Soul in Darkness

Soul in Darkness

by Wendy Higgins


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ISBN-13: 9781987016826
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 354
Sales rank: 72,165
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Wendy Higgins is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sweet Evil series. After earning a bachelor's in Creative Writing from George Mason University, and a master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford University, Wendy taught high school English before becoming a full-time writer. Wendy lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her family.

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Soul in Darkness 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Katiekoz 3 months ago
Soul in Darkness was very interesting and intriguing; I liked that it was different. The book pulled me in quite quickly and had me hooked. I really enjoyed Psyche and Cupid. They definitely have an interesting and unique relationship that has a lot of ups and downs to it. Psyche has a really sweet and kind soul and only wants the best for others, animals and nature included. She just wants to be happy and find someone who sees her for what's inside, not outside. Cupid is mysterious and secretive, but for good reasons. I enjoyed trying to figure him and his secrets out, it added to the story. He has a good heart and shows that he truly cares for Psyche. He is also entertaining and can be quite smooth. There was one character that I did not care for at all, and was easy to hate. I was very pleased with how the book ended.
gracekalli 3 months ago
I just finished reading this amazing book by Wendy Higgins and I was riveted! Cupid has fallen in love and his mother, Venus, is enraged!! A love-struck God of Love and a Jealous Goddess intent on punishing a young Princess for daring to be beautiful and capturing the heart of her son. I loved this book and could not get enough! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!! You definitely should order this book! I hope there's more to come from this world.
TaylorFennersBookishWorld 3 months ago
I feel conflicted about this one. I usually love this author's books, even going so far as to say I'd read and love anything she wrote. Then I read Soul in Darkness. I'll start off by saying that even though I love mythology, I'm not familiar with the Cupid and Psyche myth. When I first heard about this book I was excited about the premise and I still think it's kind of a cool idea and I liked the setting, I just was not fond of Psyche. I found her really immature and annoying at times. In the beginning of the novel it gets old real quick that Psyche's thought wave is basically "everyone thinks I'm beautiful so I can get away with anything" and even though she claims to hate being treated that way she uses it to her advantage. Despite this being by my favorite author I nearly DNF'd it a couple time, finally forcing myself to get to the halfway point before deciding to keep going or stop. At times the story dragged and was a bit predictable but it does get better (more exciting) toward the end of the book which redeemed it enough for me to give it 3 stars.
BoundlessBookaholic 3 months ago
I’m conflicted about this one. I’m giving this 3 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. I think mythology is fascinating; I know a decent amount, but I’m no expert. When I saw the summary of this book, I thought it would be an entertaining read. And it was good overall, but I found myself being annoyed with Psyche quite often. I don’t want to give details that will spoil this book for others, so I’ll just say that the way she handled/reacted to certain things didn’t sit well with me. She was a little more childish than I expected. This was an adult book, so I was expecting all of the characters to act like such. Another reason I couldn’t rate this higher was the fact that some parts of the book weren’t very entertaining. It was kind of a repeat of: she woke up, ate, played with animals, ate again, bathed, etc. I was waiting for something to happen in those moments, and if there wasn’t some mystery/mythology involved, I might have stopped reading soon into this book if I’m being honest. The closer we got to the ending, the better this was. I enjoyed the epilogue as well as the chapter before it. This story was almost exclusively told through Psyche’s POV (first person), but there were some passages from another’s POV (third person); that was another thing that threw me off while reading. I wouldn’t say I was really surprised by anything that happened. I didn’t love this, but I did enjoy it overall once I got past some of the slow parts. I’d probably try this author again, but not anytime soon.
Julalicious 3 months ago
Starting this book, I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. I just knew that I love Wendy Higgins’ writing so I was really excited for this book. The book is a Greek mythology retelling story and I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t like most retellings I read before. I will admit that I wasn’t familiar with the story of Psyche and Cupid, but after reading this book, I will admit that I’m intrigued to find more about them. Psyche is a character that you can’t help but root for. She’s a strong girl who has accepted her fate even if it meant to suffer at the hands of an unknown creature. She’s also a sweet person who enjoys the simple things in life. As she grew up, her people more often than not only saw her at face value as if she couldn’t be more than that which will bring them to their demise once the Goddess Venus decides to punish them for turning their backs on her. Cupid was an interesting character too. He was charming that’s for sure, but he’s also quite good too even if his reputation seems to say the opposite from time to time. He wants Psyche to find love with him and he’s ready to do just about anything for her in hope she will finally trust him enough. But since I didn’t know much about the tale of Psyche and Cupid, the whole book was a surprise each time I started a new chapter because I didn’t know what would happen next. I liked that a lot, but I am sure that even if you are familiar with this tale, you will enjoy Wendy’s retelling of it because she just has a way with the words. Other Gods appear in this and I wanted to know more about them because that’s how good Wendy is. The story isn’t about them, but she makes you want to read about her secondary characters. I won’t lie, sometimes I felt like the story was taking so long to get to a point and sometimes, it went too fast. But overall, this was really a great read and I recommend it highly. I know this is a standalone, but I feel like Wendy Higgins could easily write more stories in that world because they are many ways to go with Greek mythology.
Jen-Star-CrossedBookBlog 3 months ago
Soul in Darkness was enchanting, seductive and smile inducing. This story was everything I love about Wendy Higgins. It had the most delicious sexual tension, characters that I quickly loved and a story that made me fly through this book way too fast. If you're a fan of Greek mythology, retellings, or Wendy Higgins then definitely pick this one up. I absolutely loved this story and can't recommend it enough! If you aren't familiar with the mythology surrounding Cupid and Psyche, their story is an exhilarating ride. Princess Psyche was said to be so beautiful that the villagers brought her gifts, instead of the Gods. With Venus angered, she asked her son, Cupid, to punish Psyche. Psyche's punishment ended up being married to a creature that was described as a dark-deeded winged serpent. Oh how I loved Wendy Higgins' approach to this classic tale. What unfolded was a story woven with betrayal, love, twists, friendship, trust and sacrifice that completely enraptured me . Psyche was filled with such loneliness, beauty was truly her curse. She had no friends, she was terrified to make her sisters jealous and men saw her for nothing more than her beauty. My heart hurt for her. Especially when she showed us time and again what a kind heart she had. So when her fate of marrying a monster was laid out to her, her bravery was remarkable. Psyche proved herself in that moment that she was born to be a queen. She was spirited, determined, smart and I absolutely loved her! Upon arriving on her husband's land, Psyche discovered there were rules. She wasn't able to see her husband, yet he could touch her. And while she had free reign of his lands during the day, she had to spend her nights with him. Psyche's fears leaped off of the pages. Her thoughts were consuming and I truly understood her horror of being a prisoner, married to a monster. Yet her husband wasn't anything like she expected. Psyche's husband showed her kindness. He was compassionate, heartfelt, listened and tried to make her happy. Yet creatures, especially those shrouded in mystery, can be deceiving. So Psyche was waiting for the moment that he would cause her physical and mental anguish. Now here's the thing. I don't care what others think, but I absolutely loved her husband. While it seemed like he could give her the world, I only wanted what Psyche desperately needed the most. To be able to see him. I loved how Psyche's husband made me laugh, he had such a funny way with words. And it warmed my heart that he called her bright soul. His words could be mesmerizing. But what I loved the most, was when he touched her. Soul in Darkness was extremely seductive, sensual and the tension between them was electrifying. Even with fear looming in the back of Psyche's mind, she couldn't deny that her husband made her body come alive. While I guessed some of the secrets in this book, I still found my heart beating hard in my chest. I could taste Psyche's terror and I was even filled with dread over her fate. As the story unfolded, it took turns I wasn't prepared for. I cried my heart out and I was ecstatic when I reached the end of the book and found an epilogue. It left the hugest smile on my face. So yes, I definitely recommend Soul in Darkness, this story was completely enchanting.
WanderingPages 3 months ago
Wendy Higgins excels at writing steamy romance with a heart of gold. I love reading her works because she manages to create characters and emotions that feel so real and relatable no matter whether the setting is contemporary, paranormal, or mythical. There is always more depth to her stories than there initially appears to be. And yet she balances it so her books don't feel too heavy or dark. I'm not a mythology buff, although I know the basics. I thought Ms. Higgins' world building in this book was fantastic. The story came alive in my mind. I loved the unique settings and fun supernatural twists. The relationship at the heart of the story was genuine and well rounded. I felt more invested while reading this than I had expected to. I just really enjoyed everything about this book. I would highly recommend this if you're looking for a romantic read full of heart and humor with a mythical, magical twist.
TeresaMaryRose 3 months ago
I have always been a big fan of Greek/Roman mythology, so when I heard Wendy Higgins was writing her own twist on the Cupid and Psyche story I was so excited! Wendy Higgins always brings the swoon and I was dying to see what she did with this story and she delivered. Going into this I knew the Cupid and Psyche story, so I kinda knew what was coming, but I loved seeing how Wendy gave it her own spin and really fleshed out the characters. Psyche and Cupid are both great characters and you want them to make it work. So much is stacked against them and nothing comes easy. Throw in that Cupid is a god and well it’s going to be harder. We all know the gods and we all know they have an arrogant streak and think they know best and that doesn't always work for Cupid, but Psyche was a match for him. And man the SWOON between these two. Wendy does adult very very well. I also loved the way this was written. We get to switch between Psyche and Cupid’s POV, but we spend the beginning of the book with Psyche before switching to Cupid and then alternating between the two. I love how this built the mystery of Cupid and kept the reader in the dark while Psyche was in the dark, but at the same time allowed the reader to see how things came to be and see Cupid’s motivations. And I think it’s very important the reader come to understand his motivations because like I said before, he is a god, he doesn’t think like we do all the time. All in all, Wendy Higgins delivered again. I love Greek/Roman mythology so much and she delivered a great romance with a myth that hasn’t been done over and over again. Such a good read for fantasy fans.
Kristas_Dust_Jacket 3 months ago
I have been a huge fan of mythology ever since I was a teenager. I aced the mythology class I took as a high school senior. The stories these ancient people wrote are so fascinating. And, sadly, most of them do not have the HEAs I love. So many stories - especially those featuring a romance of some sort - end in tragedy. Either cheating or death or some other horrible event parts lovers forever. Perhaps that's why I've always loved the story of Cupid and Psyche. It's one of the few that has it all - a reformed bad boy, a daring heroine, a villain, and a forever love that's earned genuinely. I've always wondered at the story behind the story. Now, thanks to Wendy Higgins, I don't have to wonder anymore. If you're not familiar with the tale of Cupid and Psyche, please don't read it before you read this book. Wendy does an amazing job of sticking to the original legend, so if you read the original story first, you'll get the spoilers without the good stuff. If you ARE familiar with their story already, then you pretty much know what's going to happen, but don't let that deter you from reading this wonderfully written book. There's so much here to love and appreciate even though you already know the ending. As a brief overview, Psyche is a beautiful princess. So beautiful that her people have forgotten to honor Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and instead give their offerings to Psyche. She doesn't want them - she just wants real friends and someone who will love her for HER, not what she looks like. But, Venus has been angered, so she sends her son Cupid, the god of love, to cause her to fall in love with someone hideous and awful as punishment. But, once Cupid meets Psyche, he can't do it. He puts Venus off for awhile until she cottons on. They strike a deal - Cupid has one month to have Psyche fall in love with him and profess it out loud. If he succeeds, they can stay together. If not, she is Venus' to do with what she wishes. There are caveats to this deal that make it nearly impossible. However, Cupid is determined to have the love of his eternal life. Guys - this book is incredible. We get the story from both Psyche's and Cupid's POV, and hearing their thoughts and listening to their dialog makes this story absolutely come alive. It makes these two characters seem so much more real. Psyche is sweet, but stubborn. Cupid is jaded, over-confident and adorably smitten. We are allowed to feel the depth of Psyche's fear and desolation in the beginning, then her determination and devotion toward the end. Cupid is fearful that he will not succeed and frustrated at his limitations and barriers. It all makes for a captivating sequence of events and a stunningly perfect ending. Soul in Darkness has a Beauty and the Beast-esque feel to it, so if that is your thing, you will love this book. It will also appeal to those who appreciate forbidden love stories - none is more forbidden that that of a god and a mortal. And, of course, fans of Wendy Higgins should also check this out because of the excellent writing. But be aware - unlike most of Wendy's other books, Soul in Darkness is adult. NOT YA. Psyche and Cupid get up to some sexy stuff, and it's AWESOME. I was so excited to read this book, and it absolutely lived up to - and even surpassed - all my expectations.
onemused 3 months ago
"Soul in Darkness" retells Cupid and Psyche's story, which is originally from Metamorphoses, from Psyche's point of view. Psyche was born to rulers of an island as the third- and most beautiful- daughter. Blessed by Venus, the island celebrates the birth of the three daughters, and particularly Psyche. As time has gone on and Psyche has grown, people have been drawn to her and compared her beauty to that of Venus, neglecting their duties to their gods. Psyche is tired of the mindless adoration and just wants someone to appreciate her for something beyond her beauty. People leave her gifts daily, but she sends them to the poor, assuming her parents are making the appropriate gifts to Venus/the gods. One day at the market, when she is trying to hide behind a cloak/hood, she meets a stranger who talks to her briefly about her life- not just her appearance. She must leave and feels she will never see him again, but she knows that this is what she wants with her life. When her parents decide it is time for her to get married (after her older two sisters are married), she finds herself unable to make a match. The suitors suddenly fall in love with other women or find their attentions drawn elsewhere. After an unusual length of time and as she begins to worry, she realizes her family has neglected their offerings to the gods. She immediately tries to correct this, but the gods spurn her gift as too little, too late, destroying the temple. She and her parents travel to the mainland to see an oracle and learn that the gods are demanding Psyche marry a winged serpent. She resigns herself to this horrible fate. Once married, she is afraid of her husband, who she cannot see nor touch. Finding herself navigating new territory and unable to see the horrible serpent to whom she is married, she must decide what she will do with her future and what she will allow. This story remains pretty true to the original in terms of plot. I would say there are some minor warnings for dubious consent, but it is in line with the original story- she is an offering for her people and so the relationship starts under duress. However, as Psyche is given time to know her husband a little better and slowly grow to care/trust him, a romance blossoms. I found it very engaging and quite the page turner. The romance is pretty strong despite the inability to see her husband and believing him to be a terrible creature- their relationship grows over many conversations. Psyche begins the book immature/innocent, but the events of the story really cause her to grow in maturity and gain new insights into herself and what she wants for the future- she really undergoes big changes throughout the story. Despite knowing the original story, it was still interesting to read from her point-of-view and wonder about all things she does not know and the weight of the mysteries. This is a great retelling, and I would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys mythology. Please note that I received an ARC from the author. All opinions are my own.