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Soul Magic

Soul Magic

4.6 6
by karen Whiddon

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The Ancient Magic of Rune was fading, and legends spoke of mortals and fae joining together to renew it. Thus to Thorncliff Keep the fae Alanna went to seek him; the mortal whom she had left at the altar. Betrothed from childhood, she had always loved Darrick Tadhg. The knight's strong arms and mighty sword still caused her to shiver with desire. But a terrible


The Ancient Magic of Rune was fading, and legends spoke of mortals and fae joining together to renew it. Thus to Thorncliff Keep the fae Alanna went to seek him; the mortal whom she had left at the altar. Betrothed from childhood, she had always loved Darrick Tadhg. The knight's strong arms and mighty sword still caused her to shiver with desire. But a terrible wrong had come between them, a terrible shame that she had no desire to reveal, and yet that had a consequence she loved with all her heart.

No, Darrick would not want Alanna, not now with her secret, after his life had been darkened by tragedy and while his keep was besieged. He would not want to leave on the journey they must undertake. But Alanna would, for the sake of her life and her kingdom and most of all, for his love, convince Darrick of the power of their joined souls, and of Fate, which had never meant for them to be apart.

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Karen Whiddon
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Meet the Author

Karen Whiddon grew up in the Catskill and Rocky Mountains. Now she lives in North Texas with her hero-like husband and three beloved dogs.

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Soul Magic 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was really a good book. It was hard to put down, I enjoy the fae magic and enchanting characters, definetly a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Medieval Romantic Fantasy Rune and Thorncliff ¿ 1149 Alanna of Rune, Princess of the Fae, is running out of time. Not only is her magic quickly fading, but her precious son Caradoc has disappeared at the hand of the evil Gorsedd, and she knows not where he is. When Wynne, Rune¿s Oracle and last remaining Faerie with full use of her magic, advises Alanna to ask Lord Darrick Tadhg of Thorncliff for help, she is stunned and more than a little confused. How could Darrick, a mere mortal, help her battle the forces of great evil that are behind the kidnapping of her son? And why would he, her former betrothed, be willing to help her anyway, after she publicly humiliated him by disappearing before their nuptials? Darrick is facing the greatest battle of his life, and it is at the hands of his own uncle Morfran. Morfran is hell-bent on destroying Darrick and all of Thorncliff Keep as well, and Darrick can¿t figure out why. Even his mother Rowena has taken up residence with Morfran. The past five years have been devastating for Darrick. They have been filled with tragedy and heartache, leaving the once confident and vibrant warrior a mere shadow of his former self. Since his brother Varden¿s murder, Darrick has to struggle not to feel like the last man standing in the face of insurmountable odds. If it were not for Geoffrey, his childhood friend and loyal right hand man, he would be utterly alone. One day during battle, Darrick notes the arrival of a woman whose cloaked figure exudes an air of mystery. She seems to appear out of thin air and Darrick is certain that she is the enemy, a trick from Morfran. But once she reveals her face, Darrick is astounded to be confronted once again with the beguiling and ethereal beauty of Princess Alanna of Rune. When Alanna looks into Darrick¿s eyes, the past five years seem to fall away, but the hatred and disdain that now fill Darrick¿s gaze quickly bring Alanna back to the present, and the reason for her visit. To ask for Darrick¿s help she must tell him about Caradoc, the beloved son who could have been his had not Morfran viciously raped her just before their wedding. Finally Darrick would know the reason why she and he could never wed! When Darrick learns of the great atrocities his uncle has committed, not only against Alanna, but against his mother Rowena as well, he vows to kill him in spirit and in deed. It soon becomes obvious that Morfran and Gorsedd have united forces to defy an ancient prophecy that would restore magic and power back to the Fae. Once Darrick agrees to help Alanna, she and her beautiful cousin Sarina join his army, where they discover that survival and passion go hand in hand. SOUL MAGIC is a passionate tale of hope and despair, and of love¿s rebirth in the midst of devastation. As good battles evil, the reader is taken on a magical ride that simultaneously thrills and terrifies. SOUL MAGIC contains a double treat because it offers two heroines and heroes for the reader to meet, get to know, identify with, and love. Although Darrick and Alanna have top billing, Geoffrey and Sarina share an equally sweet and sizzling chemistry that every reader is bound to appreciate. In many ways, Geoffrey is a more interesting and complex character than Darrick. His uncertain background, inner struggles with sexuality, and phobic attitude towards the Fae create some great conflict. Sarina is a wonderful counterpart, and many of their encounters heat up the pages as Sarina becomes increasingly brazen. Darrick and Alanna face many obstacles as well, not least of which is the fact that Alanna cannot bear the thought of any man touching her again after Morfran¿s attack. So Darrick is now in the position of having to conquer several battles -- the most difficult of them are personal. As he has vowed, he must bring Caradoc back safely; he must win back Alanna¿s love and trust, and he must conquer the battle in his heart and accept Caradoc, even
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fey lands live alongside the normal world, allowing one of its greatest ladies to fall in love with a mortal man; but when Alanna is attacked shortly before she can wed Darrick, their future is shattered, until years later when her son is taken. Her only hope of finding the boy is seeking his help against the man who raped her. Their reunion is painful, but the truth frees Darrick to feel the love he always held for Alanna. Soon, their quest takes on added dimensions and implications that make it far more dangerous than they could have imagined. .................. With straightforward sweetness, the magic of love weaves a spell around readers drawing them into a bright land where enchantment has never faded. Forgiveness and hope fill the pages of this book, making it a treasure.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Alanna of Rune is stunned when her son Caradoc is kidnapped from right under her nose in the safety of their home because many believe the lad is the fulfillment of the prophecy. Alanna¿s advisor Wynne the Oracle warns her that the abduction might destroy Rune as the magic is fading and only fulfilling the prophecy that claim she and a human must mate and begat an offspring will save them. Alanna insists that her son is not the savior as he his a product of an evil night and not from her love of the mortal Darrick Tadhg. Wynne insists that Alanna¿s only hope lies in Darrick, whom she loved and rejected five years ago without an explanation. To save her son and her people she will face her worst nightmare......................... Darrick hates Alanna, but has greater concerns as his castle is under siege by his Uncle Morfram. Alanna begs Darrick to help, but though he still wants her he rejects her plea. Finally she explains why she left; Morfram raped her. Darrick agrees to help Alanna rescue her son and his mother held hostage by Morfram, but success even with a prophecy on their side seems remote at best............................. This is an intriguing medieval fantasy romance that stars two cross starred lovers who have been separated by the malevolent Morfram. The story line acts more like a historical than an otherworldly novel, but elements from the latter are included throughout the plot. The secondary characters furbish a feel either fae or period piece to the tale. Though Morfram has no redeeming quality, fans of romantic fantasy will appreciate SOUL MAGIC........................... Harriet Klausner