Something So Unscripted

Something So Unscripted

by Natasha Madison


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Finding my teammate in bed with my wife made the decision I had been fighting with for years easier.

It's time to move on.

A fresh start and a new NHL team in a big city. Most importantly, it's my son Jack's best shot.

It would be both of our best shots.


After a bad childhood, I made sure I would succeed.

The problem is I die a little with each patient I lose. It's part of my career at Hudson Children's Oncology Hospital, but it doesn't make the sting of loss any easier.

Seeking anything other than a life saved isn't on my agenda until a NHL player walks into my hospital with his son.

We're officially off script the moment we meet.

If this love is anything, it's unscripted.

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ISBN-13: 9781986686983
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 488,533
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Something So Unscripted 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Highly recommended... Really enjoyed reading it....!!!!!!!!!????
reviewsbycat More than 1 year ago
SOMETHING SO UNSCRIPTED by Natasha Madison. What a story! This is only my second read by this author and I can tell you, she now has a faithful fan. The writing style, the characters and the storyline are so well done. When I read a story that I can just follow along, feel the feels, fall in love with the characters and their love story, and can just turn each page without thought, this is a winner. It was over way too soon for me. Denise and Zack are simply perfect together. No, they aren't perfect individuals but they complement each other so. There is angst, there is romance and love and there is heartbreak. Oh, my, did I cry - yes, even ugly cry at times. Ms. Madison not only focuses on the lovely couple, but the anguish a parent lives through when a child suffers. Oh, my heart! Ms. Madison you wrote so much emotion throughout, I can't say enough about it. I am so happy I have found this author and cannot wait to read her previous, and future, works.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh my god! I loved this story what a tear jerker at the end, my husband thinks I'm a loon over here crying over a story but man oh man, close call there. 5 stars for this review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book
arc123099 More than 1 year ago
There are not enough words to express how this story touched me. I was told that I would need tissues while reading this book, they lied.... i need the whole freakin aisle of tissues at walmart while reading this book. Natasha Madison has been dubbed the Queen of Romantic Comedies recently but the way she was able to weave such a heart wrenching story while adding those moments of humor, i dont know how she does it! After finding your wife in bed with your best friend and team mate, Zack Marrow does what anyone in his situation would do, he leaves (smart smart man!) but with his life it's not as easy as that, Zack has a little boy, who owns his heart and soul and needs a miracle. Denise is the sister to the bad boy we all know and love. She took her rough childhood and persevered from it to become an accomplished doctor... who also happens to be little jack's best shot at life. I have loved all the characters that Natasha has wrote, but these two people... their love... their commitment... they stole my heart and honestly, they are my favorite couple! On top of falling in love with them we get to see how the rest of the gang is doing. If i could give this book more then 5 stars I would.... So let me thank you Natasha for giving us a story that we all needed..... but Hint Hint Hint I think we also need a novella on a certain to people from the last page of the book.... HINT HINT HINT Lol
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Get ready for the tears and the feels! This book was beyond amazing!! I don't know if this is the last of this series (I really hope it isn't) but if it is, it was a great ending. The ending left me with tears of happiness. I couldn't put it down.
Sammyloo More than 1 year ago
I sit here sniffling and trying not to cry tears of happiness... I held it together until the very last line of book! Natasha Madison always blows me away. Each time I finish a book I always think she won't be able to out do herself yet she keeps proving me wrong! Something So Unscripted is the best book she has written to date. This very special story has a little bit of everything. Its sweet and souful; powerful and emotional; sexy and heartwarming. The story of Denise, Zack and Jack is all those things and so much more. The story is at times heartbreaking and at others hysterical! The Horton/ Grant crew certainly know how to throw in some timely comedic relief. Like all of Natasha's books Something So Unscripted can be read as a standalone buts it's so much better when read as part of her amazing Something So series. Cheers and FIVE Fighting Stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Holy tears, I couldn’t see the words clear half the time while reading this book! This is the first read for me by this author and it certainly won’t be the last one I read from her. I didn’t realize this was a standalone in a series of family/friends, but even better cause a lot of the secondary characters were very intriguing and I wanted more of a background on them. This book was definitely unscripted and not just a love story and made you appreciate the life you have and to not take this for granted as much as we do at times. Your heart breaks for Zack, Jack and Denise throughout the story, but oh your heart breaks a different way at the end. Ahh, so what I was hoping for! Zack was married to a monster of a women and boy did I want to smack her each time she was portrayed in the book. Evil and heartless aren’t even the words to describe her. He may have been on the road all the time being in the NHL, but never did he not once raise that handsome little fellow we all fell in love with. You gasp in the beginning and then sad gasp again when you find out what no parent/child should have endure in life. The decision to move to NY to go on a new team in the NHL to leave behind the monster and to help Jack is one of the best decisions Zack ever made and I’m sure you will agree after reading the story. Denise our heart breaks for you in a different way, but you didn’t let your past define you and you are one of the best oncologist in NY and your heart is with those little patients of yours. From the moment you met both of them your heart beat just like it does for your other patients, but this heartbeat was a little different and so cherishable. That bond between you to was cute and you didn’t care that he wasn’t from you, you loved him unconditionally. What you gave up for him to get the help needed just shows you how much of a heart you have. Total heart and laughter moment is your brother when it came to the jersey’s. It felt good to laugh after so many tears shed while reading this story. The banter between the guys was funny and a true hockey family. While you are reading you just keep praying that this isn’t going to go the opposite of how you are hoping cause not all can win is how I will best say this. Love that Charity and actions portrayed by everyone including the Hockey Teams. Talk about more unscripted and you got not only the story going completely off script, but so much more unscripted that you will just need to read and find out for yourself why you need to grab your tissues and read this book. This book will touch anyone with a heart and will become one of your favorite reads in 2018. Sometimes life needs to be so unscripted to get where you are today in life and with the bad comes the good!
Sara_Sue More than 1 year ago
I have to tell you all that I completely LOVE the stories that Natasha Madison creates. Her stories, her people… they touch your heart and become implanted and you never want their stories to end. I’ve been following Madison’s stories since her Heaven and Hell duet and she has gotten better with every single story. The flow and storyline just reached my heart and made home in it. Something So Unscripted was an amazingly, touching story. I found myself laughing and crying within the same chapter. I love that all of these characters are met and carried through the previous books. So we get to know all these people. Madison has made it so you feel a connection with her characters. I loved how this story wove together the fun and sweet with the deeper and heartbreaking. It made it so the story didn’t feel too heavy, too sad. I loved Zach, I loved Denise, but my heart stayed with Jack the entire time. There were scenes in this book that I could see really happening. The sense of family just oozes from these pages. I just can’t recommend Something So Unscripted more, but read the entire series!! I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I would leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.
JacquieLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
5+ Stars!!! Something So Unscripted is the latest PHENOMENAL, HEART-STEALING, SOUL-SHATTERING read from an author who just keeps getting better and better with every single book she writes! Natasha Madison, I'm convinced, can write ANYTHING....from laugh-out-loud hilarious to rip-your-heart-out angst! SSU is a perfect blend of humor, heart and HEAT and is, imo, her BEST novel to date!!! We meet Denise in Book 3 in the Something So series (Something So Irresistible *Note: All books in the series CAN be read as standalones) She is Max Horton's sister and she is probably my fave heroine, so far! She's a children's oncology doctor and she has a heart of gold! She's also feisty, loves without reservation and with her whole heart and I want her to me MY bestie! As for Zack....not ONLY is he HAWT as all get out but he's an exceptional father to Jack, who stole my heart like no other!!! I also cried BUCKETS of tears, I mean UGLY, SNOTTY, can't-catch-my-breath tears (especially at the 44% mark) Zack is EVERYTHING and he's my new fave NM BBF!!! This book is ABSOLUTELY FILLED to the brim with ALL the FEELS and I don't know HOW Natasha will ever be able to top this one! It's soooooo much more than a funny, swoony, SEXY, heart-wrenchingly beautiful love story that will stay with me FOREVER!!! I can't recommend this gorgeous book highly or strongly NEED to experience it for yourself!