by Carol Ross

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ISBN-13: 9781853023637
Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/1996
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 7.05(w) x 9.29(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Carol Ross is a teacher and registered art therapist. She has worked for many years in London schools and higher education on behaviour management, equal opportunities and pastoral issues, and has published extensively in these areas. She currently works with children with emotional and behavioural diffulties for Islington Learning Support Service

Table of Contents

What is an Art Therapy Approach? Part 1 - Setting up Activities and Intervention. 1 Uses. 2 Grouping. 3 Other Considerations. 4 Monitoring Outcomes and Reviewing Aims. 5 Introducing the Session. 6 The Approach. 7 Choice of Materials. Part 2 - Activities Using an Art Therapy Approach. 8 Introduction. 9 Feelings: Mood Pictures; Feelings; Happy Box; Trunk of Things That Upset Me; Images of Contrasting Feelings. 10 Self: Autobiography; Past/Present/Future; Star Trek; Safe Places; Me Ideas; Patchwork Quilt; Inside/Outside Portraits; I am…; What I Like About Me. 11 Bullying/Harassment/Conflict: Our Rights; Why Do People Bully? Role Play in Art; Feeling Good and Confident; Proud of Myself; Make it Better; What Happened; Friendship; Overcoming; Feel Like/Can Do. 12 Body Image; What the Papers Say; Map of Myself; Body Pictures. 13 Group Building: Describe and Draw; Beautiful Garden; Fruit Salad; Follow the Leader; Consequences. Part 3 - The Art Therapy Approach in Action. Examples 1 - 11.

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