Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life & Times of the Apple II Computer

Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life & Times of the Apple II Computer

by Steven Weyhrich


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ISBN-13: 9780986832277
Publisher: Variant Press
Publication date: 12/01/2013
Pages: 524
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Steven Weyhrich is a family physician practicing in Omaha, Nebraska. He has extensive experience with the Apple II platform, starting with the Apple II Plus back in 1980 through the Apple IIGS in the late 1980s. He wrote articles about the Apple II for a variety of commercial publications before starting on the history of that computer in the early 1990s. He continues to maintain a keen interest in the Apple II. Since it first appeared on the Internet in the mid 1990s, his Apple II History web site has been the standard reference for the story of the Apple II, covering it from its beginnings to its continued life among enthusiasts today. Steven is a board-certified member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In his spare time he occasionally writes music parodies, he's a casual gamer (both old games and new), and a Minecraft enthusiast, designing an Apple II replica in the Minecraft world large enough to walk around in. He has been married since 1986, has II grown children, II dogs and II cats.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements III

Table of Contents V

Introduction VII

Chapter 1 Igniting the Flame 1

Chapter 2 A Company Built From a Circuit Board 13

Chapter 3 II is Better than 1 27

Chapter 4 The BASICs 47

Chapter 5 Concentric Circles of Magnetic Data 55

Chapter 6 Spinning Chaos into Order 63

Chapter 7 Homebrew Community in Print 77

Chapter 8 Connections and Video 89

Chapter 9 Accessing the World 95

Chapter 10 Online Origins 101

Chapter 11 More than a Plus 115

Chapter 12 Pascal Proliferation 125

Chapter 13 DOS Developments 133

Chapter 14 Boosting Performance 141

Chapter 15 The Apple II Abroad 145

Chapter 16 Der Apfel II in der Presse 151

Chapter 17 Some Assembly Required 159

Chapter 18 Music and Speech 169

Chapter 19 Second Wave 173

Chapter 20 E for Enhanced 193

Chapter 21 DOS Gets Professional 205

Chapter 22 "Will Someone Please Tell Me What an Apple Can Do?" 215

Chapter 23 Bits to Ink 231

Chapter 24 Compact and Powerful 239

Chapter 25 The Tower of Babel 253

Chapter 26 Improving Your Memory 265

Chapter 27 The Juggernaut of Integration 271

Chapter 28 Online Boom and Bust 287

Chapter 29 Input Devices 305

Chapter 30 Send in the Clones 317

Chapter 31 Robots and Clocks 331

Chapter 32 The Next Generation 339

Chapter 33 Expanding Storage 353

Chapter 34 DOS Gets Sophisticated 365

Chapter 35 Hyperactivity 377

Chapter 36 Magazines on the Newsstand 381

Chapter 37 Black Hat Contagions 389

Chapter 38 BASIC Evolves 401

Chapter 39 Hardware for the Next Generation 409

Chapter 40 Ahead of their Time: Digital Magazines 419

Chapter 41 Latter Day Languages 441

Chapter 42 Small Publisher Magazines 447

Chapter 43 New Horizons for AppleWorks 465

Chapter 44 Falling Out of Favor 475

Chapter 45 Online Assimilation 493

Chapter 46 Reunions 507

Chapter 47 The History of this History 517

Appendix A Software Hits 521

Appendix B Apple II Timeline 533

Index 551

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