Something to Give Back: The Chronology of Awakening

Something to Give Back: The Chronology of Awakening

by Noah James Hittner
Something to Give Back: The Chronology of Awakening

Something to Give Back: The Chronology of Awakening

by Noah James Hittner


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Something to Give Back (SGB) offers a breathtaking tale of the evolution of human consciousness. This is a tale that ultimately draws but one conclusion: We never truly err on our path as all things happen in perfect order.

Intentionally written in the first person, SGB invites and encourages the brave reader into a very personal and powerful experience. Nine chapters represent nine phases of 'The Chronology of Awakening.' The chapters run backwards in order to symbolize a natural process of reduction-or simplification-that life experiences during its return journey to wholeness. The book is roughly one third lesson telling-offering real life stories of pain, struggle and redemption; one third guidance or self-help-offering ideas to inspire readers toward their own sense of truth and inspiration; and one third prophecy-providing an inspiring glimpse at life's inevitable and ongoing process of coming into universal responsibility.

The Chronology of Awakening is:

8. The Lie and Truth are Separated (Darkness Falls)
7. The Lie is Lived (Creation is Unconscious)
6. Truth's Inspiration Occurs
5. Truth Becomes Grounded
4. Truth is Experienced (Creation Becomes Conscious)
3. Awaken to the Blessing (Behind the Lie and Truth)
2. Receive the Blessing
1. Witness the Blessing (In All of Life)
0. Become the Blessing (There is Only Light)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781477468395
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/05/2012
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Noah James Hittner writes with naked honesty about the process of human consciousness and the quest for personal freedom. After years of continuing self-observation into his own process of choice and consequence, Noah now approaches his written work, as well as his life, with self-honesty as his first intention and his top priority. It is with this intention in mind that he aims to connect with the lives of as many people as possible in an inspiring and empowering way.

Born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin near a small town on the Mississippi River, Noah has had several professions in health and fitness, landscaping, insurance, and others. Currently, he resides back home in Wisconsin where he makes music, writes, and travels often.

Noah can be contacted through his website at:
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