Son of War and Peace

Son of War and Peace

by Marcel Alberic Defever


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This book engages intelligent readers of all ages and backgrounds, especially those with roots in rural Europe and America. SON OF WAR AND PEACE is a fascinating account of the life journey of a courageous young man trying his luck in America. This book is a compilation of essays about his life experiences, observations, and reflections. The stories are colorful, soul-stirring and uplifting. The style is lively, buoyant and cheerful. They are about the influences that formed him. His personal experiences as a boarding school. The effect of war on his development and worldview. Role in youth organizations. Military service. Voyage of discovery in the US. Courtships, marriage, emigration. Wife and family. Work in a car factory. Dairy farming. Travel around the world. Switch to a new profession. Social life. Parish and school politics. Disappointments and delights. Many readers will find themselves in these engaging stories.

Dedicated to

Alice who generously supported me in this effort


our children:

Marianne, Guido, Marleen, Leanne,

Christiana, Diana, Nelly, Rosemary


Grandchildren and their descendants.

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