Song That Fathoms Home: Poems

Song That Fathoms Home: Poems

by Ray McNiece


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ISBN-13: 9780933087859
Publisher: Bottom Dog Press
Publication date: 11/19/2003
Series: Bottom Dog Press Harmony Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Ray McNiece is from Cleveland, Ohio, and has performed most recently in Italy with poets Anne Waldman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Ed Sanders as part of the City Lights Italia Festival. In Russia he read with their poet laurete Yevgeny Yevtushenko and appeared on "Good Morning Russia" and was dubbed, "the American Mayakovsky." He has collaborated with his band Tongue-in-Groove to create two poetry musicals, Mouth Music, and The Rustbowl Hootenanny. He is the voice of Woody Guthrie on NPR's Hard Travellin.' In a review of his solo theatre work, the Star Phoenix said, "His thoughtful writing combines with perfectly timed delivery to create a wordscape that owes as much to jazz as drama."

Ray McNiece has earned a national reputation as a poet and performer for almost two decades through his solo theater pieces, his poetry and music shows, his captaining of 2 National Poetry Slam Championship teams, his "edu-taining" children's shows and workshops, and his yearly country-wide tours of performance poems, stories and songs.

He was the 1999 Grand Slam Champion of the Arkansas Celebration of the Arts, the largest performance poetry prize ever awarded. He received the 1999 Award of Excellence for his writing from Northern Ohio Live and won the 1999 Lyricist Review Song contest. McNiece was awarded an artist residency at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in 2001, and at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando in 2002.

Table of Contents

Song Always Beginning
Song Always Beginning11
In Cold Light14
The Home of Lost Words15
The First Word Spoken17
Monody For a Small Town19
The Sun Pronounces20
Tearing Lines of Verse From Air21
Truth of Breath22
Whitman in Manhatta24
Elegy for Samuel Beckett26
Elegy for Andy Warhol27
Bird's Notes28
Velvet Elvis31
Out of the Same Dark that Blooms Always33
The Power of Music34
The Light of Day38
The Word40
The Cheap Hotel Suite
Cheap Hotel Suite45
Twirling a Paper Umbrella49
The Chianti Flute Solo52
155 Pounds of Dead Fish53
Did I Trade You for the Moon?54
Poem of Emptiness56
Only Now Alone57
As We Fall Again58
Our Bodies Joined59
Just Like That60
My Tongue Has Never Forgotten61
Four Sharings62
Twined in the Dawn64
Hometown Haunt65
Song Heard Only Now After Gone
The Moon's Spare Change69
Song Heard Only Now After Gone70
Hunter's Moon73
Heat Lightning74
The Night the Bed Became a Rack75
He Makes Them Come to Him76
Morning Walk in Late July79
Pop Songs Through the Night80
The Ordinary83
Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein85
Letter From Andersonville87
Song That Fathoms Home
A Burning Question91
Mutant Ninja Turtle Boy96
Cleveland Winter97
Winter Sunset98
City of Strong Thighs100
The Last Ring-neck Pheasant101
The Picture in the Shoebox102
Song That Fathoms Home104
Definition of Making a Living, Part II106
A Swampwater Cocktail109
The Bottom111
Harold's Resurrection113
The Devil at the Mall115
Last Will and Testament for the Millennium117
Beginning With Being120
Author's Biographical Sketch123


Song That Fathoms Home by Ray McNiece

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