Soul Agreements

Soul Agreements

by Dick Sutphen, Tara Sutphen

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While in spirit, before you were born, you wrote a script for your life on earth that included soul agreements establishing your relationships with your parents, lovers, children, and others who would affect your life in meaningful ways. Your career directions were planned out, as well as the major challenges you would encounter. This karmic road map was programmed at a soul level and can be examined by psychic researchers like Dick and Tara Sutphen.

In his best-selling book, You Were Born Again to Be Together, Dick explored the concept of destiny through romantic relationships. In Soul Agreements his investigations expand to a variety of cases: a woman born with a severe disability; a couple who came together to experience tragedy; and others who incarnated to be famous, or influential, or to become healers.

Once you understand how soul agreements work, Dick teaches how to make the most of your destiny. The more self-actualized you are, the less likely you will be adversely affected by negative life experiences. This awareness shows you how to best override fate and create your own reality of love and success.

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ISBN-13: 9781612830698
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 04/25/2005
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Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Dick Sutphen, with Tara Sutphen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-61283-069-8


A Changed New York Skyline

"Our hour is marked, and no one can claim a moment of life beyond what fate has predestined."

—Napoleon Bonaparte

Explorations of destiny are often part of the seminars and workshops Tara and I conduct around the world. "A changed New York skyline" was the primary millennium vision perceived by the participants in the "New Day Seminar"—conducted in six California cities in 1997 and a five-day seminar in Missoula, Montana, April 1998. One hundred forty attendees at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expo workshop, November 1997, also reported their visions, in addition to those who participated in the January 1998 "Millennium Projection Research Project." (For a nominal fee, readers of our newsletter were sent a Hypnotic Progression tape, which instructed them to psychically perceive the future.)

I believe we view the future clairvoyantly by stepping outside of time and space, or by tapping into the collective unconscious and perceiving how present potentials are destined to manifest. In seminars, I have also directed participants to perceive the future with remote viewing techniques, but even the most renowned remote viewers now use the words clairvoyant and remote viewing interchangeably.

In the seminars, workshops, and research project, the hypnotized subjects mentally projected forward to New York City in time increments from 2000 to 2012. In each jump forward in time, they were to explore New York, then scan the rest of the world, before returning to explore conditions in the area in which they each lived. Each participant then filled out a report about the future they envisioned. The results of these explorations were reported in Soaring Spirit magazine #70, September 1998.

Several hundred people participated, and the predominant psychic observation was a changed New York skyline. A typical response was, "I see the Manhattan skyline changed. Part of the island is no longer there because of terrorist attacks and explosions." At least 10 percent of the respondents reported terrorism to come. Several people reported specifically on "Muslim terrorist attacks." Others talked about people walking through the streets of the city in snow that wasn't cold. This seems to be a clear reference to the ashes.

Was the attack on the World Trade Center a fated event?

Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Code and Bible Code II: The Countdown, thinks so. Renowned Israeli mathematician Dr. Eliyahu Rips broke a code in the earliest edition of the Hebrew Bible and presented his work in a major science journal. The code, dating back 3,000 years, was confirmed by mathematicians around the world, including a senior code-breaker at the top secret U.S. National Security Agency. Upon hearing about the code, Drosnin, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, began a five-year investigation. The code predicted both Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma City bombing, the moon landing, and everything from World War II to Watergate, and from the Holocaust to Hiroshima.

Drosnin discovered that the Bible code even predicted the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. He personally warned the prime minister of the conditions surrounding the slaying. The warning was disregarded, and the assassination happened, as predicted, when predicted.

On September 11, 2001, Drosnin was awakened by the sound of the first jumbo jet exploding into the World Trade Center. He ran up to the roof of his Lower Manhattan apartment building just in time to see the second plane fly into the second tower. He watched as the towers collapsed. "My mind could not take in the scale of the destruction my eyes had seen. It was on a scale only captured in biblical prophecy.

"I ran down from the roof and immediately searched the ancient code on my computer, the Bible code. It was the one place I might find confirmation of the full danger and a revelation of what was yet to come."

Drosnin quickly found that "twin towers" was encoded by the word "airplane." Crossing those words in the text was the message, "It caused to fall, knocked down." These were coded words from 3,000 years before. The author discovered other related encryption including, "Sin, crime of Bin Laden," "They saw smoke rising above the land like the smoke of a furnace," "Terrorist Atta," and "Egyptian man."

Mohammed Atta was the pilot of the first plane to hit the towers.

Moving from fact to fiction, in his book Illusions, Richard Bach talks about life as a movie. Reluctant Messiah Donald Shimoda says, "... the world's best movie is still an illusion, is it not? The pictures aren't even moving, they only appear to move." A movie is like a lifetime, but Richard wonders why anyone would attend a horror film. Shimoda explains that those attending feel they deserve to be horrified—to be unhappy.

"You can hold a reel of film in your hands, and it's all finished and complete—beginning, middle, end are all there that same second, the same millionths of a second. The film exists beyond the time that it records, and if you know what the movie is, you know generally what's going to happen before you walk into the theater; there's going to be battles and excitement, winners and losers, romance, disaster; you know that's all going to be there. But in order to get caught up and swept away in it, in order to enjoy it to its most, you have to put it in a projector and let it go through the lens minute by minute ... any illusion requires space and time to be experienced. So you pay your nickel and you get your ticket and you settle down and forget what's going on outside the theater and the movie begins for you."

Maybe we're all watching a movie that was written, produced, directed, and filmed a long time ago. Maybe in the instant our source created the spark that created the universe, everything was destined to be.


When Einstein came up with the equation E=mc2, he informed the world that matter is energy. The scientific community quickly verified his findings. This means that all the metal, plastic, and wood surrounding you is not solid. What appears solid is actually made up of swirling molecules temporarily molded in their current patterns and vibrating at the rates of metal, plastic, and wood.

Everything on Earth, including the Earth itself, breaks down into subatomic particles, which means matter is energy. Our world and everything in it is not what it appears to be. Nothing is solid. Everything is energy. Your body is energy ... and energy is nonphysical in nature.

Cutting-edge physicists are now saying our reality appears to be more like a "thought form" than anything else. This fact does not surprise the mystics who always said we live in a world of illusion.

Here we are vibrating within a particular range. Imagine a radio dial. We're at 99.5 but there may be another reality at 101.2 and another at 103.6. Think of how many audio programs are flowing through your room right now. With a radio, you can listen to one after another. Einstein and many other scientists believe different realities coexist in the same space on different frequencies, just as the different stations play in the same space at the same time.

In the early 1970s, I studied informally with Navajo shaman David Paladin. David was an acclaimed artist and a student of all things mystical. He said that depending upon the circumstances, we can exist in more than one frequency at one time. "I died last night," he once told me. "I had a heart attack in another reality, and Lynda and the children are mourning me. But I'm still here interacting with them in this reality."

Maybe the World Trade Center is still standing in another frequency of time and space? Maybe the people who died in the airplanes crashed by terrorists are still alive in another reality?

The idea of a group of people being drawn together for a rendezvous with death captivated me as a teenager upon reading a 1957 book titled Many Wonderful Things by Robert W. Huffman and Irene Specht. The book described a series of hypnotic experiments carried out over a period of two years. The authors felt they had uncovered evidence that man has a "third" mind—a God mind—a part of God within the self. Much of the book consists of questions asked of a deeply hypnotized subject who responds with enlightened answers.

When asked if an airline crash is destined, the subject says, "The passengers have created this situation, this learning, this understanding, through their own learning and mistakes. But we make death a horror, a fear, a punishment ... no, no! It is a true and joyous release ... and resting time."

The hypnotized subject goes on to explain, "They [the passengers] would be drawn together to learn together. But God does not predetermine these things. We have done so by our mistakes, our errors, our learning."

If this is so, were the events, mistakes, or learning requirements that caused people to board the September 11 airplanes actually set in motion thousands of years ago?

Fate is a destiny created by oneself, which is inevitable and unavoidable, due to one's own karma. Karma is the principle that makes you the cause of all your life circumstances, resulting from your past activities, thoughts, and emotions throughout all your incarnations.

In looking at karma, Dharma, and destiny, Mahatma Gandhi used the analogy of a card game. Your karma is the hand of cards you're dealt. Your Dharma is how you play the cards. Dharma is commonly considered to be your duty to self and to society. One set of cards appears to be luckier than another set. This would be determined by the karma the person has earned and wants to work on.

A common view of predestination says the river of life is carrying us in a particular direction. We can swim over to the left bank, or to the right, or we can catch the swifter current in the middle of the river. We can even decide to fight the flow and swim back upstream for awhile. But eventually, we're going to end up in the sea.

Another view states that the free will of today is the determinism of tomorrow. Let's say you go to the airport and hundreds of destinations are available to you. You have the free will to choose where you want to go. Once you decide on Los Angeles, buy your ticket, and board the plane, you'll end up in Los Angeles. You'll then have to accept the consequences of your decision.

More than one astrologer has told me, "We live our lives day to day as if we had choices. We choose to do this or do that, while all the time, the outcome has already been determined. Fate will intervene to assure we end up where we are destined to be, doing what we're destined to be doing, with whom we're destined to be with."

And the purpose of reincarnating over and over again, playing this game of life over and over again, is to attain a higher state of consciousness. With that goal in mind, I will share the story of a reporter who once asked Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, "How does the world look in the highest state of consciousness?"

"You see that everything is exactly as it should be," said Maharishi.

The reporter hesitated before asking, "But why then are you working so hard to improve the situation?"

Maharishi smiled. "Because that is exactly as it should be."


Tara Sutphen's Soul Contract

"[W]e will be guided to be in the right place at exactly the right time and to meet the people we need to encounter."

—Bob Frissell, American author

Jess Stearn, author of The Sleeping Prophet and other New Age books, wrote a chapter about Tara and me in his book Soulmates. I have also told our story in my book Earthly Purpose, as well as in numerous print and website articles. Rather than repeat myself here, I'll simply share a few paragraphs about our initial meeting from Earthly Purpose, followed by one of my "Master of Life" Web columns.

On the night of February 19, 1983, the house was full of exciting people—the party was a definite success. I had just walked into the kitchen to refill my drink when I spotted Jess Stearn making his way through the crowd. He was accompanied by a couple of his male friends and a black-haired, emerald-eyed, lean and lovely young woman.

My throat contracted, and I could hardly breathe. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was dressed in a red western shirt, skintight black jeans, and red cowboy boots. "Richard," Jess said, "this is Tara McKean. She's visiting from Sedro Woolley, Washington."

"Hi," she said shyly.

Tara's smiling eyes hid a sensuous flame that crackled above the sounds of the party. There was no one else in the room. There had never been anyone else. "I'm glad you could come," I said, a faint tremor in my voice, as though some deep, long-forgotten emotion had been touched.

Tara offered to get Jess a drink. Halfway across the kitchen she turned to look at me—a look that will linger forever in my mind, a look that will probably flash before my inner eyes for incarnations to come, a look of recognition and confusion that reflected everything I was feeling. If I had listened, I would probably have heard the voices of our spirit guides echoing across the universe, congratulating each other on a masterful job of maneuvering.

Tara and I have been together since shortly after we met—21 years as I write these words. In 1983, she had a six-year-old son, and I had a five-year-old son, both from previous marriages. We established our home in Malibu, California, and our children became the best of friends. As an established New Age author, I conducted metaphysical seminars all over the country. Tara accompanied me on the road and enjoyed participating in psychic sessions such as automatic writing and telepathy. While automatic writing, she made contact with her spirit guide, Abenda, who predicted future events. The predictions came true, over and over again, including the prediction that Tara and I would have two children of our own.

My wife decided to train with leading professionals in palmistry and astrology. She was soon combining Eastern and Western forms of astrology in ways I had never seen done before. And the accuracy of this unique charting was undeniable. With a natural talent for all things psychic, Tara devoted herself to mastering the esoteric sciences and continues to study, explore, and experiment to this day.

I wrote the following Web column in 2003 in response to some of Tara's automatic writing:

I am stuck on the number of incarnations it takes to get from A to Z.

"Nobody is doing anything new. All that you are doing now you have done so many times, so many million times. It is nothing new. This anger, this greed, this sex, this ambition, this possessiveness—you have done it all millions of times," says Osho, the East Indian guru.


I have a problem with millions. As someone who communicates a lot on the subject of reincarnation, I have been regressed dozens of times. And Tara's spirit guide, Abenda, has told me of many additional incarnations. So I am probably aware of about 50 lifetimes. Were I to experience more past-life regressions, additional incarnations would probably surface.

The Buddhists say it takes about 600 lifetimes to finally attain enlightenment and a level of consciousness that can free you from the need to return to the physical world.

Six hundred is a long way from millions.

I decided to have Tara ask Abenda about this during one of her automatic writing sessions. This is what her spirit guide wrote to me: "fachard, you have had 53,042 lifetimes upon the Earth. You have had more in other galaxy systems."

"Oh, come on! Fifty-three thousand forty-two is ridiculous," I said upon reading the words aloud. For a moment, I feared that everyone else managed to pull it off in about 600 lifetimes, and that I must be a very slow learner.

There was more writing: "In almost all of the lifetimes, you come back with other loved ones. There have been a few lifetimes where you came in alone, but usually you are followed in, so that your courage and bravado might be buffered. You have had 18,003 lifetimes with Tara in various groups and family situations. You two have been partners or mates 13,552 of those lifetimes. You only recall the most vivid or the most beautiful."

"You think we'd be sick of each other," I said upon reading this. "I'm still upset about the Mongolian lifetime in which you were the man and I was a woman, and you left me and the children to ride off on your horse and fight. What would we find if we explored 13,551 more incarnations?"

Tara had no problem with the numbers. I did. Planet Earth would have had to eliminate all traces of counüess numbers of civilizations for this to be valid. Atlantis and Lemuria would be like yesterday when compared to the length of the timeline.

Discoveries supportive of a longer timeline certainly exist. A glazed wall uncovered by coal miners hundreds of feet below the surface—a wall that continued and was found in another coal mine miles away. In a different location, miners discovered a beautifully crafted silver teapot in coal dating back to the days of dinosaurs. Brad Steiger wrote of many such documented finds in his book Worlds before Our Own.

Fifty-three thousand forty-two lifetimes? Maybe. I've decided not to dwell on it.


Excerpted from Soul AGREEMENTS by DICK SUTPHEN, TARA SUTPHEN. Copyright © 2005 Dick Sutphen, with Tara Sutphen. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents



1: A Changed New York Skyline,
2: Tara Sutphen's Soul Contract,
3: Geri Jewell,
4: Judi Chase,
5: Shauna, Bert and Agnes,
6: Meghan Hansen,
7: Katherine Brooks,
8: Donald Schnell,
9: Patti Conklin,
10: Richard Christian Matheson and Diana Mullen,
11: Reverend Fatima Abate,
12: Dick Sutphen's Parallel Life,
13: Other Influences,
14: Making the Most of Your Destiny,
15: A Final Look at Soul Agreements,




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Guest More than 1 year ago
This amazing book helped me understand many concepts that make someone's unusually difficult life make sense because it was a life that they chose to balance their past Karma. It helped me realize maybe why my own childhood was difficult. Dick's books have always been on the cutting edge of mind research, and this is no exception. The best part was his own story in the last chapter. It would make a great Hollywood Western Film. Their combined technique of hypnosis and automatic writing was filmed for a TV series, and is fascinating to watch.