy redhead and welcomes Paige with open arms but she has her own nightmares. Paige finds an unexpected feeling of friendship with her and not because of her past but in spite of it. Quinn is all hard body and mystery while his brother Tristan, also hard bodied, is valiant and honest and both know Paige is special. An attraction like what Paige feels with Quinn is hard to resist but necessary to survive. Or is it? Together they develop a family that is rocked by incidents of their past. But will their love for each other forgive the sins of the past? I can not wait for the continuation of this series. I hope it comes soon!
xxBianca More than 1 year ago
This book absolutely moved me. It was like watching a movie that you did not want to end. It is completely captivating. My heart felt for every single character.  "And for once, I chose me." Mia Lee has finally decided to leave her life behind and is now Paige Cassidy. She ends up in South Boston, Virginia with the state of mind that she is going to perhaps work a little and then move on. No sense in establishing herself anyway. Her secret and her past can catch up with her if she stays around too long. Paige's life is turned upside down when she meets four amazing people. They completely change her life. They change her ways of thinking. That perhaps she can be normal. That her past does not dictate her future.  "But I know normal is something I will never be, so I'll settle for something like normal." As I mentioned before, there are four characters that completely change everything for Paige. Telling you how each character contributed to the change would be a disservice to the reader. You need to experience it. However, I cannot write a review without mentioning Quinn. He stole my heart the moment Paige laid eyes on him. His demeanor and everything about him is so mysterious, haunting, yet Paige cannot stay away from him. And neither can he. "Because...being with you would possess every single inch of me, and you're not ready for that." This story is so much more than a girl running from her past. Every single character in this story is haunted by their past in some way, shape or form. They all have scars and are wounded emotionally. Their troubles run deep and book one of this series just grazes the surface. I absolutely cannot wait until we get more in depth of this story and it's characters. While Quinn feels he is no good for Paige, he is drawn to her in every way possible. Fate continues to bring them closer together even if they both try everything in their power to stay away. While one stays away from love as it has disappointed them over and over the other has no idea what love is. What Quinn and Paige have is stronger than love. While love knows no boundaries, what Quinn and Paige share, it sees no boundaries. They only see each other. While love may not be mentioned in this story, you don't need words. You just feel it.  "Quinn doesn't just kiss, he devours, and I can't get enough." The ending absolutely blew me away. I was breathless and speechless. This was the most phenomenal part of the story. Everything you thought you knew about this story and the characters is shattered to pieces. Monica switches everything up and I was left with my mouth wide open. I could not put this down. I was on edge the last ten percent.  "Being with me, it will consume parts of yourself you never knew existed. Are you ready for that? Can you give me everything..." Although this is a first in a series, I would definitely recommend  that you read it now. I am one of those people that need to wait until an entire series is out before I can commit to reading. However, I find that hard to do when it comes to Monica James' books. They are so worth the wait, and Something Like Normal is no exception. Go read and experience this book. 
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars-emotional and intense:  SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL is the first instalment in Monica James’s contemporary, new adult series of the same name. The focus of the series is on nineteen year old Mia Lee (aka Paige Cassidy) and the horror that has been her life. Told from first person (Mia/Paige) POV, the storyline premise follows Paige as she runs from her past. Landing in South Boston, Virginia with only a few dollars and a backpack with a little more, Paige will discover that sometimes family has nothing to do with the blood in your veins but the people you meet along the way. Much of the back story is told through flashbacks and nightmares. Monica James pulls the reader into an emotional storyline where a young woman had to make a choice –a choice that haunts her sleep but a choice that had to be made.  Meeting Quinn and Tristan Berkeley, Hank the motel operator and Tabitha (her new BFF), Paige learns what it means to be family-a family of misfits who are there when the world begins to spiral out of control. There is a slight love triangle formula developing between Paige and the Berkeley brothers which amped up my anxiety with an already emotional and heartbreaking storyline. Tristan and Quinn’s family history is just a step up from Mia’s horrific past and Paige (Mia) will find a kindred soul mate in Quinn. The secondary characters (Tabitha, Quinn, Tristan, Hank) play a major role throughout the story and become one another’s sole source of comfort and support. The world building brings the abhorrent face of abuse, betrayal, neglect and addiction –front and center-in a storyline that will tug at your heart and your soul. Monica James writes a seductive story about one woman finding solace and support from the unlikeliest of people and places. SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL is a provocative, emotional, intense and passionate storyline; the back story is gritty, abrasive and startling; and the present is traumatic and profound. You will not walk away untouched.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too many Australian slangs when the girl is supposed to be American.
Kawehi More than 1 year ago
¿ Okay so right now I want to hunt down Monica James with a pitchfork for ending this book the way she did. Gah!! I NEED MORE!! ¿ A book of misfits:A girl running from her past† The bad boy‡ New friendshipsAn imperfect love ♥¿ The plot thickens with unforeseeable events ¿=An unforgettable journey And then....a CLIFFHANGER!! Something Like Normal is a beautiful and honest portrayal of an atypical love and their struggles and triumphs to overcome obstacles of what we call LIFE. These characters are not perfect. They are flawed and make mistakes. But it is because of this that makes everything so much more real and genuine as we watch them fight for what they have always felt was out of their reach...A FUTURE... ~~Gah, Monica James...I will be IMPATIENTLY WAITING for book two now!! Grr!! lol~~