Songs of the Gerer Hasidim

Songs of the Gerer Hasidim

by Yankel Talmud, Velvel Pasternak




(Tara Books). The Hasidic world reffered to Talmud as "The Beethoven of the Gerer Rebbe." For 60 years in both Europe and Israel, Talmud created 1100 melodies which were led by him and his kapelye (choir) in the main synagogue of the Rebbe of Ger. Beginning with his early years in Poland, and continuing in Israel, Talmud formed and conducted kapelyes (male choir groups) that sang many of his compositions. A number of these melodies are still popular and have remained a permanent part of the Ger musical repertoire. Untrained musically, but possessing uncanny ability for composing new melodies, Reb Yankel created dance melodies, marches, waltzes, hopkes and a variety of other tunes. His "Lo Sevoshi" is standard in many Orthodox synagogues worldwide.

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