by Syrie James

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Songbird by Syrie James

To help you celebrate the most romantic of months in style, I’m lowering the e-book price of SONGBIRD and PROPOSITIONS (which are very close to my heart) to 99 cents for a limited time only—until Valentine’s Day!

When Southern California radio deejay Desiree Germain hosts a contest on the air, she is immediately taken by the smooth, deeply masculine voice of caller number twelve, Kyle Harrison. Later that afternoon, the man behind the voice walks into her studio, and Desiree is instantly smitten.

Kyle Harrison is not only devastatingly handsome, he is a brilliant, extremely wealthy entrepreneur from Seattle who is used to getting what he wants. Desiree can't help her attraction to Kyle—and if the intense way he looks at her and keeps delaying his flight back to Seattle is any indication, it seems her feelings are more than reciprocated.

They embark on a thrilling, passionate love affair that plays havoc with the life Desiree has struggled so hard to carefully control. With a divorce under her belt and her career finally going places, she is concerned that their whirlwind romance is doomed to long-distance failure.¿¿

It might take a Maserati, dozens of red roses, and a lot of airplane tickets, but Kyle is determined to sweep Desiree off her feet and claim her as his own—forever. Can Kyle convince Desiree to risk her heart and her career for love?

Sexy, witty, tender, and deeply poignant, Songbird is a page-turning tale that will ignite your senses and bring a smile to your heart.


The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen

“A novel within a novel honoring what we love most about Austen: ¿her engaging stories, her rapier wit, and her swoon-worthy romance. James’s pitch perfect, brilliantly crafted prose will have you enchanted and in awe of her mastery until the very last page. 5 out of 5 Regency Stars!” —Austenprose


“Hands down the most fascinating book I have read in quite a while... As the characters develop and the story unfolds you will find yourself wrapped up in their world, indulging in every kiss and holding your breath with every twist.” —Luxury Reading


“You will love this beautiful and mysterious story, full of love and longing, but with a passion that sizzles through the pages. The characters are bold and imaginative, and our hero Michael is everything a woman looks for in a man, but just a bit more.” —The Romance Reviews

Dracula, My Love

“Syrie James weaves a tale of quite a different Dracula: a mouth-wateringly handsome, powerful, cultured, and passionate one. And…I...Loved...It! This is a gripping story, infused with passion, excitement and emotional turmoil. It sheds a whole new light on Count Dracula. In true über-vampire style, he completely outdoes Edward Cullen and Buffy’s Angel in the sexy tortured soul stakes. This vampire can bite my neck any time!”” —American Book Center

The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë

“For fans of biographical tales and romance, Syrie’s story of Charlotte offers it all: longing and yearning, struggle and success, the searing pain of immeasurable loss, and the happiness of a love that came unbidden and unsought. I did not want this story to end.” —Jane Austen’s World

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen

“This fascinating novel will make readers swear there was such a man as Mr. Ashford and that there is such a memoir…Tantalizing, tender, and true to the Austen mythos…highly recommended.”
—Library Journal, starred review

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BN ID: 2940015737417
Publisher: LDLA, Inc.
Publication date: 12/05/2012
Series: The Harrison Duet , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 1,022,764
File size: 217 KB

About the Author

SYRIE JAMES is the bestselling author of eight critically acclaimed novels, including The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, Nocturne, Dracula My Love, Forbidden, and The Harrison Duet: Songbird and Propositions. Her books have been translated into eighteen foreign languages.

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Songbird 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How is it that people are allowed to use these review areas to further their ridiculous role playing?? I can't tell you how many times I have tried to find honest reviews of a book and found only streams of conversation that made no sense except to "people" who go by titles like Bearclaw or GingerTom. B&N needs to monitor and some how restrict this to people who genuinely have something to say about the book. Ultimately this hurts the author herself who is trying to promote her work.
ChristinaBoyd More than 1 year ago
“Songbird” is the newly edited edition of best selling author Syrie James’ first published novel. Written in 1985, the love story seems almost a time capsule of those times: music, technology, pop culture. As in the author’s foreword, “No matter how much the world changes around us, however, the fundamental things in our lives do not change. We work hard. We have dreams. We fall in love. We experience the joys of a new relationship, and risk our hearts on the road to happiness.” After popular southern California deejay, Desiree Germain, makes a thoughtless joke predicting a stock downturn of a soda company, she takes a call from a disgruntled listener, Kyle Harrison-- who happens to be the new owner of said soda company. To her surprise, Seattle businessman, Harrison later walks into her studio and he is not at all as she expected. “Where was the fat, balding business executive she envisioned, the man who smoked cigars and wore half a dozen diamond rings?” No, this man was overwhelmingly gorgeous. And he came to ask her to dinner! Who could resist such a rich, handsome, sexy and funny man willing to wine, dine and even pilot her away on amazing private airplane adventures? Warning: smolder alert. “His mouth came down on hers in a single expedient motion, the force of his lips matching the depth of passion in her voice. A moment later, they took a simultaneous, ragged breath, their eyes locked, glimmering with delight in the newness of what they had just found.” Who knew the author of “The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen” could write such provocative, sultry romance?! Despite her struggle to stay in control of her emotions and precarious radio career, a sizzling affair heats up, threatening to throw her carefully composed life into a tailspin. “She felt tears start in the corner of her eyes and a rush of affection welled in her throat. Twice she’d told him to stop, forced him to leave when his desire for her was all too evident. Still, he was willing to call it off now if she was uncertain.” Kyle is a powerful man who knows what he wants and is not opposed to making decisive plans without discussion or her input. The question is: how long will he excuse her hot, then cold responses? Does he have the patience for a long distance relationship? “…I don’t want to be torn, day after day, between you and my work. I want to be together, live in the same house, share the same bed. I want to spend mornings and evenings with you, make love to you every night, and wake up beside you every morning. I want to make a home together, raise children together. I want a full-time partner… for life.” And can strong-minded Desiree give up her hard won career that seems to have just taken flight, all in the name of love? “Songbird” hits all the right notes with this lyrical, poignant love story. Syrie James’ realistic characterization of two strong personalities and colorful description of the mid-1980s harmonized beautifully – and kept me turning pages well into the wee hours of the morning.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Desiree is a DJ who works for KICK radio. She's been there 7 years working evenings and nights, but she's finally made it to prime time days. Desiree did a trivia question and Kyle Harrison won the prize. He showed up at the studio right near Desiree. He owned Harrison Industries. He invited Desiree to share his prize, which was a meal for two. Kyle lived in Seattle. Kyle was very determined to have time with Desiree and she was just as determined to keep him away from her heart. Desiree felt she had put in her dues to get where she was at. She knew she was afraid to offer any kind of commitment. I enjoyed the book. I liked the ins and outs and was happy the way the book came together. I would recommend it to anyone who likes romances with a kick.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"But I did!" She mewed. (Nobody probaly can't read this.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LoriannJ More than 1 year ago
I love Syrie James' historical fiction but am disturbed about Kyle's obvious anger issues.  Several times in the story, he gets angry with Desiree and treats her badly for things that are not her fault.  I believe Kyle needs anger management training.  Also, he uses his money to win her back each time his anger gets out of control.  That is not the sign of a healthy relationship.  We women grow up thinking a rich prince will save us from our poor world and poor decisions (Pretty Woman) but it's not healthy and it's even insulting.  If this book was written in 1985 and has been re-edited, then why is the "Pretty Woman Syndrome" still how book 1 of the Harrison Duet ends?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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