Something's Bound to Happen

Something's Bound to Happen

by Michael Kasenow

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Michael Kasenow’s collection of poems examines the wounds of abuse, materialism, love lost, alienation, and the need for purpose—and celebrates the beauty of endurance, survival, and the miracle of each breath. “Kasenow knows that it takes complexity to create his art and art is what he creates. His poetry touches each subject with the respect it is entitled. Choices we make as people control who and what we become.” —Rebecca’s Reads. This collection is a passage through the webs we weave—the obvious—the yin and yang of existence—the inevitable—and the long search for purpose.

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ISBN-13: 9781495810046
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Publication date: 08/16/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Michael Kasenow is an awardwinning novelist (View From The Edge; A Wicked Thing); an awardwinning poet (Six Feet Down); and the author of the critically acclaimed novel The Last Paradise. He has traveled extensively, living in many places among a variety of unique personalities. His lifetime resume includes waiter, cab driver, bartender, lumberman, janitor, and ranch hand in New Mexico. These experiences add authenticity to his written work. He is currently a Geology Professor at Eastern Michigan University and lives in a Michigan harbor town, enjoying the west waves of Lake Michigan (when not on the beaches of South Carolina).

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Something's Bound to Happen 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (11/16) “Something’s Bound To Happen” by Michael Kasenow is an eclectic collection of poems. They are all different – some long, some short; some rhyme more than others, some talk of pain, some of youth’s blitz, some are about life, others are about death. They all go from our beautiful humanity to our sins, and are all deep expressions of our human soul. The author presents his collection in a simple format, in some cases sharing a quote at the top of the page. I specifically loved this feature, as the quotes will get the reader in the mood for the poem that follows. The poems are not organized following any specific identifiable order, however, the reading flow made sense to me, whether reading in order or jumping through. Kasenow’s voice is evident and clear. I believe that readers will identify with the feelings expressed and his point of view. Yet, they will also be able to open their mind and heart as they visit their own feelings and point of views as the author’s style inspires to look within. Some of my favorites are ‘ROADS,’ ‘BLACKBIRD,’ and ‘A LITTLE GIRL PLAYING.’ This last one is short enough to share here as a sample: ‘A LITTLE GIRL PLAYING’ ‘Love is morning birds On the ground, in the spring. Hope is a toddler Running for their wings, Laughing with joy, Happy as a kite, Hands full of air, As the birds take flight.’ I loved its lightness, and the way it transported me to that time when I played free as a little girl, making me miss the freedom our souls had when we were young and naïve. Overall, I totally loved Michael Kasenow’s “Something’s Bound to Happen.” It will definitely remain in my library to enjoy from time to time. It is a five star collection of poems that is both inspiring and thought provoking.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
A mix of previously published poems (Six Feet Down) and a flurry of new compositions, Something's Bound to Happen includes a little bit of everything—sufficient to whet the literary palettes of poetry aficionados. Kasenow's collection of over 100 poems covers a wide range of themes about life. Combining a full array of personal reflection, observation, and plenty of creativity, Kasenow's poems are a timeless tapestry that weaves in the past and present—a presentation of provocative words that will keep readers ruminating long after the completion of the book. Award-winning novelist and poet Michael Kasenow is a living, breathing miracle. As stated in Kasenow's website, "He [Michael] is a survivor of an abusive and brutal childhood. Embarrassed as an adolescent because he couldn’t read or write, it was in the eighth grade when he would 'slip away from his friends' into the middle school library to read poetry." A determined self-educator, Kasenow chose to follow the "road less traveled," beating the odds that generally fall upon kids in horrific abusive and drug-related environs. Earning a doctorate in geology, Kasenow now teaches hydrogeology at Eastern Michigan University. Although established "as an innovator in the field of groundwater analysis, developing new pragmatic equations," Kasenow had to sever his past to get where he is today. Prior to embracing higher education, Kasenow traveled across America. Living "among a variety of unique personalities—the enchanted, the mystical—vagabonds, drifters and an occasional thief,” Kasenow gathered together a multitude of his experiences and turned them into poems. The end result adds "a level of authenticity to his written work." That said, for an appropriate starter, Kasenow sets the mood by opening with a poem on opposing viewpoints ("The Great Absurd"), which he lightly revisits in a later work titled "The Affluent Avenue"—one out of a good handful of poems centered on materialism. "Paradise" and "The Great Divide" are other good examples that incorporate a materialism-based theme. Unafraid to tell it like it is, at the forefront of his collection Kasenow speaks about life and death issues. Beginning with his abusive upbringing and the shadow of death that hovered over many of his friends, great examples can be found in "Abuse," "You Can Sleep With Me Any Time You Want," "My Friends Are On Heroin," and "Straightjacket Blues." Kasenow's life/death themes are not limited however to his upbringing as he pens a heart-wrenching read about a father who is grappling with the impending loss of his son in "Zachary." On a lighter note, Kasenow draws attention to the issue of aging in "Twenty Years." Keeping to a refrain-styled format, Kasenow's stanzas are reminiscent of Paul McCartney's lyrics to "When I'm Sixty-Four." While sprinkling in a flurry of poems centered on love and relationships (i.e., "Love Gone Bad," "Where Did Jenny Go," "Summer Tent"), Kasenow shows his cynical side as he pokes fun at religion. "The Saint's Cafe" and "Jesus Answers Pilate: Show Me a Miracle!" are prime models. Although these poems are laced in mockery, Kasenow is concerned with how everything will end as he touches upon politics and nature/environment in many accounts, especially in his poem with the same moniker as the title of his latest read. Quill says: A stunning opus, Something's Bound to Happen is nothing less than thought provoking.