Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program: From Our Rears to Your Ears!

Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program: From Our Rears to Your Ears!


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Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program: From Our Rears to Your Ears!

Anyone familiar with The Sarah Silverman Program is aware that Silverman has a habit of breaking into song with surprisingly frequency (as do the other regular characters to a lesser extent), and now the folks at Comedy Central have collected the many musical interludes from the show, along with a variety of dialogue excerpts, on an album entitled Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program: From Our Rears to Your Ears. As the title would suggest, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, Silverman's overwhelming fondness for poop jokes and bad taste of all stripes is on frequent display here; there's a number simply called "Poop Song," while other highlights include "AIDS Ballad," "Lesbian Song," "Make a Difference, May Kadoodie," and "Baby Penis in Your Mind." While Silverman revels in the rude impulse, she sounds guileless and playful enough to make her material perversely charming, even as one instinctively cringes at jokes about race or the holocaust, and the melodies and arrangements have an After School Special quality that gives them a playful faux gravity which suits them well. And though no one is going to mistake Silverman for a professional vocalist, she can carry a tune when she needs to sound like a "real" singer, and she wrote the words and music for several of the songs featured on the disc (through Adam Berry, Michael Kotch, and Dave Derby, who are cited as "musical genius" in the liner notes, do a healthy share of the writing and arranging), and the other performers are in good form too, particularly Silverman's sister Laura Silverman, and Brian Posehn and Steve Agee as America's least fashionable gay couple. But the musical moments here just barely qualify as songs -- the disc features 99 tracks, and only 25 run over a minute (the two-minute mark isn't broken at all), and while most of the dialogue is funny, out of context it doesn't make a lot of sense (though narrative coherence has never been The Sarah Silverman Program's strong suit). In short, from a pure entertainment standpoint, you're probably better off renting (or buying) the DVDs of the show instead of this album, but if you're eager to throw "Theme from Cookie Party" or "Glad You Hurt Your Hand" into your next mix, this is the best way to go.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/02/2010
Label: Comedy Central
UPC: 0824363009629
catalogNumber: 30096
Rank: 116094


  1. Pilot Opening Title
  2. Meaning of Brunch
  3. That's What I Wish
  4. On My Vagina
  5. Doody Song
  6. Batteries
  7. Jay Holocaust
  8. Poop Song
  9. Shoemaker's Son Has Barefeet
  10. Head Off My Titties Bitch
  11. Abortion Speech
  12. Gift of the Magi
  13. Blankets
  14. Humanitarian Song
  15. A Vagina Like Cat Stevens' Face
  16. Ghost Bathroom 1
  17. Ghost Bathroom 2
  18. Blood Test
  19. AIDS Ballad
  20. Mouth Veins Tushy Vagina
  21. AIDS PSA
  22. Man On The Moon
  23. Lochness Animation
  24. Lesbian Song
  25. God Love
  26. God Is Al Gore
  27. What You're Doin' Is Murder
  28. Three Abortions
  29. Sarah Takes the Stand
  30. Farts Got Into a Fight
  31. Danger to Pets
  32. Very Special Lady
  33. Mini Coffee White Dog Poo
  34. Le Blanc Doodie
  35. Stole Your Mother's Boob Bones
  36. Cookie Party Theme Song
  37. Stencil and Sarah Backstage At Cookie Party
  38. Charge of the Nerds
  39. Dude, I Hate Politics
  40. Spukowski High School
  41. Oh Happy Day
  42. Trimming Your Bush
  43. Having No Friends
  44. Would You Like To See My Pwootheh
  45. Making New Friends
  46. Look Here Old Lady
  47. That's Been Done
  48. That's Been Done Song
  49. Face Off
  50. Juicy Groins
  51. Lost Dog Song
  52. Mystery's Over
  53. Believe In Dreams 1
  54. Believe In Dreams 2
  55. Stuff You and Put You in a Glass Box
  56. Apple Pickin' Song
  57. Miami Device
  58. Three Different Sizes
  59. Stella Dialogue
  60. Dry Sheets, Ice Cream, Jellybeans
  61. High, It's Sarah
  62. Will We Eat Each Other's Doodies
  63. Sarah Outs Steve
  64. Brian Spukowski's
  65. Free to Be Me and Me
  66. Valley Village Medical Files
  67. Glad You Hurt Your Hand
  68. Glad I Hurt My Hand
  69. Pornstore Blowhole
  70. Wooden Mittens Dialogue
  71. Wooden Mittens Song
  72. Patrick Pillows the Very Silly End
  73. Good Van Patton, Gonna Be Bad
  74. Worst Possible Time to Be Haunted
  75. Necks, Necks, Necks
  76. Jingles
  77. Brian and Steve Switch Bodies
  78. Make a Difference, May Kadoody
  79. May Kadoody Eggs and Onions
  80. Brian and Steve Marriage Proposal
  81. Special Olympics
  82. Pancakes, Please
  83. You're Gonna Wish the Holocaust Never Happened
  84. Opposite Day
  85. Whole World Up Your Ass
  86. Baby Penis In Your Mind
  87. Blind Woman Blues
  88. Goodnight - Not Without My Daughter
  89. Goodnight - Muffin' Man
  90. Goodnight - Maid to Border
  91. Goodnight - Ah, Men
  92. Goodnight - There's No Place Like Homeless
  93. Goodnight - Fetus Don't Fail Me Now
  94. Goodnight - Patriot Tact
  95. Goodnight - High, It's Sarah
  96. Goodnight - Head for a Mic
  97. Goodnight - A Fairly Attractive Mind
  98. Season 3 Main Title
  99. Eat Each Other's Puddies by the Writers' Room

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Tony Wilkins   Arranger
Dave Derby   Arranger,Composer
Michael Kotch   Arranger,Composer
Jack Vaughn   Executive Producer
Sarah Silverman   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Jonathan Kimmel   Composer
Heidi Herzon   Producer,Executive Producer
Jon Schroeder   Composer
Eric Schaar   Composer
Chelsea Peretti   Composer
Rob Schrab   Composer,Executive Producer
Greg Brotherton   Artwork,Packaging
Harris Wittels   Composer
Dan Sterling   Composer,Lyricist,Executive Producer
Vince Bucci   Cover Photo
Eric Falconer   Composer
Adam Berry   Arranger,Composer

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