Song of the Phoenix: Voices Of Comfort And Healing From The Afterlife

Song of the Phoenix: Voices Of Comfort And Healing From The Afterlife

by Lily Fairchilde

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ISBN-13: 9781466885479
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 11/18/2014
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Lily Fairchilde has been a transpersonal counselor and teacher for twenty years. She conducts workshops around the country on empowerment to heal body, mind, and spirit. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Lily Fairchilde has been a transpersonal counselor and teacher for twenty years. She conducts workshops around the country on empowerment to heal body, mind, and spirit. She is the author of Song of the Phoenix: Voices Of Comfort And Healing From The Afterlife. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee.

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Song of the Phoenix

Voices of Comfort and Healing from the Afterlife

By Lily Fairchilde

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 1997 Lily Fairchilde
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-8547-9


Sandy's Story

I opened my eyes with a start. The clock by my bed read 3:30 A.M. The room, normally dimly lit by the night-light on my dresser, was now glowing with an unearthly illumination. The air was very cold and subtly vibrating. My body was electrified, my heart racing, all my senses alert. I had experienced these sensations enough to know what they meant—I was being visited by an otherworldly presence.

I had been awakened from a sound, dreamless sleep, and I was somewhat disoriented. I sat up in bed and centered myself with a prayer for protection and clarity. I became very still. My awareness moved from its normal parameters into a less limited realm.

By this time I knew that whoever this spirit was, it meant me no harm. Communication was its purpose. I slowed my mind until I could "hear" what this presence was so urgently attempting to convey. In this realm information is transferred in a telepathic manner rather than articulated by voice and heard by the ear.

Immediately I recognized this energy. It was Sandy, a client who had died of chronic heart disease a few nights before.

The last time I had seen him, several months earlier, he had looked worn and tired and much older than his sixty-odd years, his body ravaged by decades of health challenges. But now he appeared before me youthful, vigorous, and radiant.

"Hello, Sandy, what is it?"

"I want you to tell Helen that I am all right and very happy. Tell her that everything here is just marvelous. Let her know I love her and that we will never be truly separated. Please take care of her."

At this point my body was flooded by a tremendous wave of intense love. Tears sprang to my eyes. I was so emotionally overwhelmed at this point that I found it hard to breathe. As the illumination gradually faded away, the room temperature returned to normal. I was left, as I always am after these experiences, shaken yet with feelings of numinous wonder and peace.

The Helen that Sandy had spoken of is his sister, a lovely woman of great openness and sensitivity. The next morning I called her. I knew that Sandy and Helen were very close and had grown even closer following the recent deaths of their parents. Sandy's illness and subsequent passing had affected her greatly. I did not want to present her with information that she might not be prepared to handle.

I asked her how she was, and after listening for that sign between words that let me know she could cope with what I was about to tell her, I took a deep breath.

"Helen, I heard from Sandy last night. He came to see me and asked me to give you a message."

I gently relayed his words to her and did my best to convey the feelings of love and peace I had experienced.

She was delighted and greatly moved, but not very surprised.

"Before Sandy died, I asked him to contact me after he was gone, so I would know how he was and how things are where he is. Did he say anything else?"

I told her that I had given her the message exactly as it was given to me.

She then said, "Could I come over? Maybe Sandy would come and answer some questions for me. I have so many questions about what it is like there. I want to know what his experience of death was like. Do you think he would communicate with us?"

I told her I did not know, but was willing to try. I scheduled a meeting for later that week.

After settling ourselves in the chairs before the beveled-glass windows in the special room in my home reserved for my work, I began the prayer that precedes all of my sessions:

"Dear God, thank you for bringing us together in your Light and in your Love. At this time we are surrounded by the white Light of God, and with it the strength and the authority and the glory of God. Every cell in our being radiates the golden Christ Light, and with it the total perfection and absolute health of body, mind, and spirit; the love and the compassion, and the crystalline clarity of Jesus the Christ. We are surrounded and protected by God's love for us, and by our love for God. We are shielded from any inappropriateness. Open our hearts and minds and souls to Thee. We ask Father Sky and Mother Earth and all of our relations, and Great Spirit in whom we live and breathe and have our very being, to bless us and this endeavor. In the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, we ask these things; and in His Name, we know that they are done."

This prayer was given to me many years ago by the angels who help me in my work. It reflects my grounding in the teachings of Jesus as well as those of the Native Americans. It is a statement of the reality that it is not I but the power of God which is responsible for any blessings, truths, or healings that are received during this time.

This prayer creates in me an openness and a conscious surrender to God's love and wisdom, and to the greater good of the whole. I consciously surrender my will to God's will.

I felt my consciousness move into a space of great stillness and peace. My body was totally relaxed and filled with love.

Helen asked, "Is Sandy here?"

When Helen spoke his name, Sandy appeared to my left smiling and glowing with well-being.

"Yes, and he looks radiant."

"Sandy, I am so glad you are here! Would you tell us what it is like where you are?" Helen quietly requested. "I really want to know what it was like for you to make your transition."

I listened intently, then replied, "He says he would be delighted to share his story with you. He wants you to know he is all right and how things are where he is. He will relay his thoughts to me, and I will put them into words and convey them to you."

After taking a few more moments to move deeper into that still place, I let Sandy know I was ready, and we began.

When I was in the hospital, even though I was in excruciating pain, I resisted letting go. You know how I love Christmas, Helen. I was trying to hang on for one more Christmas!

I was also afraid. Afraid that there wasn't anything more and that I would simply cease to exist. The thought of that unending nothingness terrified me. Even though I wanted so badly to believe in an afterlife, my literal mind kept getting in the way.

I am still unclear about all that went on around me during those last days. When my consciousness was centered in my body, things seemed very cloudy and dreamlike.

Many times I would slip out to my physical shell. The first time this happened I was very surprised! I found myself, suddenly and without warning, floating above my body. It took me a moment to realize that the person I saw in the bed below was actually me.

While I was in this out-of-body state, everything was crystal clear. I felt no pain, just very free and light. These intervals began to occur more frequently until, toward the end, I was spending very little time actually centered in my body.

This was really a wonderful way to prepare for my transition. I could get used to being out of the physical body without actually dying. The experience allowed me to let go of much of my fear because, for the first time, I realized that I could exist outside my body and that I was much more than that shell which, up until then, had encompassed the whole of my identity. The release of that fear made it much easier when I finally did let go of my life.

I spent much of this time floating around the hospital and hovering over my physical form. I was watching everything—operations in other parts of the building and procedures performed on my own body. Even though I knew it was my body, I did not feel the effects of anything done to it. It was as if I were observing the nurses and doctors working on a dear friend.

I visited you, Helen, when you came to the hospital, and once followed you out to your car! I grew accustomed to the mechanics of moving in and out of the body. I began to really trust this space and to much prefer it over the alternative of being confined to my physical shell, which was clouded with suffering, medication, and pain.

When I was out of my physical form, I noticed that my consciousness was contained in a body of sorts. It was much lighter and more mobile than the body I had grown used to, but I still had hands and feet—everything I was accustomed to having! This "light" body was attached to my corporeal body by a slender, glowing cord. Because of this connection, though I might not be in the direct vicinity of my physical being, if even the minutest change or threat to my survival were to occur I would be immediately aware of it and could then return to stabilize my body's condition.

I have learned that there are many people who are caught in a kind of limbo space—a place between your reality and the next—because they have not severed this cord and made the final disconnect from their bodies. There remains a very thin, ever-fading connection. As long as this connection is not consciously severed, their souls will not progress. That is why many people sense "ghosts" in and around cemeteries. This is a very sad and lonely existence—souls reluctant to let go of their bodies long after these bodies have ceased to be viable.

After several days of moving in and out of my physical form, from shadow to light and back again, I eagerly slipped from my body for another outing and I saw my parents in the corner of the room enveloped by a glowing halo of light. I was overjoyed to see them. The timing of their appearance could not have been more perfect. If they had come to me before this, I more than likely would not have trusted the reality of their presence. I would have told myself it was a dream or a hallucination. But by this time the experience of being out of my body had become more real than anything else. My former life and my physical shell were becoming very shadowy and unreal to me. I also was aware that the more time I spent out of my body, the lighter I was becoming. I see now that it was preparation, in a way, for a smooth ascent.

My parents asked me if I would like a glimpse of where I was going, and of course I said yes.

Immediately we were flying through a tunnel-like space at a tremendous rate of speed toward a brilliant light. As we entered that light, for the first time I could remember, I truly felt love. I know there were those in my life who loved me, but I only knew this intellectually. I could not feel it. On Earth, at this time, it seems that real love is the exception. Here it is all there is. It was overwhelming and beautiful beyond words. There were many others there, all radiating light, all filled with love—pure and unadulterated unconditional love.

I was then told that if I so chose I could "cross over." I had already assessed the true condition of my body. I realized that if I did go back I would live as an invalid. My actions and cognitive abilities would be seriously impaired due to severe damage incurred in the cellular structure of my brain. This was the result of oxygen deprivation caused by blockage of blood flow to that organ.

So I came back through the tunnel into my hospital room and into my poor, tired body one last time to say good-bye to it. I also wanted to check on you, Helen, to make certain you would be all right.

Then, I simply left. I slipped out of my body and severed that slender thread of life through a conscious act of will.

I have learned that sometimes, when one suffers a traumatic or instant death that is unexpected, this cord is severed as a result of the shock of the experience. The soul in its entirety shoots out of the body. These souls are given the option of reconnecting with their physical bodies if they so wish, and if the condition of those bodies allows for the continuation of life. This is the source of many near-death experiences. However, in instances where people are in comas or experience chronic lingering illnesses, this severing of the cord must be done through a conscious act of will.

We really do choose our time of death, you know. Many of the world's saints and holy men and women choose the time of their deaths with awareness. It is as if death is a river flowing by, and they choose when they will jump into it. They know when it will happen, and they make preparations for this momentous event in their soul's journey. In this way, their experience of death is smooth and clear—an ecstatic surrender.

So all of us, at some level, either consciously or unconsciously, do choose when we are to leave. This moment is not a calendar date that has been set from the time we are born. It is, rather, that there are certain situations and events we are to experience. Our souls choose that which we will accomplish and learn during our lives. When we have completed those tasks, then we are free to leave at any time. Some choose to leave right away, others choose to stay a while longer.

It is as if there is an A-list and a B-list of experiences. The A-list is made up of accomplishments that comprise our destiny. If we turn our backs on these, the spirit will remove us rather quickly from life. These experiences are the necessary next steps in the soul's progression. If we find ourselves in a situation, which for whatever reason, precludes the carrying out of our destiny, our spirit will choose to leave this life for circumstances that are more conducive to fulfilling our soul's purpose. The B-list is comprised of experiences which we would like to have, but which are not necessary for the completion of our destiny. This list is optional. Some people choose to complete both lists. Some simply grow tired after completing the A-list and decide to leave.

After I had separated my true self from my physical body, I was joined immediately by a great angelic being. He informed me that he was, in fact, my guardian angel! It was as if he were a part of me, yet not a part of me. Helen, I have never known such safety and total acceptance as I experienced in the presence of this being. I felt once again like a little child, trusting and totally secure with him.

I was given a choice: to cross over to the other side immediately or to spend three days in this space between the worlds, saying one last good-bye to the people and places I dearly love. I chose to say good-bye. I spent the next days making contact with all of those who are dear to me. I came to your apartment, Helen. Once, when you were at my house, I was able to get Casey [his cat] to notice me.

It was marvelous! I had simply to think of a person or a place, and I was there immediately. Really, it is more feeling a person or a place rather than thinking about them. I went once more to all the places that I so love—the Amazon jungle, the Arizona desert, the African veldt. Earth is so beautiful! I visited my daughters and my beloved. I spent much time with you, Helen.

The longer I was out of my body, the more difficult it became to maintain contact with your reality. I realize now that this was because my vibrational frequency was becoming gradually higher and therefore very different from that of the physical Earth.

Just before I left, I went to see Lily to fulfill the promise I had made to you, Helen. I wanted to give you a message and establish a link so that I could communicate with you. I had tried to reach you directly many times during the period following my death, but was unsuccessful.

After accomplishing this last task, I was ready to go. Immediately, I was joined by my guardian angel, and together we entered the tunnel. We began to move at great speed. I was moving faster and faster—it was not like walking but more like floating or flying. There is a very real sensation of movement, but it is different from any experience I ever had while in my physical body.

There was also a light within this tunnel, although it was nothing compared to the intensity of the light at the end. The light is perceived not only visually; you can feel it. It is a living essence. My body at this point was no longer what you would think of as solid. This light was able to pass through me, and it changed me. I began to feel lighter and lighter. All heaviness and any attachment to the reality I was leaving melted away. Vibrationally, I was being changed. Everything that could possibly prevent me from feeling love began to dissolve.

When I first left material reality and entered this tunnel, there was sound—there is always sound. The whole universe is made up of sound. This particular sound is overwhelming—a roar that moves from a very low to a very high pitch. It pulled me away and into the tunnel, and then suddenly ceased, and I was immersed in the indescribable harmony of Heaven. This celestial sound passed through my now changed body. I sensed it with my whole being, not just my ears. I heard it with my whole self.


Excerpted from Song of the Phoenix by Lily Fairchilde. Copyright © 1997 Lily Fairchilde. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Table of Contents


Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
Author's Note,
Chapter 1 Sandy's Story,
Chapter 2 Devas, Saints, Angels, and Spirit Guides,
Chapter 3 Ann,
Chapter 4 Developing Awareness,
Chapter 5 Angelic Wisdom,
Chapter 6 The Story of Willow Dancing,
Chapter 7 Angelic Perspectives on Transition and the Afterlife Experience,
Chapter 8 Ruth,
Chapter 9 David,
Chapter 10 Joey,
Chapter 11 Angelic Wisdom on Children and Death,
Chapter 12 Jonathan,
Chapter 13 Angelic Commentary on the Reincarnation of Souls,
Chapter 14 Michael,
Chapter 15 Li,
Chapter 16 Cultivating Forgiveness,
Chapter 17 The Stories of Possessing Spirits and Those They Possess,
Chapter 18 Xavier,
Chapter 19 Evil, Demons, and Hell,
Chapter 20 The Evolution of the Death Experience,

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